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  1. I recall they wanted to vote on digital signs for downtown Orlando: DIGITAL SIGNS MAY COME TO DOWNTOWN ORLANDO.... Does anyone know the status of this ordinance?
  2. Great find Ocityst!! Being a UCF student myself, living in windermere it is a heck of a drive to go to and from UCF. A train would definitely help students get there more efficiently.
  3. Hey, The fountain looks great can't wait to see it fully up and running. Here is the vid: Lake Eola Fountain It would be cool if they change the lights on it for holidays such as 4th of July and Christmas just like the Empire State Building
  4. I remember seeing a time table at one point as well. I searched, but was unable to find it. I will keep looking . 1.) The orange blossom express can work, depending on the transit times. I can see people commuting all the way from Lake County to our CBD. Let's hope the sunrail will act as a boon to grow our downtown even further and hopefully see a small manhattanization. 2. & 3.) As far as the other two I cannot comment because I know to little about. Do you think that the train will boost Sanford International Airport being that it is not as crowded at MCO?
  5. Sources say: Sunrail Back on Track
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