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  1. Cool. Another uninspiring, underwhelming, underutilized apartment midrise with next to no architectural vision whatsoever. Awesome.
  2. Xander

    How close are we to being a "real" city?

    Then how in the world can there be a true answer?
  3. Because they don't exist there currently, I think. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said I hated The Yard project- buildings being torn down and replaced with monstrosities that do not fit the neighborhood. Not all construction is "progress", in my opinion, and if this building is allowed to happen, the dominoes are going to fall rather rapidly all over Ivanhoe Village until it's nothing that makes it Ivanhoe Village anymore. This project shouldn't go here.
  4. Xander

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    That's exactly it.
  5. Xander

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    I see no downside to a sports league choosing Orlando as a home and playing in a venue that we already have. Nah, this isn't true. There's nothing wrong with the amenities at CWS. If you compare it to the most expensive NFL stadium, of course it'll seem on a lower level because: 1. It's not an NFL stadium and 2. It has no main tenant. It's plenty adequate for the events it holds, however.
  6. What an absolute waste of a prime location. A storage facility? On Colonial and Magnolia?? Some place to just store your junk? Unimaginative and lame.
  7. Xander

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    That's fine. I don't agree. I do think Ivanhoe should continue to be developed to a point, but this is overkill to me. Some more buildings that are proportionate to the actual neighborhood would do the area a lot of good, I think. And I do agree that the Virginia Dr area has tons of potential, but I think it should've been more gradual. As a result, sadly, I envision a lot of the smaller places being pushed out of this area. Exactly. That kind of balance would work well, I think. There's a reason downtown is downtown. Ivanhoe Village is it's own place and doesn't need this massive of a project.
  8. Xander

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Quite honestly? Not built it. It fits exactly no area in the neighborhood. It's like dropping a BMW dealership in the middle of a cornfield.
  9. Xander

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Absolutely despise this project. Way too big for the neighborhood and destroys the overall feel of Lake Ivanhoe.
  10. Xander

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Likely tifo rigging, smoke setup, etc.
  11. Xander

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    Hadn't seen people posting anything about what's going on, so.... Construction on the main building including team offices has been started and going at a great pace. Supports for the roof trusses have been installed on the north end of the stadium and the roof is beginning to take shape in that area. Steel now going up on the east side of the stadium. Concrete being poured on the west end of the stadium to continue to complete the below street level portion of the stadium
  12. Xander

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    There's sitework going on.
  13. Xander

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    It's amazing to me that there's not one pic of site work going on right now. I guess I have to do everything myself