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  1. XpressEnterprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The part I like most from the GS article is basically saying that this development firm is not likely to "shelf plans" once they get the ball rolling (based on their history). From the article, they look like they're very committed to this project.
  2. XpressEnterprise

    Creative Village

    It looks like Amelia Court at Creative Village closed on 3 acres in CV and approved to begin foundation work this week. The plans are said to have 2 5 story residential buildings. I do not recall any renderings. Anyone have?
  3. XpressEnterprise

    Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I know it's very hard to build a championship team, heck look what's going on with the Cavs right now. Just, it's hard being a fan after all the decisions the prior GM made. Trading away Dipo who is now an All-Star, what did we get in return T-Ross when it's all said and done... Mario is having a great year, but is likely to walk this year, partially not this FO's fault. Payton traded for a 2nd round pick (I know we wouldn't of gotten more) but we traded away a top 10 pick for him. I can go on, but just explaining why the fans are a bit disgusted to say the least. Anyhow, I'm not sure about ticket sales. From what I heard, some games are selling out? I would think we would need to return to the playoffs for them to make the push to build out the complex. Similar to when the new stadium was constructed during the Dwight era. Just my 2 cents.
  4. XpressEnterprise

    Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    The complex should be finished the same time the Orlando Magic win a championship, which the CEO promised by 2030...
  5. XpressEnterprise

    Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    GrowthSpotter is now reporting. Would be amazing/miracle if this gets off the ground. At least from the article we get some closure of what happened to Orlando Central; "The site was previously under contract in 2015 to a developer that proposed a 31-story, 450-unit residential tower with retail space, dubbed "Orlando Central." Hahamovitch said that buyer could never get their financing together to close on the land." Wasn't sure if that was in it's own thread or not.
  6. XpressEnterprise

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    Drove by earlier this week, growth is looking good! Maybe change the title from proposed to under construction? I was confused lol.
  7. XpressEnterprise

    Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I read that design is nearing completion, and groundbreaking should be 1st or 2nd quarter of 2018. I cant' seem to find the article anywhere. Anyone recall reading something similar?
  8. XpressEnterprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If you have the web developer extension for chrome, disable JavaScript. Or you can do this: If you'd like to turn JavaScript off or on for all sites: Click the Chrome menu in the top right hand corner of your browser Select Settings Click Show advanced settings Under the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button. In the "Javascript" section, select "Do not allow any site to run JavaScript" or "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)"
  9. XpressEnterprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Thanks for the info guys, I misread the title. I thought it was saying that creative village was a 'finalist'. Also, I found a way to read their articles without a subscription. Basically, it is doing the same you would to read an article on growth spotter.
  10. XpressEnterprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It's official: This downtown area is among C. Fla.'s ideal spots for Amazon HQ2 Anyone with a subscription able to shine some light what the article says?
  11. Read somewhere that vertical construction will begin in December. Very excited!
  12. Is it safe to change the title to "Under Construction" now?
  13. XpressEnterprise

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Looks like things are "moving" on the Magic's Entertainment Complex. Didn't we have a thread about it? I tried searching and couldn't find it. My apologies if we do. Orlando Magic entertainment complex still warming up
  14. XpressEnterprise

    Creative Village

    Here's the link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-ucf-valencia-creative-village-dorm-20170508-story.html
  15. http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/04/19/exclusive-dual-tower-concept-being-considered-for.html I know you guys are not fond of OBJ so much, but thought to share. Two towers?!?! I hope they don't decide to chop the original in half to make 2 towers, i.e two towers that are 14 stories.