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  1. The cinder block stair/elevator tower: quite a common sight around GR lately!
  2. The bridge did make the cut, the last version I saw. I believe it would go right over to the hotel:
  3. The Calder re-work will also have retail right across the street.
  4. Two places on Michigan St opened this week, Palio and 7 Monks:
  5. I like that they're talking 24 floors. It's like they're giving the 12 story syndrome the middle finger.
  6. I've always loved that old Clipper Belt Lace Co that's a few doors down to the North. I'd love to see the inside and what the high ceilings are like. In other apartment news:
  7. It was your idea Joe, you can take credit. How they have this drawn and the scale in relation to the Windquest Building, I'd say it'll be about as tall as the JW, if it gets built.
  8. I'm not sure if this project over on Front Street could be on any more of an island (surrounded by all industrial), but it certainly has nice views. Being LIHTC, they won't have a problem filling it.
  9. There's actually an item on the city commission agenda for the whitewater restoration project, authorizing payment to Fishbeck for engineering work related to permits. Sounds like at a breakdown of costs will be presented at a not-so-distant future commission meeting as well. This project really needs to happen.
  10. Uverse constantly loses service (lost signal, resetting), and I drive a lot for work and the cell coverage for AT&T is not nearly as good as verizon was when I had it about a year ago. When you can't get a good signal (one bar) on the East Beltline between EGR and I-196, that's a serious problem with cell tower coverage. Same with other no-brainer areas where the cell coverage is shitty. And when you're talking on the phone and suddenly the people on the other end can't hear you anymore, that's also a problem for business. I've talked to AT&T and they just shrug their shoulders, and try to sell me boosters and shit. Can't wait to switch back to verizon.
  11. It might actually not happen, that's always a possibility during planning, with which life would go on.
  12. Most "skyscrapers" take years to plan. I think we're what, one year into planning on this?
  13. I'll believe it when I see it. AT&T has the worst connectivity around, both for Uverse and their cell service.
  14. That whole corridor is going through a mini boom. With the MVP motorsports, hotel and "biggest gas station in the metro area" at Clyde Park and 44th, it certainly looks a lot better than it has. I actually noticed a similar boomlet in the Portage/Gary Indiana area along I-94 a few weeks ago. A lot of these motel clusters going up. (Right by the giant Bass Pro Shops and a few miles in that vicinity)