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  1. Here ya go buddy.
  2. There's a crane way up there on yonder. Seriously, looks pretty cool from center city. Strange that I seemed to be the only one around at around 2:30 today.
  3. That was funny. And I was one of them! "Never overestimate the tastes of the American public."
  4. This picture of a random oak shelf just sells the place! Yeah, that is interesting... Are there any open spots left downtown that aren't owned by MSU, Amway, or CWD? Maybe they're partnering with Ellis again on one of his lots? And what does this mean? Arena Place and Venue Tower, are nearly at full occupancy when combined. Arena Place’s 100 units are completely leased and Venue Tower’s leasing has been open a month, with 67 of 94 units leased. Do Business Journal writers get paid by the word?
  5. Even the zig zag 3d perspective is off. It looks like it tilts toward the river in that one portion, dumping pedestrians right into the drink. Good thing a high priced national firm was brought in to work on this.
  6. Lyons Edge Park ladies and gentlemen. How is this "substantially" better than what is there now?
  7. What's the market value of your first example? We own a rental and our PITI + other costs is about $1050 - $1075 a month. We charge $1450 a month. We could most likely get more but the tenants are great and take good care of the place. We paid about $150,000 two years ago, put about $5000 - $6000 into cosmetic changes like changing out carpet, exposing hardwood floors in the bedrooms, new laminate in the kitchen that we installed and repainted much of it, right after we bought it. The last I checked comps it would probably sell for $195,000 now. But we don't feel like kicking the tenants out. Might as well hang onto it. Yes, way better than a mutual fund, although my mutual funds have been on fire lately. But are we part of the problem? Or is it just market demand?
  8. It will never be suitable to develop. Not only is it a former landfill, it's a toxic waste dump (medical waste in parts of it from the hospitals going back to the mid 1900's). It's clay capped so that that waste will never leach out into the environment from now until perpetuity (one can hope). The only thing you can do is put concrete pads on it, that don't pierce the cap, which is what they talked about doing with the solar field array that was planned there but is now dead. Unless we become like China and they loosen environmental standards and just build on it, for which I ask, who would want to live on top of a toxic waste dump?
  9. I don't know how scientific my sampling is but for the U.S. 209,000 jobs were added in July. I just grabbed MSA's that are pretty well known but not the largest. The Midwest as a whole only added .1% employment from July 2016, so Grand Rapids and other parts of Michigan are actually doing better than the Midwest as a whole. Detroit MSA actually is averaging a 2% growth rate over the last year. Surprisingly Texas, which was on fire in the early 2010's, has slowed its growth lately. Still growing, just not on fire. Ft Collins,Colorado, home of New Belgium Brewery, is one of the fastest growing metros in the country right now, close to 7% over this time last year.
  10. July employment growth stats are out. Much of the country slowed down earlier this summer but has picked up again in June/July. GR came in at 2.7% annual growth rate from July 2016 (14,500 more payroll jobs than this time last year). Other MSA's (these are not UNEMPLOYMENT Rates, but the more important year over year employment growth rates). Salt Lake City 2.3 GR 2.7 Mpls 2.7 Portland, OR 2.7 Columbus OH 2.2 Milwaukee 0.5 Buffalo, NY 0.0 Las Vegas 2.8 Phoenix 2.2 Austin 2.4 San Antonio 1.9 Houston 1.8 Pittsburgh 1.0 Richmond VA 2.6 Charlotte NC 2.5 Raleigh 3.2 Boise 4.2 Kansas City 2.0 St Louis 1.2 Jacksonville FL 2.7 Orlando 3.2 Nashville 2.9 Atlanta 3.2 Indianapolis 1.9 Denver 2.0 Oklahoma City 1.7
  11. The replacement cost for many of those homes though is way more than the market value. That makes insurance adjusters nervous because it's a motivator for arson. The only way that mowing down homes for new housing will help this situation is if you pick up at least 2 - 3 units in the space that was previously occupied by 1 home.
  12. Maybe as part of the deal, they had to replace the parking for Ellis as soon as possible, so the ramp is the first portion to be finished? Ha, there's a parking ramp a little bit closer than that.
  13. Speaking of Switch, have they started construction on that first large outbuilding on the West end of their property yet?
  14. Did you see a tower crane base?
  15. At least we don't have millage rates of 60 to 90 mills, like many Detroit area cities have. But that's a topic for another time. Oh I know, I'm a huge supporter of Habitat and the E.D. is a friend of mine. But what Habitat and ICCF provide for low income households, is still taking from an ever shrinking pie. Whoever thought we'd be having this discussion, when the picture was very different just 5 or 6 years ago. My big issue is the number of out-of-state investors/flippers who have latched onto the area and are buying up low priced homes. Carpet baggers.