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  1. CoStar paid about $120 per square foot in unfit for their space in downtown DC. They're not shy when it comes to making a nice office.
  2. No reason to build the team and owners an entirely new stadium since new stadiums bring zero benefit to an area. If the team is so valuable then I'm sure they will find the money to finance the construction of a new stadium. Or let them move to a new city. I hear St. Louis has a thriving business community that can support an NFL team... Or let them move to the suburbs and let some adjacent county pick up the tab. Ask PG County how the stadium there contributes to the local tax base. Or ask Cobb County next year how baseball is improving the quality of life for those who work and li
  3. Developers should stick to what was originally proposed despite what the market or financial markets for funding propose. Wait as long as it takes for them to get a bank loan for apartments and an hotel...even if it is 10 more years! /sarcasm
  4. "research centers" = call centers. They are paying $60 NNN for space in downtown DC and are not replacing many "research" jobs there due to the cost. Charlotte offers lower real estate costs and can afford them to pay lower salaries. 45k jobs are hard to compete with in DC these days (you can argue that hill staffers make the same or less but let's be honest: mom & dad are paying for that internship or low level job for some access).
  5. Most Brazilians are getting one way tickets these days. I doubt there will be increased demand in the near future.
  6. I don't mind the gap either. I just fall.
  7. "friends in "real estate"" is an amazing quote and sums up the majority of the people in the industry.
  8. 209 pages of replies and this is my favorite.
  9. So the shorter shaft won't go the full length? How many will go all the way?
  10. What is currently in 2nd ward is Le Corbusier's dream. SETBACKS, CONCRETE, PLAZAS, PARKING LOTS! ROOM!!!!!
  11. After how many posts and you still don't understand the basic premise of what everyone around you is discussing. Sad. North Carolina's education funding truly is a major issue.
  12. People may have the attention span of a goldfish, but those who are decision makers at companies are more like elephants and hold long grudges against people. This sort of uncertainty related to a tense political climate is not good for business. Why make a million dollar investment in a state where nobody else is investing time or money? This little stunt the state pulled has had a huge impact on the perception of North Carolina nationwide. There are many in the Miami business and development community who have basically assumed North Carolina is in the same group as Mississippi and Alabama..
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