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  1. Yea its not good. Also huge missed opportunity for Charlotte Town FC. https://twitter.com/phat7deuce/status/1285995507429642242?s=20
  2. Seems like a placeholder name and logo? Maybe with the extra year delay they'll release the actual branding later?
  3. Wow. That's a LOT of EIFS! Curious if this might be the largest EIFS-skinned building in the world. Wow. Just wow.
  4. I'm thinking their comment was that it woulda been nice if the site had already been zoned up to 40 floors by the City (instead of IX-3). My guess is he submits for a 'PD' zoning for the whole area with guidelines for various parcels within the district. (Like the Park City South area and North Hills). City has been slow uploading the rezoning application to their development site - so the details are unknown.
  5. Nash Square Hotel, 9 floors Hilton Garden Inn/ Homewood Suites dual-branded hotel: 14 floors New cafe as part of the Longleaf Inn project
  6. Yes, as I showed in the more realistic rendering... For those interested, check out the Developer Questions from the pre-bid meeting and the City's follow up Answers: https://raleighnc.gov/hotelcc#paragraph--283086 Some insight into some of the details that developer(s) are interested in.
  7. Floor-to-floor distance of hotel is less than office space, so keep that in mind comparing a 40-story hotel to 29-story BB&T (office) tower. (Won't really be that much taller). This is also why the 40-story office building to the east looks so much bigger than 40-story hotel tower on the west half of the block. The renderings are off but yall. Its no big deal. These are conceptuals from the city - not even a developer proposing them. I mean the only publicly unveiled proposal so far is the 7 story Kessler hotel.
  8. Very exaggerated rendering. Rough edit showing it at 75% would be more accurate I think?
  9. City is kicking off a Request For Information process for the two parking lots in front of the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts. East block would be mixed-use office and West block would be 500+ room hotel aimed at convention center visitors. Conceptual rendering from the city but actual proposal to be determined by the selected team from the RFI and then the winner from a likely RFP process from a shortlisted group.
  10. Tepper is really all about filling dates in the stadium and maximizing the Panthers brand, right? Any of these four badges would give him that synergy... https://www.footballasfootball.com/carolina Not completely unheard of for a professional sports club to field teams in multiple sports under 1 name. FC Barcelona has a basketball team for example.
  11. eh I wouldn't get worked up yet. I'll wait til any sort of development is proposed.
  12. Ped/Bike/Vehicle Bridge connecting Barrett Drive to St. Albans is part of the recommendation in the City's current Midtown Area Study.
  13. Akridge did the 555 Mangum project across from the baseball stadium and apparently is in play for the RUS Bus mixed-use project. When I was in DC, I was impressed with alot of their projects! Interesting to see their push into NC.
  14. Also noteworthy, it appears all of the parking for this project is in the base of the office tower and then 2-3 levels below grade under the whole development. So really a lot of residential if all floors above the retail ground floor are units!
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