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  1. I see no downside to a sports league choosing Orlando as a home and playing in a venue that we already have. Nah, this isn't true. There's nothing wrong with the amenities at CWS. If you compare it to the most expensive NFL stadium, of course it'll seem on a lower level because: 1. It's not an NFL stadium and 2. It has no main tenant. It's plenty adequate for the events it holds, however.
  2. What an absolute waste of a prime location. A storage facility? On Colonial and Magnolia?? Some place to just store your junk? Unimaginative and lame.
  3. That's fine. I don't agree. I do think Ivanhoe should continue to be developed to a point, but this is overkill to me. Some more buildings that are proportionate to the actual neighborhood would do the area a lot of good, I think. And I do agree that the Virginia Dr area has tons of potential, but I think it should've been more gradual. As a result, sadly, I envision a lot of the smaller places being pushed out of this area. Exactly. That kind of balance would work well, I think. There's a reason downtown is downtown. Ivanhoe Village is it's own place and doesn't need this massive of
  4. Quite honestly? Not built it. It fits exactly no area in the neighborhood. It's like dropping a BMW dealership in the middle of a cornfield.
  5. Absolutely despise this project. Way too big for the neighborhood and destroys the overall feel of Lake Ivanhoe.
  6. Likely tifo rigging, smoke setup, etc.
  7. Hadn't seen people posting anything about what's going on, so.... Construction on the main building including team offices has been started and going at a great pace. Supports for the roof trusses have been installed on the north end of the stadium and the roof is beginning to take shape in that area. Steel now going up on the east side of the stadium. Concrete being poured on the west end of the stadium to continue to complete the below street level portion of the stadium
  8. There's sitework going on.
  9. It's amazing to me that there's not one pic of site work going on right now. I guess I have to do everything myself
  10. The stadium isn't going to be completely U-shaped. There will be seats that will extend off of the east side of the stadium into the south end with the southwest corner having a "party deck" type feature.. This was before the additional funds, Hopefully they close up the south end. I don't like the idea of an open end for a soccer stadium. What they COULD do is make the south end have just lower level seating and a party deck on top of that.
  11. Those are the latest renderings, from what I can gather. It mentions every feature they said they wanted in the stadium with the roof over the north end, which was what they said they would do if they got the 110 million. The south end will have a party deck as well. The rake on the roof is mega, mega low.
  12. The atmosphere of the stadium really doesn't have much to do with an elaborate design. You can have a phenomenal atmosphere in old stadiums. We had great atmosphere at the Citrus Bowl, but it was the people that made that happen, not the building. The only thing that would've made it better would be a smaller design, which we're getting with the new stadium. I personally don't care much if it's surrounded by palm trees and has a citrus grove in it, as long as the final design has a roof covering all the fans. The current design calls for an open end on the south side, with a party deck loc
  13. Though I doubt this will ever happen, this is excellent. I have always thought the executive airport serves too small of a market to support how much it hinders the development of the entire area. Really hope to see something change, but I doubt it will.
  14. Biggest day in the modern history of Orlando. I don't think people can grasp how much this city is going to change once we have this stadium and MLS team.
  15. Jeffrey Billman has taken the stance that just about any kind of new development in Orlando has been fraudulent. He's went on record to say that Orlando City management are a bunch of liars and that the new soccer stadium will create no new jobs or positive economic impact in our city. Anytime I see an article about Orlando with negative connotation nowadays, it's usually from Orlando Weekly, and it's 100% always from him. He is ruining the entire newspaper.
  16. Thank. You. There's so much misinformation about the soccer stadium, it's reaching the point of annoyance.
  17. These renderings are by Woods Bagot, a developer who is no longer working on the project. They have since been taken down. The actual design doesn't look much like this at all.
  18. Xander


    From the album: NORA Apartments(Uptown Orlando)

    The front entrance. Construction is really ramped up, and the parking garage is basically complete.

    © Alexander Rich

  19. Xander

    NORA Apartments(Uptown Orlando)

    Construction photos of the new NORA Apartments in Uptown Orlando,FL
  20. Xander


    From the album: NORA Apartments(Uptown Orlando)

    Things have accelerated here on the north side of the property, you could say.

    © Alexander Rich

  21. It's going to be built on the block next to CityView Apartments.
  22. MLS has flat-out told our team and our city mayor that if we secure funding for a stadium, we will have a MLS franchise.
  23. Biggest day in the modera era of Orlando, in my opinion.
  24. From the album: NORA Apartments(Uptown Orlando)

    Parking garage doesn't have much left to get to completion.

    © Alexander Rich

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