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  1. You must work in sales. Or PR. Not that there's anything wrong with that. FMG is getting close to what, 100 acres? Where in the "urban area" of Grand Rapids do you think would be a good spot for 100 acres of privately owned "pay-to-access" land?
  2. It's not one of the fastest growing in the country. Yes, I'd agree in Michigan. Do you agree or not agree that it has 2 million people? Considering how you were bossing people around to provide you with a map of woodland mall, think very long and carefully as to how you respond to this post.
  3. Old news:
  4. Ha, right. Pretty sure that in the time it takes to draw up a plan detailed enough for permits, get the permits, scheduling the concrete company, etc.. it's at least 4 to 6 weeks, probably more in this hot construction market. This has been the plan all along.
  5. Grand Rapids is not approaching 2 million. It's about half that. I need to ask you how old you are now to make sure you qualify to post on this site.
  6. I believe they just started brewing their first batches a few weeks ago, and it takes at least a month before you can start serving apparently? I too think they're getting close. Part of me thinks I may have heard about a soft opening date?? I always forget about that one too but it's because it's just that Indian restaurant in Eastown "reimagined."
  7. Maybe GRPD is getting some major MAGA funding to bring more "law and order" to the inner cities, ie a new police station in the middle of the most crime centric area of the city. *you heard it here first
  8. That is true. That's why I'm not crying lawsuit or anything, and not contacting the city. There are actual photos in there that are mine, I'm pretty sure.
  9. It's a nice Dicks but a terrible location. I go there a lot and it seems like I'm only one of 5 people there, in a very large store.
  10. That's pretty nice, and well hidden. Not a great view for those residents but those apartments are probably a bit cheaper than a view of Medical Mile.
  11. I was wondering the same thing when I drove by the other day.
  12. You don't understand, people in this thread and others are making the claim that autonomous vehicles are going to become such the norm that it will change (or should change) the way businesses do business. Today, now. And that you won't need parking ramps because your car can drop you off and drive around town for 8 hours while you're working? Or drive home and then come back and get you later? Your example of hybrids and EV's make my point beautifully. What percentage of cars on the road are hybrids and EV's? They've been out for what, 10 years now? The only thing that's changed is that some parking lots have car charging stations, like two or three of them. I feel like I smoked some really bad blunt while reading some of this, like in college, lol.
  13. And there are bike trails from Meijer to Meijer Gardens! Get out and walk ya old farts!
  14. Speaking from personal experience, I have a new car with over a dozen proximity sensors on it, one step below driver assist. In heavy snowfalls, those things light up like Christmas trees because they mistake the snow for other objects. So what happens when the car is driving itself and tries to correct itself on snowy roads? I don't know but I wouldn't want to find out. It's jarring enough just having all the little sirens go off and the dash screen light up. I can think of a lot of things that can go wrong in a car and not cause a chain reaction multi-car accident, but just one sensor going out on the left front corner panel and you could have a catastrophe. They do price high for high risk human drivers, ie teenagers. I have one who drives and another on the way to driving. It's $3000 a year to insure the one on a car with just PLPD. Once word gets out that driver assist vehicles are $5000/year or higher to insure, because there's not enough data to show that they're safer (questionable), who's going to buy them? I'm done. I'd say in 20 years they'll be common enough to change business plans. The average age of all of the cars on the road right now is 9 years, so you need to move all of those cars off the road first.