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  1. East Beltline Developments

    The demand for housing in the hot school districts has gotten so crazy that the question about schools has abated quite a bit. Northview , Comstock Park, Kenowa Hills, are all considered "good schools" now. Not that they weren't great before. Around Thousand Oaks Golf Club, which is in Northview, they're selling homes and "villas" (detached condos) as fast as they can put them up. They're working on new phases for both along Grand River on the North edge of TO. Eastbrook has single family homes off of 3 Mile and off of Grand River, both in Northview Schools, that are selling pretty fast.
  2. East Beltline Developments

    Yes as far as I know.
  3. Creston Neighborhood

    You're right that would look nice against that white. Since the lights are probably drilled/wired through the brick they're probably going to have to lower the signs now and not move the lights up.
  4. East Beltline Developments

    The North half of the site is apparently close to being sold.
  5. New Hotel Mertens is also looking to add a rooftop bar.
  6. Suburban Projects

    I was thinking about this the other day while stuck in that traffic crunch on the East Beltline yesterday. Here's the restaurant lineup and just "places where you can eat" for that 2 - 3 mile stretch of road: Gravity Gus's - don't know how that place stays open with no liquor license Red Hot Inn - an institution not going anywhere Priority Health has a large cafe/cafeteria for employees Fuji Yama Twisted Rooster Kitchen 67 Applebees Zesty Gyros El Burrito Loco Thai Chef Wendy's Golden Wok Meijer food court (suprisingly busy a lot) Licari's (at Celadon) Panera Buffalo Wild Wings Ming Ten Firehouse Subs IHOP The Melting Pot Herb and Fire Pizzeria Oscar's (in Celebration Cinema) Jimmy Johns Shescho Chilis - closed Hopcat - coming soon Subway Qdoba Jaku North Noodles & Co Pieology Potbelly Freshi - closed D&W cafe PF Changs Bravo Bar Louie - coming soon Bagger Dave's - closed Brandywine Robinette's Probably more restaurants per capita in that Northeast area than anywhere else in the entire metro area.
  7. No, not the wall that Joe is talking about. Here's what they're saying. The Northeast corner of the building has changed from original drawings, and appears to either be "part" of the theatre or at least the theatre is going to do something with that facade to give them "frontage" on Ionia Avenue. It's only a blank wall in the drawing because the hotel architect has turned it over to the theatre architect. Based on the fact that it looks like a big rectangular box, I would bet it will be part of the theatre, and my intuition tells me an IMAX theatre or something similar. I do agree that I hope it's not a big blank wall with Celebration Cinema or IMAX on it, and that they add architectural details to tie it in to the hotel. That's quite the coup for that hotel if they're directly attached to the theatre without having to go outside. Will make for a great staycation spot for those long dreary winter days of February and March. Even if you do have to go outside it's right around the corner (no wearing your pajamas to the movie theatre). The whole reason this is coming out this week is that they're seeking approval for a rooftop bar, which you can see on that blurry floorplan at the North end of the roof. This was the original rendering the hotel provided:
  8. People talking about Grand Rapids

    Well alrighty then.
  9. I don't either. I can understand it on the North wall as there will be another building there. I wonder if that's an "as yet to be announced" venue on that corner? IMAX theater? Nightclub? 2 story bar? With this building being directly attached to the movie theater, I wonder if they will have a direct door to the theater lobby? That would be cool. Edit: here's your answer Joe: says: "Facade by theater architect under separate contract/permit"
  10. More images of the Canopy by Hilton hotel on the East end of the site:
  11. East Beltline Developments

    Yeah the value's in the land, not the facility, in my opinion. 72 acres, even if you can only develop a 2/3 of the property (a lot of it is wetlands and rolling wooded area), you might net over 200 units at $350 - $400k/each. That's an $80 - $100 Million project. The facility as a church is only worth $5 Million (what it's for sale for). And other than Ada Bible Church, I can't really think of any other churches expanding who can afford $5 Million. I'm not sure there are very many local companies though with the capacity to do such a project. It could essentially be another Celadon, but bigger.
  12. East Beltline Developments

    Facility is definitely going, so I hear. It's really just a big metal box (in my opinion).
  13. Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Good question. The developer of this was on this site for a while a couple of months back. Can't recall his username.
  14. East Beltline Developments

    I do but I don't want to mess anything up for them. From what I understand they are trying to find a good candidate/partner to develop it. The township wants medium density "for sale" residential units there, from what I understand. Speaking of Beltline news, they're starting on an office park project on the West Side of the Beltline just North of the daycare center, near 3 mile (across from the new Springs apartment complex). I found the public hearing on the townships website but no imagery on there. Nothing on CARWM either. Machinery onsite looks like they're about to take down the old houses along there. Those people probably made a mint on those properties, going from R-1 residential to commercial (ORD zoning I think?)
  15. Suburban Projects

    It's just a master plan, it's not an actual development proposal. The parking ramp does get used a lot, at least the bottom portion. It's always at least 3/4's full. No idea on the upper deck as I don't go up there. But it does look like they have a plan for parking in the dark gray area. I would love to see something happen with all of this area. That whole back area behind the parking ramp seems like such an untapped potential, surrounded by parks, schools and retail.