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  1. Ferris Coffee, being offered for a cool $7.5 Million. At that price, I see it remaining as an industrial facility for a while.
  2. How many thread are you talking about this idea scotty? Pick one and stick with it.
  3. I'm bored with talking about stuff that we've talked about for 10+ years. I feel like I'm going back in time, which is fine for the people who weren't here 12 years ago but... ANYONE GOT ANY NEWS TO SHARE. PLEASE.
  4. Alright guys let's get back to the topic.
  5. Really? I'm going to spitball here and guess that I move horizontally without a car way more than you do. Unless you do iron man competitions than maybe you have me beat. Maybe that wasn't directed at me. Whatevs. Moving on. Back to the topic of their realistic location and expansion or I shut the thread down for a while.
  6. I go the opposite direction, pay about half that. You must be paying the "urban tax." Where exactly would FMG go where you envision this urban transportation utopia? I also can't think of one urban horticultural garden that most visitors or employees walk to. I do agree that more employment opportunities should be encouraged in the inner city, but not a bunch more low-paying hospitality jobs. Why do you think FMG uses so many volunteers? "The city's focus is on the transportation system as a whole, not just what a few drivers prefer." You mean the 98% of people who drive cars in GR? The city is catering to the 2%?
  7. Nobody in GR goes downtown anymore. j/k
  8. $20 - $30?? Where are you coming from? Maybe you should move closer, lol. We take uber downtown probably once a month and I think it's $4.00.
  9. Actually most people who travel in and out of the airport stay at hotels along 28th street, so we need light rail from the airport to Costco.
  10. They're constructing some really interesting roof structures off the main roof now, like shed dormers, that appear to hover over a balcony that has "merlons" (?) around it. They are not messin around on this.
  11. Agreed.
  12. It would be great if they provided bike parking for those who want to bike there. I was turned around by security and told "no bikes." But other than that, it's a super-regional visitor attraction. Shuttles do run from downtown to the gardens during large conventions at Devos, but a Rapid bus to the gardens? GRPS and plenty of other schools take kids from the inner city to the gardens, especially to see the butterflies. Are there a bunch of other impoverished people sitting around lamenting that they can't go see a Rodin sculpture? Uber is just a phone tap away. Plus, the last thing that Rapid route that serves the Knapp's Corner Meijer needs is to be LONGER.
  13. Oh, I agree. Government infrastructure investments is one of the biggest stimulants for private investment. And vice versa, letting government infrastructure crumble severely affects private investment.
  14. That is true, but Muskegon people are even MORE different. And really I don't think the commuting patterns are there. It'd be like saying Brighton is part of the Ann Arbor metro area.
  15. Complete rebuild, first phase of a multi-phase project with MDOT (according to the agenda).