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  1. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    OK point taken!! I was trying to keep this an inviting and inclusive place (tone friendly) and I thought he was being culturally insensitive. My bad, lol.
  2. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    MSU has jumped into it already this year. There's a man in a birdcage (sculpture) and a couple of other outdoor installations.
  3. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    The guide is pretty nice. Just like the guide for Festival every year.
  4. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    There's obviously a fine line. I think their coverage now is fine, but when they were full-blown covering the event ad nauseum, they were essentially acting as free marketing arm of the event, providing $Millions in free publicity. And at the expense of covering other news and at the expense of not covering other events in the community. Their first role in the community is to be a news and journalism outlet (one of the few left). That used to be their role anyway.
  5. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    How is orange dutchy? And is that necessary? The last time I was in Ikea, it seemed like everything was orange. Is that what you mean?
  6. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    One thing that has changed in the last few years is Mlive's coverage of the event. They used to be a "media partner" and would run non stop articles for weeks before ArtPrize, during ArtPrize, after ArtPrize. One year I counted 48 articles/slideshows/pieces before ArtPrize had even begun! (and I think I called them out on it). Now:
  7. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    I was actually headed into downtown for something else and the bright red caught my eye. Flew to the nearest parking ramp (Ionia and Pearl) and interestingly it was FULL. I think that's the first time I've seen that at that ramp.
  8. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    Oh you're right Joe. I kept getting Facebook notices from them so I assumed (incorrectly) that they were a venue again this year. Shame on me for not reading FB event invites.
  9. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    Whatchu talkin bout? Site.Lab is part of ArtPrize this year. I think it could go from 500,000 to 250,000 visitors and the average layperson or even UrbanPlaneteer wouldn't notice. In fact, who actually counts all those attendees? The Ford Museum traditionally sees the most visitors every year and they got around 200,000 last year. I think GRAM gets 100 - 150,000 depending on how many finalists they have. But seriously, downtown is NOTICEABLY busier when AP is going on, by a long shot.
  10. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    The eagle has landed.
  11. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    I'm downtown now I'm seeing quite a few outdoor sculptures...
  12. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Strangely I just noticed some old foundation sections, from the previous building here. Not sure if that has anything to do with it?
  13. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Crane!!! (Base anyway)
  14. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    Actually, I think the opposite. I think AP has offered funding for outdoor large spectacle works in the CBD, but the number of artists who do this is pretty limited, and very few of them have made the top 10 in the past.
  15. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    I'm guessing it will be the orange. All the other colors are matching up to the latest rendering. I don't mind the orange. #vitaminC