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  1. They're stopping work on the other tower because they're redesigning it? Seriously? Isn't that a tad on the late side?
  2. I actually don't hate this design. It at least has significant height and some actual depth to the facade. I'm just glad I moved out of Uptown Place- I had a condo on the 5th floor facing Lake Concord and would be TICKED if this thing was my new view.
  3. This........may be the best day of the week solely because of this.
  4. Just curious- is that your Lime bike? It always creeps me out to see them just randomly sitting anywhere throughout the city. it reminds me of like a zombie apocalypse with people leaving them wherever they last were.
  5. Anybody that would choose to not go to Daytona for the July race is likely not going to go to an August race to begin with, haha. It's oppressively hot during both times of the year. However, more people will go because of the significance the race has on the championship now. The weather is not any less rainy in August than it is in July, and the peak of hurricane season is closer to the date they moved it to, which is a bit of a gamble, but it's one we live with here in FL.
  6. Because there was never a playoff system in racing back in the day. Trust me- i'm not a fan of NASCAR changing everything under the sun as they frequently do, but I really think it makes sense. Daytona is the flagship track for the sport. It's a win-win for them; they will get more people to the track for the second race date, the race itself will hold a lot more importance, and it'll make national headlines for a lot more reasons than just being on July 4th weekend, which I think is really smart. I never liked the fact that the July race hasn't ever mattered as much as the Daytona 500 because of the significance of what that place IS to the sport. Now, it's a LOT more important. I think it works.
  7. Been going to a race at Daytona every year since 1992, and I can tell you this- making this race the last race of the regular season, while i'm sad it won't be on July 4th weekend anymore, just helped the attendance numbers IMMENSELY. That race absolutely never sells out, and while it likely won't still, it's got a much better chance of doing so and will put thousands of more butts in seats. Absolutely no doubt about that.
  8. I actually love the grass parking lots because of heat and the fact that it actually feels like tailgating when it's on grass.
  9. This was pretty much my experience living in Uptown as well; briefly annoying, then it just fades into background noise.
  10. I really hope they knock it off with big development in this area after this project. I do like the idea of the cafe on the ground floor, though.
  11. I was just gonna say, my friend posted a pic from yesterday on the bridge, said there was no cones or anything blocking entry to it, so they used it on their walk.
  12. Smart! I kinda have to because of where I work, so....
  13. Well I know the traffic is definitely getting worse and worse.
  14. Lol... i'm not ever calling it "North Quarter". I'm calling it Uptown. I'm not acknowledging a developer trying to rename an area to make it sound more "trendy", as if they have the power to wipe out what the area has always been called and is currently called the by the locals that live there.
  15. A few months? I was hoping it'd be done sooner. I really like the bridge, though. It's a great gateway feature that'll help encourage a safer way for foot traffic. They did fund a connector from it to Gertrude's Walk, right?
  16. It'd be nice if, you know, ONE of them was. That's what i'm getting at.
  17. Eh, you have a point. It's not a dinky complex, either. Just wish it had more architectural flair.
  18. I'd rather have an empty lot than exactly nothing original whatsoever.
  19. I'm looking forward to the day that Orlando says "you know......instead of just wanting what dozens of cities already have, let's come up with something unique". It's like someone has this checklist and is going "ok, we need 4 more of these, then 3 more of these, then we'll be like everyone else". Ivanhoe Village is a very unique area already. Any change that happens there should be modest, subtle and compliment what the area already has, or else then, it's not Ivanhoe Village. I fear this will be an ongoing process in the area for the next 10 or so years of buying older buildings, bulldozing them and continuing this seemingly mad rush to build as many "luxury apartments" and condos as possible.
  20. Absolutely true. The Lake House likely wouldn't be happening if this wasn't going up as well. I'm convinced this will continue to happen until they've essentially ruined what makes Lake Ivanhoe what it is. Sorry, but in no way am I excited about $1500 per month apartments, in this or any area.
  21. LOL........ ok. I didn't know concession choices that you don't prefer and 4 year old bathrooms make an entire stadium "a dump", but you do you.
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