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  1. Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Agreed, I've not heard fabulous things about Crooked Goose, and Wheelhouse's atmosphere is awesome, especially around the holidays, but the food was good but not great. Twisted Rooster does pretty well in a very crowded field (40+ restaurants on the E Beltline).
  2. Development Projects - Belknap Lookout Area

    Sign for the new Meritage restaurant coming 2018.
  3. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    4 out of 5 businesses fail in the first 5 years, and probably should fail (not propped up if they are not a good business model). That's tough too when trying to foster minority owned businesses in these neighborhoods. It's a hugely complicated issue. Hard to type it out.
  4. I agree with Joe, I don't think there's any sign of trouble. They just "bought" the Pyramid, IPO'd successfully, and announced that they're kicking off expansion. I guess if you're looking for chinks in the armor you can probably find some. If people are worried about the tax credits, they don't actually get them until they actually buy equipment. No equipment, no tax credits to give on anything.
  5. New projects in Monroe North

    Haha, I don't think you can tell the difference from actual laid brick unless you really studied it up close. The bricks are actual masonry, just basically pre-mortared (and shallower). It's a nice color too, goes with the neighborhood. BTW, I noticed the Gill Industries signs are off the building they own (bought from GR Spring and Stamping). Anyone hear anything about what's going on? Did they sell to another company?
  6. New projects in Monroe North

    Precast concrete panels with brick inlaid on them. They pretty much look like brick unless you get up real close to them and you might catch the seams between the panels. There's a sample outside the construction trailer.
  7. People talking about Grand Rapids

    I was being sarcastic. Every homeowner wants his/her home to go up in value. But yes, I hear ya. And the apartment situation is not surprising. If the metro area has a net positive immigration of less than 2000 people a year, and assume that maybe 1/2 of them want an apartment (wherever that apartment may be), there's not really enough immigration to the area right now to fill up everything coming on line. I think it will fill in though, especially since there are very few new projects starting right now.
  8. Yes, at some indetermined date in the future. I believe that the office building at the Northwest corner is part of phase 1 as well, but doesn't sound like Pioneer is involved? I didn't ask specifically.
  9. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Thanks for the insight and some of those things I did not know. I agree that the word "gentrification" gets thrown around by some people at every chance they get. And I also know that for some neighborhoods, doing nothing isn't the answer either. I also know that people throw around the term "white flight" and then complain that white people are moving back in, forgetting that some neighborhoods never had a big population of white people, and those white people who fled in the 60s and 70s are probably dead now. It's whole new generations who most likely NEVER lived in an urban area, they were born in suburbia. Is that wrong that they want to live an urban life? I go to Saginaw quite a bit and the opposite of gentrification is going on, and has been for the 20+ years I've been going there. Entire swaths of neighborhoods losing population every year, big beautiful homes burned out, schools boarded up and graffiti covered but left standing, vacant churches, only businesses are liquor stores and check cashing places. I bet the remaining residents would love to get a bit of gentrification in their neighborhoods. Or at least some businesses moving back. So how to make it equitable and to give opportunities to entrepreneurs already in those neighborhoods. They talked at the speaker series event about all kinds of incentives going to business that don't benefit the neighborhoods. What incentives are those? Most incentives go to huge businesses and institutions downtown. I don't know of any hair salon on Wealthy Street or coffee shop in Midtown that got any incentives. So peace and I apologize for being a prick earlier.
  10. New projects in Monroe North

    No harnesses required apparently if you're inside the walkways. You'd have to try pretty hard to get out of the walkways, but I can definitely see dropping stuff accidentally. Hardhats had lanyards attached to them so they don't fly off. I had to wear my camera inside my winter coat until I stopped to take pictures. Then it was, remove gloves, put them somewhere, remove camera, remove lens cap and put it somewhere, try to use the viewfinder with a hardhat on, etc... Plus I wanted pictures on my phone, so there's another set of hands I wished I'd had. First world problems I know.
  11. People talking about Grand Rapids

    If your home increases in value, that's called gentrification. Just FYI.
  12. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    We had those, they spray painted A's (anarchy) on a bunch of buildings in East Hills, threw bricks through windows at Winchester and other businesses, and torched a garage at Fairmount Square. Turned out not to be disenfranchised African Americans, but a bunch of white kids squatting in a house in Grandville with too much time and too much entitlement on their hands. Not saying that gentrification doesn't happen or has not happened in Grand Rapids. In fact, someone who used to post here purchased 40+ properties in a single neighborhood, jacked up the rents on residents, and even joined the neighborhood association and heavily pushed an area specific plan that would benefit his "dream" development projects. Those things happen. Just like residents on the West Side who are (were) part of the Challenge Grants Scholarship program started at Harrison Park Elementary, guaranteeing funding for a college degree if the kids stayed all the way through high school, put in place by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. Now the investors/landlords on the West Side in that area have jacked up rents to where the residents can no longer afford it, and are now losing out on the challenge grant scholarships, even though their kids did everything asked of them and have made it into their Junior and Senior years of high school with good grades. Gentrification does happen, and is happening. But to say that a new restaurant opening in an defunct East Hills building is dangerous to people's health? C'mon. One of the items proposed in the new Housing Now! initiative is increased efforts to foster homeownership. If you're a renter, you're a victim when rates start to rise. If you own your home, on a fixed rate mortgage, you're much more in control. Proposal A passed over 20 years ago in Michigan caps your property tax rates (to inflation or 3%) so that you don't get hammered by rising property values around you. So I think to say that all small neighborhood businesses moving into an area like Wealthy or Bridge Street is not only wrong, it's irresponsible.
  13. New projects in Monroe North

    Dude, I'm afraid of heights too. My hands were sweating for a good hour after I got back down on the ground. It was unbelievable though. The entire crane tips forward when the operator picks up a big load, and then tips back when the load is released. You can't really tell from the pictures how much the thing sways in the wind, as it's designed to do. And it wasn't even a windy day. We had to call the operator when we were beginning our ascent, and then again when we got just below the cab. It took us 15 minutes just to get up there. And when you get about 2/3's of the way up, you're sweating pretty hard and freezing at the same time, and even while standing on the platform you're holding onto the rail because they thing sways so much. And THEN, when you get to the platform just below the operator's cab, you have to call the operator on the phone (can't text) and he gives you the OK to climb up to the boom section. Otherwise, crunch!! A nice big hug between crane parts (the boom obviously rotates separately from the tower portion). When you're up on the boom section, the operator still has a job to do, so the winches are going and the whole thing is turning. It was pretty intense... I'd do it again in a heartbeat, lol.
  14. Hotel, parking ramp and theatre break ground Spring 2018.
  15. Michigan Street Corridor Development

    I probably missed it. I found out today that this GVSU/Spectrum project that's mentioned in the Prospect Avenue vacation is the second part of the health sciences addition and it will also be another parking ramp for Spectrum. Starts Spring 2018.