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  1. What would you say are Grand Rapids best assets today? What are its best assets to come? When I say "Grand Rapids" I would say it applies to the whole metro GR/West Michigan region. Backstory: I met some people moving here from Denver this past week and they (she) really put me through the ringer in a discussion about Denver's economy/assets versus Grand Rapids'. They have concerns they're making the right decision. They cannot help equate Grand Rapids' economic fortunes with Michigan's. Put yourself in this position and how would you respond? Stay in Denver? Just kidding, I don't think so personally.
  2. It's very good. And the renovation job/decor is one of the coolest I've seen. Reminds me of historic San Juan or something. Definitely different from anything else in West Michigan (and even the Midwest even).
  3. GRDadof3

    West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    Employment growth has gone back to "blistering" for the first 5 months of this year. : Data: This is an interesting chart, going back to 2002: My prediction: the labor force for the metro area will surpass 600,000 in 2020. That would put us within striking distance of Hartford, CT as the next metro we'll pass economically. Other metros with labor forces of 600,000+: Richmond, Virginia Memphis, TN Providence, RI Oklahoma City Raleigh Louisville, KY Salt Lake City, UT This is an interesting article too about "full employment." I think we're there with Des Moines (although now about 60% larger than Des Moines):
  4. This is a pretty cool angle of this project:
  5. GRDadof3

    Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Wow, that's a pretty good sized project.
  6. GRDadof3

    New 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia

    New images of the pedestrian bridge. "Range of sight" drawings for drivers being able to see the traffic signal at Ionia and Louis were included. It appears as though they're going to add some framed windows along the ground floor of the parking ramp, which is good because that ramp is U.G.L.Y.
  7. GRDadof3

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    You and I are just the bearers of bad news lately. Or otherwise known as "reality."
  8. GRDadof3

    Suburban Projects

    Ahhh, that's why.
  9. GRDadof3

    Suburban Projects

    The project at the corner of Crahen and Fulton (where they reconfigured the drive to align with Forest Hill Avenue) is going to be a bank apparently? Not a teller branch but a bank office. I've been trying to find out more but can't find anything .
  10. You're exactly right Joe. But it's been the city's mantra lately that if "private companies need parking then private companies should provide their own parking" and "the city is getting out of the parking business." It's really a stupid, stupid supposition because most downtown employers are very small employers and have no way to build a parking ramp of their own. In the article they also mention they are a "victim of their own success." No one is a victim of its own success. If a company expands to the point where they can no longer take new customers, they are not a "victim" of success, they are a "victim of poor planning and investment." City officials have no business saying they are "victims." The other victims are the companies that do business in the city and their workers.
  11. GRDadof3

    New projects in Monroe North

    I found it online, it's called a ride-on concrete trowel. Gives that extra fine polished look.
  12. GRDadof3

    New projects on the West Side

    I think they have that land East of there locked up now, behind the retirement home. There's a gigantic parcel of land surrounding Meijer slated for mixed-use, which I think is a better location than Lincoln CC, and it's been for sale/vacant for a really long time. I think it will be split up and made into commercial along LMD and apartments in the back, which heaven knows I don't think that area of Walker/Standale needs any more apartments. It's becoming a mini-Rentwood.
  13. GRDadof3

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    That's from the Facebook Page Plant Parenthood. Pretty funny parody account done by a local improv group in GR:
  14. You're fortunate that you live near a bus stop and work near a bus stop. For most people this is not an option (as evidenced by only 5% of the population commuting by transit in GR). It also helps if you have a job that punches in at 8am and leaves at 5pm every day.
  15. I think the expansion is mainly for employee parking (?). I feel like it went before the city last year originally. In other parking news: Josh Naramore, director of Mobile GR, has repeatedly told the Business Journal the highest strain on downtown parking is for those looking to obtain a monthly permit. While it’s relatively easy for visitors to find evening and weekend parking in either public or private lots, employers looking to make the move downtown are struggling to find and pay for parking for their employees.