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  1. Without a doubt. If they expan. would be so popular and would easily get to 100% occupancy.
  2. Just got back from the mall and here is a round up of what is coming: -Burger King where As Seen On TV was -Pandora where Cathy Jean was -ALDO where Bakers was -That Computer Store where Lids use to be -Zumiez where The Picture People was
  3. Aldo will be coming to Columbiana also. They will be located where Baker Shoes currently is.
  4. Zumiez, a skateboarding and snowboarding store, will open this year in the current location of The Picture People. This will be their first store in South Carolina.
  5. I know expanding to two stories would be very expensive. It would be awesome but probably won't happen. I would also think they would not want to add a parking garage. According to the offical mall plans, they would expand near JCPenny to add a 5th anchor. I would personally like to see Sears destroyed with an expaned hall way with alteast 15 store fronts and an anchor to the side facing Ruby Tuesday.
  6. -Love Culture is now open and looks great. Very similar to Forever21. -Things Remembered has moved locations. -A mini donut kiosk called The Dough Factory has opened infront of JCPenny. -Trade Secret has closed and Best Buy Mobile is replacing it. Not that exciting. -Lids has now opened. -Bouquets Boutique is opening were Hat World was. -Sephora is opening on Friday. I really wish Columbiana would remodel the enitre mall. Clean up the facades, redo the food court, and just make the mall fell more classy. I also wish they would finally expand so Macy's and multiple retailers could move
  7. http://ldiline.com/showpdf.cfm?proj=24256&file=001CVR_A0.0.pdf&dir=CVR According to this link, Love Culture was already slated to move in. The renovation has also been bid on. I do think it will stay open for long. I think Columbiana needs to look into expanding soon. I know they have plans already made. An expansion is badly needed since the mall is at 100% occupancy.
  8. There will be a mens section from what I am hearing.
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