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  1. This project seemed to have a bunch of different versions, but it looks like this is the one. 117,000 square feet is pretty sizable. At least this version looks somewhat like the existing one.
  2. Most of the inflation is "supply driven" this time around vs "demand driven." So when the fed ups interest rates to try and temper "demand," they're really going after the wrong solution to the issue. Supply of everything is still anemically low (labor, materials, etc.).
  3. I dare say this project is going vertical already. I saw the first rebar forms were up from the s-curve yesterday.
  4. Yes Artprize needs to reinvent itself for the 8th time.
  5. Right. It's closer to us than Muskegon. It's closer than Cedar Point is to Toledo. Lol.
  6. Then you definitely can't bequeath it to Toledo. That'd be like saying Michigan's Adventure is a Grand Rapids feature. But it's way closer to the Cleveland suburbs than Toledo suburbs. Of I'll put it this way, when you exit 280 in Toledo and start heading to Cedar Point, you're still over an hour away.
  7. There have only been a handful of restaurants in GR that did not serve alcohol when they opened. But many of them would let you BYOB. But I don't know how you survive serving dinner without serving alcohol. Most of the profit is made on alcohol sales. That's a huge blunder on their part. Plus, imagine being a seasoned server or bartender, that can basically work anywhere. Are you going to jump ship from your current gig to a place that does not serve alcohol, i.e. smaller tips? Nope. They probably would have done a lot better out in Cascade or Kentwood, where there are larger Muslim populations, that would be OK with no alcohol. I rarely see Middle Eastern people downtown. https://www.wzzm13.com/article/news/local/a-very-warm-welcome-followed-by-a-very-cold-shoulder-restaurant-in-downtown-grand-rapids-closes-three-months-after-opening/69-9fe74fd0-8674-42e7-a5e9-91a836aa2658
  8. Wait a minute, you can't give Cedar Point to Toledo, lol. It's way closer to Cleveland.
  9. I saw that, but it's really only one person they interviewed. If housing were in the cards for those lots now, housing developments would have been underway already. Plus the proposal we've been sharing identifies quite a few potential housing spots in the area.
  10. This article mentions 1200 - 1700 housing units. I just picked a random article from back in April of this year. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/grand-rapids-linchpin-modeled-off-van-andel-arena-116-million-amphitheater-project-already-attracting-national-developers-attention This one too: https://grbj.com/news/real-estate/city-approves-land-purchase-for-116m-amphitheater-project/
  11. I assume they'll wait to open the new section first, then come back and tear up the existing section and widen it? To double the width, that's basically a complete rebuild.
  12. Wow! We just flew into the airport yesterday and I'm always impressed with how big the parking garage is (and the giant roof over the pickup/dropoff area). But this is gigantic. Interestingly too they show that the current concourse, in addition to being lengthened, is going to be widened from 66 feet to 120 feet.
  13. LG Chem is doing a HUGE expansion in Holland. I'm surprised it wasn't bigger news. $1.7 BILLION. https://www.google.com/amp/s/insideevs.com/news/575359/lges-plant-expansion-michigan/amp/
  14. Nashville is mentioned in that Right Place report and they're pretty much on par with us for percentage of the work force in tech. FYI my employer rhymes with elf-enjoyed, if we want to keep this game going, lol.
  15. New user of the building announced. I'm sure moonshine is gonna pack people in... https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/09/nashville-style-moonshine-tasting-room-restaurant-to-open-at-harmony-hall-location.html?utm_campaign=grandrapidspress_sf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
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