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  1. That is SO sad! Really wish they weren't doing that. I know I went to it when I lived downtown.
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    I'd imagine they'd have to. They will likely operate it much like a park with dawn to dusk hours, possibly. To minimize vandalism, though, they'll likely have to put gates up.
  3. Xander

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    Oh my dear lord......
  4. Nice building, but it's further gentrification of Parramore, and i'm not a fan of that. New construction in Parramore needs to include a certain percentage of affordable housing for the residents. Hell, I don't really see affordable ANYTHING in much of any of the new buildings that have gone up anywhere in downtown, short of CV.
  5. I strongly believe if they don't build this by the end of next year, it won't happen and they'll have to end up selling the land. The economy is on the verge of a downturn.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't naive enough to think it would always stay that way. No downtown area stays that way, and there are only so many undeveloped plots of land available. I also didn't own the condo, just enjoyed the gorgeous sunsets and watching seabreeze action thunderstorms every evening.
  7. Truly surprising. If I still lived in my 5th floor condo at Uptown Place, i'd be pretty pissed bc that view is just spectacular, but this will be a good addition to an area that truly needs development. Until NORA came in, Uptown was a seemingly forgotten area.
  8. Can't listen bc of being at work, but I believe this is directly dependent upon whether or not Orlando ends up being a host city for the 2026 World Cup. Jax is toying with doing this at Everbank Field as well.
  9. Yeah, I don't think it'll take a tremendous amount of time, maybe a few months for the entire project to be done. The cast concrete process they used for the rest of the stadium made the entire assembly remarkably fast, so I don't think this will take a long time. I haven't heard any info about the changes to the parking areas, though, which is also in the plans and really interests me.
  10. They're also putting in permanent seating in the north end, corner suites up top and in the north end as well. I saw renderings a while back, but I can't seem to find them. I'll see what I can find. Update: found them on WFTV.com. Pictures below are the north end of the stadium.
  11. Man, I really wish it could fit in that lot. Exactly what I was thinking.
  12. It's a cool building that I wish was going to be put somewhere else. I LOVE the tree canopy in Lake Eola Heights. This would take away quite a bit of it in that area. I like the healthy mix of small residences and highrises in the area.
  13. I really haven't a clue. I don't know if there even is one, other than Montreal being rumored to be looking to get back into MLB since they lost the Expos. I do know that a team is being assembled right now to officially launch a bid to lure the Rays to Orlando, and there will be news about it coming up here shortly.
  14. They're talking about splitting home games between St. Petersburg and Montreal. No, that wasn't a joke.
  15. Xander


    The Orange Blossom Express extension would be largely successful, I think.
  16. I can't agree with this regarding OCSC. I see Orlando City absolutely everywhere, hear about them on the radio, see them on TV. I've been through Atlanta twice in the past 2 months and, no joke, absolutely nothing. No billboards, banners, stickers, license plate frames, magnets- zero. Inter Miami isn't even in the league yet and half the time their website is down. I do know that radiowise, Orlando treats itself like a much bigger market than it actually is, and it's odd and has run a lot of people off to Tampa or Miami.
  17. He's also on record saying he'd love for them to be here now and, though i'm familiar with the article you're referring to, I know it's something on his radar and that it's being looked into. Not largely promising, but there's a reason why you're not hearing about it as an official campaign.
  18. With all the Universal buzz coming down the pipeline, i'm wondering, with the location being so prime, if they'd consider incorporating a sports complex, similar to WWoS with NBC. They definitely have the parcels. What would really be cool is if somehow they could partner with the city and build an MLB stadium for the Rays and keep them in the area. They have the space(and location) for that as well. Buddy Dyer's office has been very recently talking about if they should pitch Orlando as a potential spot for a new Rays ballpark.....just sayin.
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