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  1. What do you guys think will be the largest development around the stops? I know Florida Hospital has an expansive plans, but do you think any of the stops will be "completely" changed from what it once was. For instance maybe the Rida development will be a premier shopping district and finally bring retail to downtown.
  2. Hello and welcome back!! In my last article in my blog shown in my signature will bring you a bit up to date of all the construction going on in the downtown area. I'm sure you can see how active this forum is now with all the development going on, hopefully this boom will have a good stretch.
  3. The Crane Has Returned As "Downtown's Bird" A quick recap of construction downtown.
  4. Thank you for correcting me, and pointing me in the right direction!
  5. Orlando Purchases Land for Soccer Stadium? Hey guys, I included a amateur picture of where the soccer stadium might be located in my article. What do you guys think?
  6. Magic Asks for Extension on Planned Entertainment Complex
  7. New Website: I-4 Ultimate Project FDOT releases new website for I-4 project.
  8. This is actually just an artist's rendering of SunRail which can be found here: http://www.sunrail.com/uploads/assets/tod/TOD%20Sketchbook%202nd%20Edition%20Section%203%20Church%20St.pdf Edit: However it does say it is a proposed building in the report.
  9. LOL!! Sorry for my horrible photoshopping, was trying to get the idea of what it may look like.
  10. Here is a rendering I did of the Skyhouse, World Trade Center Orlando, Rida Development (Grand Central) and the Dr Phillips Performance Arts Center. I am updating it, please let me know what I missed. I cannot fit the Colonial area on the map. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/gallery/image/3021-rendering/
  11. Orlando's current developments
  12. Well Orlando Business Journal did mention that it is about 30 stories tall.
  13. World Trade Center Orlando I know FLHeat beat me to it, but this is some exciting news for Orlando.
  14. Thank you guys, it was 0.3 miles. Now that i have graduated, I hope I get more time to update the blog regularly. The Orange County Courthouse I believe is rough 400-450ft. I agree with you guys on the Rida development, however when it was proposed they did say it will be mid-rise. Also it does not look anywhere near what it did with its initial rendering.
  15. Developers Seek Approval For New Downtown Skyscraper It is is for SkyHouse, I made a AMATEUR rendering how it will look downtown. Please do not be brutal .
  16. Disney’s Art of Animation hotel 1,984-room Drury Inn & Suites 238-room hotel off Sand Lake Road, set to open in the fall. The 300-room Embassy Suites Orlando-Lake Buena Vista South in Osceola County, slated to open in October. Ramada Inn Orlando on International Drive, a 25-year-old, 164-room hotel which built a new 133-room wing set to open in April.
  17. Yah that would be great there. When I first looked at it I was looking at Gore St. and Rio Grande, the space is there but the area is not so great.
  18. MLS IN ORLANDO? I would love to see a soccer stadium downtown, but where would they put it?
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