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  1. I haven't seen on any of their submittals who the architect is. Here's their application to switch from masonry material and fiber cement board to the EIFS: They seem to blame a lot of it on the new energy code that came out early last year. It is GHB (Geoffrey H Butler) same architect as the Monroe North Hotel.
  2. Yeah, it's way busier than back in the days of Arena Brewing Co and Rhythm Kitchen Cafe. We'd go bar hopping and be basically the only ones outside.
  3. I have mad googling skillz.
  4. One Bourbon.
  5. Why does everything have to come up Trump!
  6. That's a nice-sized project. I like it.
  7. I think it's Chervon, not Chevron (which is a gas station chain). I'm confused, I thought they have a really small presence here on Ionia. Why are they leasing 124,000 sf in Naperville? Consolidating production? This was back a few years ago, but it says there were just 29 people here: Also, GE Aviation always seems to be expanding and contracting. The aviation industry seems a bit more up-and-down than automotive or office furniture. They'll get a bunch of massive orders one year and then be anemic a few years later, totally independent of how the overall economy is doing. That's my perception anyway.
  8. I agree, it's not a crisis. They will all fill up, maybe slower than anticipated but they will. And more will be built. Cycle of life. Plus, I should add, it's 10,000 people that is the goal, not 10,000 units. There are about 5400 people downtown in the latest data, and 1500 units. You have to figure probably 1.5 people per unit. I'd also add that about 170 condos changed hands downtown in 2016, the highest level ever, I believe. 2015: 155; 2014: 134; 2013: 139
  9. Where did you hear that? I read in the city's agenda that the RISE project was vehemently opposed to Third Coast providing no parking for their Michigan/Benson project. Did that change?
  10. Went to the Knickerbocker with friends last night. Hour and a half wait there, at Black Heron and Sovengard. Good times for the West Side. The streets were teaming (teeming?) with people. The parking lot under 131 (Scribner) was completely free and had a sign saying so (not sure what time that starts), parking lot wasn't even half full, and the walk under the highway with the wider sidewalks and the LED was pretty cool. I know I can be a curmudgeon at times but overall, go West Side! I can't even imagine what it will be like when the Meijer project goes in.
  11. Not using the existing bus service. Commuter buses, straight shot from burbs-to-downtown with no stopping every 5 minutes. I agree there's probably a market to run it with a private company, but why not include it in the transit system like other bigger cities do?
  12. Ouch. All that snow and then rain probably did it in. Didn't something similar happen to the garage behind Bazzani's office?
  13. There aren't any trees around it. They cut them all down.
  14. And the trim doesn't even blend together. Are those "patios" going to have railings or are they just decorative? And why did they nix all the windows in the front part of the hotel, yet they kept them all in the back part? If you get a chance to drive down the Beltline, check it out. It looks like a giant mobile home on a stone foundation. The only redeeming part of it is the little "hut" in the front where I assume the check in and lounge/continental breakfast area are. But I agree. Is it the same architect? Who wants to take bets on when the EFIS starts peeling off? It looks like there's not even any kind of moisture barrier or trim at the bottom of the EFIS panels.
  15. This hotel does look like it got beat up on the playground.