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  1. That's exactly right. You give them an opportunity to voice their concerns and they generally burn out. It's when you fight them that others stand up for them and it ignites a larger feud. You can't win with these people so you just let them go.
  2. Yeah, there's no way that Wyoming is shrinking in population. Hispanic families also tend to have children earlier than their white counterparts and are having more children per household. That alone would drive numbers up. But I can see them being reticent to talk to census people or fill out a census form. With ICE policing the neighborhoods especially.
  3. There were billboards all over Georgia for Buc-ees actually advertising how many toilets they have. Something like "50 Thrones, we have one waiting just for you!" with the big beaver. So we had to stop and check it out. People were actually shopping for clothes in there, lol.
  4. Oh totally agree. The GVSU building is odd looking. Maybe the Secchia Center just needs to be power washed. It's supposed to represent "life sciences" and "innovation" etc. and it looks like a dirty beaker.
  5. East Lansing - West Side! Seriously, has anyone else looked at the exterior of the Secchia Center lately? URS? (the architect) could not have picked a worse exterior material. The building is only 11 years old it looks like it's from the 70's now.
  6. I see this having a pretty good chance of going through. It will be interesting to see what gets put in. Most likely it will resemble the Cedar Springs exit (fast food, hotels, pharmacy, gas stations, etc). Maybe we'll see the State's first Buc-ees gas station. Stopped at one of these in Georgia must have had 100 pumps (and about 50 toilets in the men's room).
  7. Interestingly the metro only grew by about 5000, to around 1.081 Million. Net domestic migration was a negative number for the second year in a row (more people left than moved here). Might be the lack of housing that's affecting that. Or people left to find work elsewhere who were cut from Covid shutdowns. International immigration was the lowest in over a decade, I imagine also because of Covid. Population grew because we have so many babies around here, vs deaths. Although deaths were the highest they've been ever, 8639. Covid maybe? https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/popest
  8. Prediction: The Secchia Center will reclad their exterior soon now that the Doug Meijer building has gone up and it looks way better than that drab gray "whatever the heck is that?" exterior the Sechhia Center has.
  9. I believe the MSA population counts are supposed to be out today for 2020. Although I will say that I can't find the link where I originally saw it a few months ago, lol.
  10. I thought we had a population thread going, but maybe not? Anyway, MSA population numbers I believe come out today from the Census bureau. This would be the 2020 count.
  11. I've heard the majority of the building is not used and not even heated.
  12. Plus, from what I've seen, these owners are a couple of white, middle aged gay dudes. And many of their supporters are middle class white people. They're hardly an "oppressed minority" in Grand Rapids anymore. lol. (ie it's pretty hard to claim gentrification in these circumstances). In fact, I'm fairly certain that a majority of the hispanic community along Grandville supports this redevelopment project.
  13. Yes, it's been like that for over a week I think. Haven't seen any other pieces installed.
  14. "micro-business." lol. Is someone trying to hock their junk at an antique store considered a microbusiness now?
  15. I keep waiting for the tower crane parts to be delivered. I think I've recorded every tower crane assembly in the last 20 years. Do we have a read on how tall this building will be in feet? In comparison to neighboring buildings? Edit: it looks like it's only 4 floors above the parking deck so really not that much taller than the MSU building.
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