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  1. By the way, the site plan update to the city from Sept 3 2019 shows big box retail instead of grocery. Also a loading dock instead of another parking deck entrance on Salisbury. Likely the marketing flyer is just to gauge or generate interest from various market sectors.
  2. Piggly Wiggly's are independently owned and operated franchises. I've always thought if I won the lottery I'd open a couple (Five Points, Downtown). Could be a random downtown Raleigh millionaire wants a grocery store??
  3. I think the heights of all 4 towers are right at the 250' cap for the existing zoning.
  4. The rezoning up to 40 should be approved at the next council meeting.
  5. That site plan is outdated. Here is the updated one:
  6. Update from the submittal to the city for revised stepbacks for the office building.
  7. Nashville MLS is the same group as Nashville USL that's why its the same. Same with Cincy and same if Sacramento/ NCFC were selected. St. Louis MLS is a different ownership than the USL group, so they'll come with their own brand. Charlotte would be different from Independence.
  8. I like the current renderings enough, but this was my favorite...
  9. I'm really curious what happens to the block east of Moore Square. Would be great to get some height here and really activate all 4 sides of the park and extend the urban core more to the east. West half of the block is zoned DX-20-SH, east half is zoned DX-12-UG-CU.
  10. News from yesterday something about the Independence and memorial stadium. https://www.charlotteindependence.com/news_article/show/1045031 Interesting line though... So, they're NOT playing at Memorial next year? More of a glorified season ticket / membership campaign?? Either way, hopefully this results in better attendance. Improvements to attendance would go a long way to showing the soccer world that Charlotte deserves a MLS team rather than just buying one.
  11. The base of the future phase building on the left, looks a little like the existing building with some of the openings enlarged???
  12. Development in this photo is going to be just regular 4-5 story apartments.
  13. I'd be fine with a new tower at 234 Fayetteville and if they could fit something at the Kimbrells/Big Easy plots, but otherwise, yea this block needs to be left alone. I know the rezoning says to retain the Fayetteville St facades, but the rest of the buildings are also pretty important to the character too.
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