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  1. GRDadof3

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    I was thinking about that today. I think it's just shy of it's total height.
  2. GRDadof3

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Fenestration! (Glass) :)
  3. GRDadof3

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Major excavation work going on with the new GVSU facility and parking ramp on Michigan.
  4. GRDadof3

    West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    Exactly, it's all related to skyrocketing housing costs in the big cities, especially the trendy ones. I read an article about people living 90 minutes to 2 hours away from areas like Seattle and Silicon Valley because that's how far you have to go to find affordable housing for many people. "Drive til you qualify." I can't imagine being in my car for 3 - 4 hours a day just to get to and from my workplace. But why do that when you can move to a very decent mid-sized metro area with convenient amenities (ie Grand Rapids).
  5. GRDadof3

    New projects in Monroe North

    Hear hear. And 601 Bond has 5 more floors to be added. I noticed today that the residential portion cuts in on the backside, similar to Icon on Bond, into a bit of a courtyard feel. I don't remember noticing that on the floorplans.
  6. GRDadof3

    West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    2017 population growth estimates are out and I can't believe @MJLO hasn't posted this yet. City of GR sits at 198,829 (estimated) which I believe is the highest historically. Kent County keeps growing healthily at 648,594.
  7. GRDadof3

    New projects in Monroe North

    Maybe I can add my $.02 of which I would imagine most are in agreement: Downtown Ada, even though it seems a bit pollyannic, is turning out to be pretty damn nice. Just the makeover of the gas station and McDonald's alone out on Fulton makes the whole thing pop, and that's not even going down into the new town center. The quality of construction and design of all the buildings is top notch. I heard a lot of complaints about it for a while but they seemed to have died off now that a lot of the retail space is filling up again. Amway just now needs to add a bike path along the front end of their property along Fulton to link the Ada trail system and it will be one step closer to world-class. Movies in the Park, based on a lot of the criticism I've read, seems to be that a lot of families liked Ah Nab Awen Park and the setting it provides (and the views of downtown, c'mon). To switch from that massive grassy hillside auditorium to a parking lot right next to I-196 and not the most attractive section of the Grand River (not yet anyway, but someday), seems like a major blunder. It was/is a free thing for families to do that made them feel like part of the city, especially low income families. Now a lot of people feel like it has been taken away from them, or greatly downgraded to parking lot status. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO HOW YOU COMMUNICATE THESE CHANGES that is the problem. Many people have an emotional connection to things like Movies in the Park, or ice skating on Rosa Parks Circle, or Blues on the Mall (also moved to a parking lot). I would give the "customer service" rating of the city lately as an E, maybe a D-. From police department issues to poor communications to heavy handed inspectors and fees to strange priorities regarding transportation, it's like they all need to go through Disney training or something. You can't treat people this way, even if your city is growing (especially if your city is growing). One day it won't be growing any more, it always happens in cycles.
  8. GRDadof3

    Kingdom Square

    Ohhh, that place. I totally forgot about that.
  9. GRDadof3

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Amazon is official: It seems strange that they were awarded tax incentives from MEDC to "keep them from building on competing sites in other neighboring states," when we know they're working on a 3rd and 4th facility possibly in the Detroit area, have 6 of these in Chicago, and 4 in Ohio already.
  10. GRDadof3

    New projects in Monroe North

    Dontcha know, shipping containers are being used all over now, for like food stuff and things and even houses.
  11. GRDadof3

    New projects in Monroe North

    They forgot "Build 20 foot sound-dampening/privacy fence to block out I-196 traffic sounds and MDOT massive construction site debris" and "Dismantle DGRI as it has become like a clown college." They're getting slaughtered on their "sponsored post" on Facebook for Movies on Monroe. Whatever, moving on.
  12. GRDadof3

    New projects in Monroe North

    "Just trust us." They should have announced that they were going to make some enhancements to that parking lot, released the drawings, and THEN made the announcement that the movies were being moved there.
  13. GRDadof3

    Kingdom Square

  14. GRDadof3

    Cable cars in GR?

    Yes, let's see the plans and THEN write it off as silly. Just because an idea is bold, risky and unconventional doesn't make it a "good" idea, even if it is executed. Look at castle apartments. Bold = check. Risky = double check. Unconventional = fits the definition exactly. If it's being thought of as a transit option, it better move faster than those cable cars at Cedar Point. And if it's being used as a tourist attraction, hopefully everyone involved knows that the river doesn't look all that pretty for 6 - 7 months out of the year. In fact it looks like it could kill you in an icy death.