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  1. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/11/grand-rapids-contributes-2-million-to-river-restoration.html GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Grand Rapids will contribute $2 million over the next five years to Grand Rapids Whitewater’s $45 million project that aims to restore the rapids to the Grand River. The city commission approved an amendment to its agreement with Grand Rapids Whitewater on Tuesday, Nov. 12, to include the financial contribution and help layout responsibilities for each party as the project is carried out.
  2. Looks to be just the construction trailers Joe.
  3. It was open when I went by it about an hour ago. There are still a bunch of construction barrels there so it sort of looks like it's closed but it's not.
  4. Someone asked about parking availability with the Studio Park ramp open. This map shows what's available. Green lots/ramps have available MONTHLY permits, the purple/pinkish color lots are full and do not have any MONTHLY PERMITS available. There are still spots open in those lots/ramps for visitors but not really available for people who work downtown every day. Studio Park has 300 permits available at $150/month (pretty steep). West Side has 84 spots and the new lot by the Downtown Market has 82 spots. There's also the Mason lot way up in Monroe North that has 27 spots. The inventory seems to have stayed the same since the last time I looked at this, other than Studio Park being open now. Not a lot of shifting around it seems. https://grandrapids.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=40fdfbad356e4aed844099351c75bb00
  5. Yeah, that is/was supposed to be open. Wonder why it's not yet.
  6. Yes, I was thinking length of time for a real estate advertisement/banner. But then again, a lot of buildings have For Lease signs in the windows for years and years. Karl Chew probably having the largest number of them, since pretty much all of his ground floor retail is vacant.
  7. Here is the latest data for the metro area (rental vacancy rates): If you're into that kind of thing, you can always bookmark this link: https://www.census.gov/housing/hvs/data/rates.html Interestingly from the same data, GR Metro has one of the highest homeownership rates from this snapshot. This is not a stat of how many homes are "occupied," this is a stat of "occupied by homeowners" vs "being rented out." So I would say yes, it's time to start adding more market rate rental housing to the market, especially if it takes 2 years to deliver a project. I noticed the other day that the "Springs" apartment company is starting another one on Wilson near M-6 (in the new Reserve development). They must've found success with their first project. The Springs of Knapps Crossing and the Lofts project behind Knapp's Corner Meijer are essentially full already. Just as an anecdote.
  8. I don't think the media quite understands what's opening this weekend and what still needs to be done. And in their defense, it's an extremely complicated project. On your image, where the "2020" is, is the bridge from Eastbound 96 (think if you were coming from Plainfield going Eastbound) to the East Beltline exit. That lane will merge with a new exit ramp from downtown traffic going Eastbound and wants to get off at the Beltline. That "exit ramp" is being used as a temporary throughway for eastbound 196 traffic heading East past the Beltline. The new road you see to the left is the new "through" lane for Eastbound traffic going from downtown and heading further on to M-21, Cascade Road, 28th, etc. It's not finished yet and won't be until next year (it appears). In addition, 196 Westbound between Fuller and this new mixing bowl will be expanded to 3 lanes. I believe too that Eastbound 196 will be rebuilt/repaved between Fuller and this interchange, which is why they're expanding the Plymouth Avenue bridge next year. How anyone scienced this out is beyond me. It's rather impressive actually, IMO. It just seems messed up right now. I did drive from Plainfield Ave and stayed on 96 Eastbound over the new bridge. It was a pretty interesting view of that area that I've never seen before. And Leonard St onramp is now open as well. Glad to finally see traffic taken off of Leonard Street.
  9. Looks a lot better! Great spot for a pharmacy! They're saying between 111 Lyon (5/3 building) and 200 Monroe it's a $139 Million project to completely renovate and add onto both buildings. Zoinks.
  10. Finished. Just noticed it yesterday.
  11. The city gave the McKay Tower owners hell about their dome light because they called it an inappropriate sign, and yet here's an actual sign that is well beyond its lifespan and they just turn a blind eye.
  12. So are they starting the Acrisure building? I can't remember the timeline on that one.
  13. Had to take Fulton due to I-196 Eastbound being closed yesterday. This will be one of my favorite buildings downtown when it's finished. Coming up the hill on Fulton going East you can see all of its curved glory.
  14. This project is looking really cool when you're looking up Ionia from just South of Hopcat, and when you're coming down Fulton from Division and just past the police station.
  15. Yep, and the South side facing Bridge is starting to get the metal siding. I kind of like it.
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