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  1. A lot of people in Memphis are still mad about the whole Oilers situation (when they should really be mad at their terrible city leadership at the time), but yeah - You'll for see sure a few representatives from Memphis be opposed to state funding. (Which anyone should be, IMO...the same with someone from Johnson City or Knoxville as I don't see how a stadium in Nashville benefits someone 200+ miles away) Anyways, "Tennessee" Titans was the compromise for state funding for Nissan, correct? If the Titans want a new stadium, they should foot the bill (along with Metro if that's what the voters want).
  2. Guitars aren't tacky. Guitar shaped buildings are. Buildings can be unique and should be, but what's unique about designing a building in the shape of a musical instrument? "Form follows function" still applies...
  3. My career is in historic preservation, adaptive reuse and urban infill. Nothing about what you've stated above is unique to that structure in general. Hundreds of buildings are adaptively reused each year that face these same issues. The issue isn't that the building had issues (they all do, even new buildings). The issue lies with the property owner(s) and/or developer(s), their funding and capital, or lack thereof. This is a primary reason why historic preservation zoning and ordinances are important.
  4. It could be for a number of reasons, but that's where the ramp is, so that's probably the primary reason. They'll place equipment on the slab once it starts to cure, remove the ramp, and use the crane to get equipment down below grade to pour/float the slab.
  5. No. Lipscomb University was named after David Lipscomb.
  6. It's all specific to architectural style (and in some cases, design overlays) and more recently (last 60 years or so), the development of glass curtain wall systems that can be installed on a concrete substructures. Most clients want floor to ceiling views rather than sized openings like what you'd find in Gothic Revival, Art Deco and even some International Style buildings, so glass curtain walls come into play again. Due to cost, expensive cast or cut stone cladding isn't used much to clad an entire facade for a skyscraper, so once again, glass curtain walls come into play. The problem is there's not much flexibility other than with mullion design and the color or tint of the glass, so that's why most generally look the same to a lot of folks. The "something new on the horizon" question would have had an answer of EIFS a few decades ago. I guess to answer your question, EIFS and glass curtain walls because that's what's most affordable for a lot of developers (and their future tenants)...essentially what we currently have.
  7. Lol...You live in Bartlett, don't you? I don't know if your post was sarcasm or not, but if it's that bad, then just move to Horn Lake or Marion.
  8. Many real estate listings as well as county appraisal sites have wildly inaccurate information (and continue to share that inaccurate information). Do either of you have access to old city directories or Sanborn Maps? Those will give a much better estimate. I've worked in / with historic preservation for a large portion of my career. If you want to send a few photos of the house or send me the address in a message, I can give you a decent guess based on materials, style, etc.
  9. I want to take the time to respond to the posts where I was quoted; however, I don't want to derail this thread anymore than I have. Some poor soul is getting tricked into thinking all of these posts are directly related to the development of this tower. We can resume in the coffee house, if y'all want. As always, thanks for the dialogue and for providing a different view or opinion.
  10. Please specially note where violence by law enforcement was used to enforce zoning regulations [I'm serious. I could have overlooked it.] That literally is exactly what I originally asked for.
  11. Not at all. I could prepare a response, but since you never gave an actual, documented example of violence by law enforcement being used to enforce building codes, a response to your original argument isn't warranted. You simply provided a hypothetical that never occurs.
  12. This is incorrect, but if you have examples, please provide them. Zoning codes are enforced by city planning staff, and then their legal offices. After that, the district attorney's office. If compliance still hasn't been met, the property owner is sued. The closest thing to the use of police force would be a local law enforcement office (sheriff) serving a warrant for failure to show at a trail hearing.
  13. Well, I was being partially sarcastic to the response that a church should move from the CBD given we constantly complain that there aren't other everyday or weekly things that people need if they live in the CBD. Or are you being sarcastic to my sarcasm?
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