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  1. We can move it. Then we'll have 4 people. I remember this from past lunch n learns. A lot of interest but no RSVPs. It's why I stopped doing them.
  2. There used to be a club/lounge/restaurant there at one time when they first built that building. It was split into 2 spaces and the owner's name was Cory something. It was really poorly designed and the vibe was weird.
  3. Thursday. I switched it. That's up to Dave Allen.
  4. The return of the Lunch n Learn! Thursday March 5th 733 Bates SE Noon to 1:30pm Find out more about Innovalab's innovative modular construction. 733 Bates St SE in Madison Area, Grand Rapids https://b1iw.app.link/bf36fqsog4 Please comment below if you can come. Dave Allen at Innovalab will be our host and will want a pretty firm headcount for how much food to get. The bonus: finally meet some of your favorite UP personalities!
  5. Decorative top layer of the cake is on. Swoon.
  6. That day works for me. Then we just create a new thread with address, time, details and have people respond to get a head count. I can do that tomorrow.
  7. If they're opening in early summer they better get moving. What a weird spot, I've never been on this street before.
  8. Work really needs to be done on the White Pine Trail from the ballpark to 14 mile (or so). It literally has thousands of users a day in the summer and it's showing its age. I ride it at least twice a week and really wish the State would invest in it, widening, repaving, and new signage and even lane markers would be excellent. On my list of to-do's...
  9. Ahhhh, I know the answer. I'll see if other people guess it. Cool spot, haven't checked out that "pedestrian bridge" yet.
  10. Lunch and Learns! We also went through 38 Commerce, some of Dave Allen's projects when he was at Lighthouse Communities, and I can't even remember where else. The developer would often bring in pizzas.
  11. Looks like some sort of pedestrian bridge, with a UHaul and an auto parts store off to the left? GR or Holland area?
  12. Based on this it gives you an idea of how far past the parking structure it will extend West. I'll see if I can wire frame it.
  13. That's incredible! Nice find, that's definitely the owner, Nicholas Cocciolone. He and his wife were featured in an article back in 2014 about the company. Now that I know though, I don't want to blow the fun for them. We'll just keep it all our little secret. lol. I was so close to that area too, went all the way up RB Chaffee but turned around at 28th Street and went back to 44th. I'll drive by and see what kind of work has been done.
  14. Sorry guys! Oooh, that's a good clue. Although if it's a private street, those pine trees probably won't show up on a google streetview. Only on Google Earth/Google 3D images if you look hard enough.
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