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  1. I'm surprised you guys haven't given up this fight. Especially with Suzanne Schulz gone (love her or hate her), I think it's going to be the norm for a while. Get involved with the Planning Commission. A lot of us old guys and gals are losing steam on these issues. Time for the next generation to step up.
  2. Biked around the Spring Lake/ Grand Haven area yesterday. Can't believe all the developments that have gone up. New townhouses being done by Orion in Spring Lake as you're coming into town on M-104. The new foodie area in downtown Spring Lake is really coming along. And I saw a lot of new residential spread all over Grand Haven, near the farmers market all the way through downtown out to the relatively new Noto's (the old Bilmar). Someone even tore down the cabin at the curve in that road and replaced it with a monstrosity of a "cottage."
  3. The big support poles are up on the Northwest corner. Looks pretty cool from the highway.
  4. Wow, I haven't been down in that area since probably March.
  5. The planes flying over my house have increased dramatically this past week. We're somewhat in the flight path of the North-South runway.
  6. I saw that crane. It was a pleasant surprise.
  7. That parking ramp is going up in a hurry. It's almost as tall as the new building. I think it's 600 cars?
  8. A couple of things I noticed with the steel framing: It looks like the top floor is recessed to provide for a rooftop patio, which I didn't pick up on in the earlier designs, which also creates a slight jog in the building on the East side. From the earlier renderings it looked a bit "blocky" but it's taking on a different form now with at least some variation in the facade.
  9. Someone suggested to me it'd make a great space for a science center. It would be cool, especially with the high ceilings in the black box theater and that one gallery toward the back upstairs. The movie theater auditorium would be great for films and lectures. I think it would feel more "active" with this kind of use too. Every time I walk by UICA it feels like everyone went to lunch and just left the lights on. #crickets
  10. Nice! The footprint didn't look to be as large as I was thinking but then I looked at the plans again and it's an L-shaped building.
  11. Steel's going up fast on this project. At least 4 or 5 floors are up now.
  12. I noticed yesterday they've started working again on the I-196/96/EBL interchange project. WOOT!! Can't wait for that project to be finished. Also, apparently Michigan and College is going to be (or already) completely closed through May for a complete rebuild of the intersection. https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/grand-rapids/major-intersection-in-grand-rapids-to-be-closed-in-may
  13. In other news, the new Health Innovation Building (?) (MSU) is going to town. I think they're already framed up two stories, from what I could see from the highway. Anyone live downtown and feel like walking over and getting some pictures?
  14. Anyone know why there's a big Priority Health sign on the new GVSU parking ramp? Facing the highway.
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