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  1. The Westside has the Y! I actually don't think this will pull that much business from the Y. "Gym people" are not big fans of the downtown Y's weight lifting area, even though their cardio area and indoor track are pretty unsurpassed in the metro area.
  2. Their website is loaded with floorplans and pricing. I have to imagine tenants are starting to move in. I noticed there's a big drill for foundation piles on the site of Acrisure now. Didn't get a picture but it looks like this:
  3. Dare I say it's starting to look like a real city! Again I was driving up Fulton today going East, and I was stunned by the mass of this building. You're right Joe, another 4 - 5 floors would be really cool.
  4. A 25,000 square foot gym is HUGE. I think it will do well though.
  5. Does Harmony Hall still offer Bavarian/German food? I haven't been there in a few years. Maybe they thought it'd be redundant.
  6. If the rapids are restored as they are talking about and the River for All waterfront parks are completed, I can't imagine what else we could hope for. It'd be phenomenal.
  7. I can't fathom that you'd ever get your money back in leases by dumping $137Million into the 5/3 building, unless you're adding 12 floors. I wonder if they are adding on to it into the parking lot.
  8. The new Westbound section just as you reach the Beltline is so wide (4 lanes) people weren't even using the far left lane. You could tell because it was still covered in snow and none of the other lanes were. Traffic moves way faster through there than it used to.
  9. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/11/grand-rapids-contributes-2-million-to-river-restoration.html GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Grand Rapids will contribute $2 million over the next five years to Grand Rapids Whitewater’s $45 million project that aims to restore the rapids to the Grand River. The city commission approved an amendment to its agreement with Grand Rapids Whitewater on Tuesday, Nov. 12, to include the financial contribution and help layout responsibilities for each party as the project is carried out.
  10. Looks to be just the construction trailers Joe.
  11. It was open when I went by it about an hour ago. There are still a bunch of construction barrels there so it sort of looks like it's closed but it's not.
  12. Someone asked about parking availability with the Studio Park ramp open. This map shows what's available. Green lots/ramps have available MONTHLY permits, the purple/pinkish color lots are full and do not have any MONTHLY PERMITS available. There are still spots open in those lots/ramps for visitors but not really available for people who work downtown every day. Studio Park has 300 permits available at $150/month (pretty steep). West Side has 84 spots and the new lot by the Downtown Market has 82 spots. There's also the Mason lot way up in Monroe North that has 27 spots. The inventory seems to have stayed the same since the last time I looked at this, other than Studio Park being open now. Not a lot of shifting around it seems. https://grandrapids.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=40fdfbad356e4aed844099351c75bb00
  13. Yeah, that is/was supposed to be open. Wonder why it's not yet.
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