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  1. Magic Talks About Building $100M Complex http://www.groworlan...0m-complex.html Sorry Alex, you beat me to it . I was finally exciting to have some development news.
  2. What's Next For SunRail? http://www.groworlando.org/2011/08/whats-next-for-sunrail.html
  3. I-Walk Receives A New Name http://www.groworlando.org/2011/08/i-walk-gets-new-name.html
  4. The Orlando City Soccer Club Lions Secures Home Advantage I know its a bit off topic, but there hasn't been any development news in the past few days. However, do you think if the team does become MLS, that the Florida Citrus Bowl can be renovated to fit their needs? OR Make the Citrus Bowl soccer specific and move all bowl games to UCF
  5. Valencia West To Begin Construction On A New Building
  6. I'm on the fence if this can work Orlando. It seems like a great idea in dense populated areas, but imho with our kind of sprawl I am not to sure if it can work.
  7. Lol, thanks Castor. It's my passion, I like to weed out all the filler info given by other sources and get straight to the development facts. Also, sitting in the office all day you find time.
  8. Just for discussion purposes As I was passing downtown today after passing Universal Studios a thought came to me. Since we have the "Mecca" if you will, for Harry Potter fans, why not have a world class broadway show. Of course I do not see it happening with so many movies or what needs to be covered, but if a writer can narrow it down to 1.5 hrs we could have a broadway exclusive to Orlando. Then on the off season it could travel around the nation just as Wicked and other New York exclusives. Another idea, (when my imagination runs wild) since Disney has its own theatre why wouldn't
  9. Florida Retina Institue Building Office Downtown
  10. Full Sail Acquires Office Park For $17.5 Million
  11. Florida Hospital Debuts $29M Mixed Use Building
  12. I found on the Amway Arena wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amway_Arena, that the demolition is scheduled for December 15, 2011
  13. Great pictures Adam, please check your pm
  14. Anyone plan on attending Sunrail's groundbreaking event today?
  15. Hey Steve, Thank you for letting me know, it should be correct now. I am glad you like my blog, I hope the community will be well informed .
  16. Sunrail Groundbreaking Set for Monday
  17. Thanks for the info castor! I guess the next tall high rises I see going downtown would be hotels, particularly around the new DPAC. Although with the location we won't see any very large buildings due to the executive airport's cone of descent being within that area. I think we should see at least a proposed new high rise by mid to end of next year.
  18. Wow, I didn't know that 55 West still had shell floors left, well that changes my perspective. You're correct about renting is a whole lot cheaper and in demand for it is a renter's market. I have seen many couples starting to rent because the banks would advise them to rent to build their credit even higher before they even thought about giving out a loan. One project I would love to see revived would be Tradition Towers I read somewhere (not recently) that they wanted to just make it a luxury hotel instead of a mix of condo/hotel. . Maybe it is just one my wild proj
  19. Just a discussion thought... Since 55 west is near or is already 90% occupancy, do you think developers will eye downtown for another condo high rise or possibly revive a proposed one? Not to sure of other occupancy rates, such as Solaire, The Sanctuary, Vue etc.
  20. SunRail's approval spurs talk of Orange Blossom Express link to Lake, northwest Orange
  21. I recall they wanted to vote on digital signs for downtown Orlando: DIGITAL SIGNS MAY COME TO DOWNTOWN ORLANDO.... Does anyone know the status of this ordinance?
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