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  1. Most houses built today, only the top TOP 1% of homes have the cost of an architect built into the price. That's because the other 99% of homebuyers can't afford a residential architect. It seems to me that HPC is pseudo-class-discriminating with all of this rigamaroll. Tell me that I'm wrong? It sounds like the land bank spent $25,000 on drawing and revising plans, on probably a $300 - $350,000 project. Homeowners in that price range don't have $25,000 to just flush down the toilet to satisfy some esoteric board.
  2. Ah, and it's not like there isn't a precedent. There are flat roofed townhouses/rowhouses right around the corner from there. Or a block away.
  3. Jeesh, that sucks. I'm not a fan of that flat-roof design in this context, to be honest. Massing being the problem? That makes no sense. Maybe they wanted it to be more massive?
  4. Grand Rapids probably won't make "#1 fastest growing economy" for 2017, like 2016, but 2.3% - 2.8% is still better than 95% of the metro areas in the U.S.. Probably a top 10 finish.
  5. This looks worse than the houses that are already on Donald Place? You've gotta be kidding... Prefab or built by the Amish, these homes aren't any better than any other non historic district part of Grand Rapids.
  6. I think I posted that project here somewhere. Or I saw it on an agenda somewhere and meant to post it here. It got shot down?
  7. Yeah, good food but terrible location. The only destination in that area is Founders, which is like a bug zapper drawing everything to it. If you're going out to eat and going to Founders, you'd just eat at Founders. If you're just going out to eat, it's way off the radar for most people. No real lunch crowd either. Love the building though. It has to be a destination in and of itself to survive.
  8. Hudsonville certainly has potential, and the population growth to sustain the business community. It's such an odd place though. It needs some major diversity of thought, that's for sure.
  9. A current run-down. I assume there's nothing in here that most of the UP-ers haven't heard about?
  10. Oh right, it's part of that Terra Square project. That's kinda cool.
  11. It's all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out by a unicorn.
  12. Where did I just read that another Noco Provisions was going in? Hudsonville maybe?
  13. Whoa, I missed all that. Where are said lots?
  14. Agreed.
  15. There was some talk of 20 Fulton East having a market on the ground floor. Or at least they were hoping to land one.