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    From the album: NORA Apartments(Uptown Orlando)

    Progress on the construction of the new NORA Apartments in Uptown Orlando, FL. Taken 12/15/2012 facing west.
  2. Very cool. From my understanding, the delay consisted of Downtown's requirement of establishments on the lake to utilize a full kitchen. Good to see them clearing it up and moving forward. Another win for the CBD.
  3. They don't, but they include a generic logo. Not overly impressive, but anything that indicates that this project is actually happening is encouraging. Even if it ends up staying as a mid-rise project, i'm ok with that. The plans include groundfloor retail which the area desperately needs. Downtown lacks shopping options. Between Steel House, Skyhouse, The Sevens and now NORA, the Uptown/CBD will have over 1200 new units in just over 2 years time. Those people are going to want and need shopping options. I think they're doing it the right way- bring the people first, and the businesses will fo
  4. Xander


    SunRail will ultimately extend to multiple places throughout the region. The point I always tried to stress to its opponents who argued about not enough transportation from future stops is that unless you have a backbone to build OFF of, you have no alternate options. Then you saw cities start putting together a transportation plan for bus pickup at stations to get people to their crosstown destinations. SunRail will end up having East-West additional lines, and i'm more than confident that the hours and schedule will extend to weekends.
  5. They've put up Central Station banners on the wall that surrounds the site. Nice to see something actually representing progress with it.
  6. My name was the Horizon Line. I think the Eola Express is a little too hokey for me.
  7. Definitely not wasting time on the 899 lot now, either. They're already replatting the land and marking for foundation and easement clearings.
  8. They just posted GDC Properties signs on the 899 lot. Said it should be done in Summer/Fall 2014.
  9. I'd say 899 North Orange is happening. Land clearing has begun and there is equipment and port-o-lets on site.
  10. Xander


    Where in the world are the construction pics? This is the biggest mass transit construction project in the history of Central Florida, and I haven't found a single construction pic on the sunrail website, only on a couple of local sites. So disappointing.
  11. Xander


    I'm guessing the construction of the corridor and clearing for parking lots and station platforms are going to be starting in the next month. I've been seeing some activity over in the Lake Mary area, but very minimal. Anybody have anything to post on what's been going on at the Florida Hospital station location? Anything new yet since the groundbreaking ceremony?
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