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  1. Green_man

    Raleigh Union Station

    Yes, that's a good point. My thought was the retail needed to be a fast option, something that showcases the region, and something already established. Bojangles or Cookout. Shows visitors whatsup. Draws office workers and residents from nearby into the station. Quick grab and eat on train or in West St plaza or roof terrace. Train station hall should also have a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks kiosk.
  2. Green_man

    Charter Square (Site One)

    Charlotte FNB also looks to have 7 floors of parking. Raleigh: the parking is below grade. Pretty comparable buildings otherwise.
  3. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    I'm kinda curious. Who was the first architect that said, "hmm, lets have a brick facade, but then do the top floor with stucco." And the bigger question, how has almost every architect for these cheap mega-block apartments since then thought this was a good look?
  4. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    The Standard. Renderings I hadn't seen yet.
  5. Green_man

    Southeast Raleigh

    Same group also submitted site plans for: 625 New Bern Ave for a 24 unit condo building. 901 E Edenton St for 5 unit townhome building
  6. Green_man

    One Glenwood

    Hillsborough and Morgan elevations are mostly glass. Boylan and courtyard elevations mix of glass and metal. On courtyard and Hillsborough sides, some very interesting details along the bottom 3 levels.
  7. Green_man

    One Glenwood

    If you look a little closer, there are quite a bit of slight angles on the floor plates and elevations. And very different look between the 3 buildings in this development (1Glenwood, 2Hillsoborough, and the Hotel). Glad they all aren't the same architecture. Other two former gas stations will not be around much longer. I think both bought by the same developer from all the small 4-5 story apartment buildings along Hillsborough St. Zoned for 7 floors, so maybe they go higher than those, but not sure how they work around the parking requirement then.
  8. Green_man

    One Glenwood

    "Two Hillsborough": 10 story building. Office above Retail. Ground floor retail in 3 spaces (~9800 sf, 3350 sf, & 4300 sf). Office: 270,403 sf. Large landscaped/ plaza area between this and One Glenwood. Phase 2 has two 1-story buildings in the plaza for more retail, one of which is a structure of stacked shipping containers for a coffee shop. Building height 173.5' at its tallest point.
  9. Green_man

    Triangle Economic News

    True. That would also describe the majority of their Seattle HQ campus though.
  10. Green_man

    Five Points in Raleigh

    Website for the Raleigh Iron Works:
  11. Green_man

    Triangle Economic News

    Wow, that is a ridiculously thorough and well put together bid and website. Can't imagine Raleigh presented anything even close to this quality.
  12. Green_man

    NCFC Soccer Stadium

    New Bern DMV site is too small. Just my guess, the old Cargill site is the backup site for the stadium.
  13. Green_man

    Triangle photo of the day

    Gives a sense for how awesome an observation tower would be at Chavis Park if incorporated into the renovation.
  14. Green_man

    One Glenwood

    Interesting. This?
  15. Green_man

    Triangle photo of the day

    Replacing the siding and installing new windows. I was actually the one who did the investigation that determined the tile veneer was failing and the windows had widespread leaks. They didn't give us the design contract though - I think it went to an architect firm out of the Triad area. With how long the construction has taken, kinda glad we were passed over for this phase.