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  1. Green_man

    Five Points in Raleigh

    4 story, five unit condo building proposed at 2019 Fairview Road. Looks fancy. Rooftop patios with fireplaces/chimneys. SR-105-18 on city's development website.
  2. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Apartment buildings at 113 Chamberlain and 102 Logan under construction now. Website: Updated renderings...
  3. Green_man

    Where should HQ2 go?

    Raleigh would've needed a mass transit system to even be realistically considered.
  4. Green_man

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Crane is up for the Tower 4 office / parking deck building.
  5. Green_man

    One Glenwood

    Here's a few more images of next phases.
  6. Green_man

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Cardinal Retirement Community Phase 2. 18 story, 240' building. 192 units.
  7. Green_man

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Yea, I kinda assumed that was the reason. Still seems like terrible design and terrible practice anyway.
  8. Green_man

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Sorry I'm late to this, but who decided it was a good idea for the behemoth parking deck of Park Central to overhang the sidewalk and basically have zero setback from the street? There's three retail spaces under there that are essentially dungeons - especially when a building goes up in the parking lot. This wouldn't be allowed anywhere else in the city - why here? And no screening required of the parking deck facade??
  9. Green_man

    One Glenwood

  10. Green_man

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Architect is LOHA. Out of LA. Who is interestingly also the architect behind Five Horizon's S Saunders project master plan/ rezoning. Below is the S Saunders master plan max allowable massing proposal from Five Horizons developers... (looking south with Western Blvd in the foreground and Dix to the right). And the website:
  11. Green_man

    Durham City Center Tower

    FYI, all of the facades are new. Logistically, it was too difficult and a hazard to the facades themselves to salvage them. Built new to mimic old facades. I think it turned out amazing!
  12. Green_man

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Not sure how official this one is, so I'll leave it in this "futures" topic for now. 213 S Harrington Street 20 story building: residential with ground floor retail (Apple?!) currently submitted to Raleigh Appearance Commission - Administrative Alternate Courtesy Review
  13. I'm sure they are trying to buy it, but just going off iMaps, the Rollins Building owner is an individual with a PO Box address in Wendell.
  14. Green_man

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    The two ~11-12 story towers going up directly east of the baseball stadium... The residential building (Van Alen) is now topped out and the crane is up for the office building (555 Mangum) with the ground level columns going up.
  15. Rough outlines for the plots owned by the development group. Took the liberty of showing Phase 2 as split by an extended Tucker St because I hope that is the case.