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  1. Xander


    Truly not fair that DeLand was never built, and i'm looking forward to any dialogue they have regarding making it happen. Really seems like Volusia can't get out of their own way, though.
  2. Agreed. I don't like the concrete bunker look it has for the first 1/3rd of the building at all. And if it's being designed with the intention of being the tallest building in downtown, it doesnt' really seem to fit the skyline in that position and I think would get lost behind the BoA bldg.
  3. It's like its twin.......
  4. This is the lot directly across from the courthouse, next to Crescent, right?
  5. I did, only not as small, not as old, and not as limited in size and amenity offering. Big difference. Another difference is the actual structure being an actual attraction. Not as simple as saying 'that's Wall St with a roof'.
  6. I don't know if you were half-joking, but now i'm picturing a canopy from Church St Station, all the way to the front of the Amway Center and on property at their entertainment complex, and I won't lie- i'm kinda geeking out over it......
  7. If it's modeled similarly to the P &L District, the main event space in the middle is anchored by bars, restaurants and other various businesses, so the covered middle area would also be extended outside seating for each venue. The main center area would have a stage, as well as big screen tv's that would be used both for viewing parties, as well as visual aid to on-stage performances. This could be used for various events, multiple times a year, including both the Women's and Men's World Cup, The Super Bowl, The Olympics, Magic away playoff games, Orlando City away games, UCF away games(would help boost a local connection to the new CV campus that's about to open), as well as rental space for private events. I don't see that as being a bad investment- I think it gives downtown an additional event space option that we don't currently have.
  8. It's just amazing how we never get ANYTHING cool here, even when we already freaking PLAN for it. That bridge was going to be AWESOME.
  9. I remember years ago they were talking about building some type of a canopy over Church Street to create something similar. I think between the weather, location and potential entertainment options, it would be MASSIVE.
  10. If the Magic were smart, they would make this complex *the* entertainment center of the city and set up something similar to KC's Power & Light District, complete with a stage and covered central area for viewing parties. Would be an absolute hit here.
  11. I don't think i've ever seen this angle of downtown. Thank you!
  12. I didn't say it'd "fallen off the radar", just wondering if anybody had a new pic or two, due to how frequently pics had been being posted.
  13. Any new updates on this project? Been really curious to see how it's going.
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