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  1. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    show off model rooms to college kids wanting to reserve apartments for the next year.
  2. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Apartment building replacing the Velvet Cloak Inn has a name... Theory. ? And a rendering. Also they had a grand opening recently. But the building is still under construction and to be finished fall 2018. ??
  3. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    A lot of residential density on Hillsborough St between NCSU & downtown. Here's approximately how 103 Park and 104 Ashe will fill out the block around the old IHOP + rendering of 109 park.
  4. Triangle Economic News Seven sites submitted with the Triangle proposal. Article mentions there are multiple sites in RTP and 1 in Durham. I assume they picked a Raleigh site as one or two of the seven, but not mentioned. My gut feeling, if Triangle area is selected it will be in RTP. It will be a new pseudo-urban campus and it will finally get the commuter rail started up.
  5. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Like this is the dumbest way they could possibly try to preserve any kind of history or character. Might as well put the sign on top of the NEHI building, Cup A Joe, or some other building rather than on this bland piece of crap that makes no attempt at any character or interesting qualities.
  6. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Site Review Plans submitted for 3-story, 15 unit apartment building at 103 Park Ave, and 4-story, 16 unit apartment building at 104 Ashe Ave. Developments look to be related to one another and appear to share the pool of 104 Ashe. And the Site Review Plan resubmitted for The Standard (3101 Hillsborough). Just as expected, with so much focus on saving the tractor sign and no mentions of saving the perfectly good building, they show the sign repurposed above the leasing office on the most generic bland new building possible.
  7. Five Points in Raleigh

    Site Plan for this project submitted as "Raleigh Iron Works"... reusing two buildings for retail, office, and a food hall. New 5-6 story 204-unit apartment building with ground floor retail and 500 space parking deck. Very detailed site plan and cool reusing and re-purposing of some of the materials already on site.
  8. The Fairweather

    Beautiful interior renderings, but I'm really curious to see what the outside of the building looks like. Most modern stuff in the city is 2-3 stories. With this being 5-6, I wonder how they approach the the proportions and angles. Nothing on the Raleigh Architecture Co.'s website above 2 floors.
  9. North Hills / Midtown area developments

    According to this plan, their new section of Quail Hollow would intersect St. Albans further to the east of where Quail Hollow would intersect coming from the north side. Would've been nicer to have a 4-way intersection instead of two T intersections. But if the Quail Hollow Roads were directly connected though, it probably would have happened in the wetlands area - difficult to engineer.
  10. North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Well, the developer/owner got this rezoned into areas for 5, 7, 12, and 20 floor buildings (taller as you get closer to the Beltline). With this being north raleigh, everyone drives everywhere and usually 1 person per car. So taller buildings = more parking = parking decks and not surface parking.
  11. North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Subdivision plan out for 900 St. Albans Dr... Highlighted green space (+water feature) and undevelopable areas...
  12. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Wonder what happens now with the 1st floor structure already built. Wish another developer would continue with the plans, but brick the entire building and put a living/vegetative wall on the south face.
  13. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    The other house they are moving is also on Oberlin about a block away.
  14. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    Tower is red metal panels.