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  1. The third building appears to be a "liner" building that will face Monroe on the West side of the parking ramp. I agree with Joe, a few tweaks and this could easily be made more attractive to the Michigan Street side.
  2. Is it because they envision this parcel on the Michigan and the ones they own North of the highway as being a "campus" of sorts? So the dramatic entrance faces the campus grounds? I understand Michigan Street is becoming a pretty majorly used thoroughfare but that doesn't mean wall it off and make it even worse. Flip the design! Flip the design! lol
  3. Excavation has begun at 3300 East Beltline, the former Sunshine Church site, by Franklin Partners. I believe the last approvals were for multi-family.
  4. Responding to myself, yes Kincaid Henry out of East Lansing. I did see someone working on the balconies today.
  5. I like it too but I'm also a bit confused. It looks like cars are driving on a "plaza?"
  6. My guess is labor shortage. This is being built by an out-of-town contractor I believe (?). Probably even harder for them to get local subs lined up.
  7. Commercial RE/consulting firm JLL has put out a statement about the project, but no images yet. https://www.us.jll.com/en/newsroom/michigan-state-university-and-jll-partner-on-innovation-hub
  8. A lot of the inbound ones are to about this stage. They're ripping up the entire parking lot at the Kirkhof Center for the new articulated buses to turn around and for new stations.
  9. In some residential neighborhoods, people walk in the streets to try and slow down cars. It actually works, I lived in a neighborhood that did that kind of "vigilante-ism."
  10. Yes, some kind of glaze or etched look would have been cool and inexpensive.
  11. That's the program my daughter is going into as a transfer and he said by the time she gets to be an upperclassman she'll be taking classes downtown. And they're in Allendale now.
  12. That is pretty true. Although maybe they're thinking with all of the residential and a 500 student high school that easy bike access to the Rapid would be good.
  13. He definitely said "new building" and he works in admissions.
  14. Someone at GVSU told me that there could be a "new building" soon at the old Ferris Coffee building/site on Winter, to house the computer science program. That's all I was told. No word on where/how/etc.
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