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  1. Wow, that's an interesting project. Not bad. I thought when you said Beltline it was going to be at Celebration Village. I'm shocked that one last parcel hasn't been filled in with apartments yet. I just got back from the Tampa/St Petersrburg area and I was fascinated by the infill projects. 8 - 12 story apartment buildings going up in the strangest areas and neighborhoods (like their planning people said screw it, build whatever you want wherever you want, we need housing). Like for instance, drop a 12 story building near Breton and Burton, right next to single family homes.
  2. I was just thinking this town needed another taco place...
  3. The idea I drew up comes nowhere near the gravesite. But it is held by the national archives. I think if someone tried to build a private development there, you'd have issues. But a public/non profit venture like this would be complicated but not impossible.
  4. Especially if they want this to be in the "top 10" for aquariums in the U.S., imagine the parking needs.
  5. A cluster of tourist attractions on that side of the river makes total sense. Spanning out over the Grand River, the footprint could be as big as 160,000 square feet. Plenty of room to add attached parking and/or underground parking. Cause you know that will come up as an issue.
  6. More press.. Personally I think Millennium Park is a really BAD place for an aquarium. Put it right next to the Ford Museum. "Two parks for the price of one" https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/04/john-ball-zoo-envisions-building-massive-aquarium-in-grand-rapids-to-compete-on-the-national-level.html
  7. Ah. It's all temporary though.
  8. Yeah, they're terrible at it.
  9. We have liftoff. #towercrane
  10. The Northeast Beltline area is exploding again. I haven't driven through there in a while and that big new apartment development at 4 Mile and EBL is built out/framed (I got a new drone I may get some drone shots). Every single building is built out. They're also clearing land at the office park just North of 3 Mile on the East Side on that little lake. Looks like something rather large is going to go in (or several office buildings). There's also new apartment buildings going in at 5 Mile and East Beltline on the West Side of the road. I think Orion also has apartment/townhouses planned for land that borders Kuyper College. Dang.
  11. Where do you see that? Let's not do anything they're doing in West Virginia.
  12. It's a bit pricy but I don't think it will be on the market for long.
  13. There are all kinds of high-density developments in low density residential areas. All over Heritage Hill and East Hills actually.
  14. Now we just need the soccer stadium village on the West Side and downtown will be surrounded on 3 sides with massive infill (Studio Park, 201 Market, Monroe North Spectrum campus, Medical Mile). Like Holy Cow a real city. I assume this is Spectrum's long term vision.
  15. Monroe Community Church is moving up to the old Protocam facility between Monroe and Ottawa. It will be nice when more renovations start spilling more over onto Ottawa. Some of you might recognize that "mid century" facade on the Ottawa side. https://goo.gl/maps/ehWpkxPQ9xFTuo6K7
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