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  1. I actually used to intern for a company that worked in the 1200 building of the Pointe Centre. It's an interesting park, and it has plenty of room to erect more buildings. The Social Security Administration has a large office there. I haven't heard anything about a car dealership being built nearby, but it would be interesting to see what pans out. I am very heartened by the construction that is happening around downtown and the north shore area. Yesterday my sister and her boyfriend came up from Rome, GA. And were amazed by how much was going on by the River. As a former resident of Cameron Hill, I am saddened to see the apartments go, but It will be interesting to see the kind of complex that BCBS builds there. I just hope they let people go up there @ night to look out at the city, I miss those views very much!
  2. Yeah, It should reach 10 million within the next 5 years I would say. NW GA is actually the fastest growing area of the state (outside of Metro ATL). It is predicted to double in size over the next couple decades, add in the growth from both Columbus, Macon, and Augusta, as well as Metro Atlanta, and you should see another million people. Just conjecture, but still a possibility I think.
  3. Rome is in the process of planning a mixed-use are near its historic downtown, moving a football field and tennis center out near the Rome Braves baseball stadium. Also, there are plans for a few different projects planned for a strip of highway 411 right next to the by-pass intersection. http://www.hometownheadlines.com for more information. A great site by the way!
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