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  1. Triangle Economic News

    Orvis is going in the Tripps space. Sounds like the apartment project is dead. If any major work happens at Ridgewood, it would be the office/retail extension on the east end.
  2. Triangle Economic News Here's the blurb about real estate: Essentially sounds like nodes of development around the old LRT line proposed like a decade ago. Probably the bulk of the campus at Peace/West/Harrington/Capital area since that has the most available land and potential (and also adjacent to the MLS stadium Kane is partners on). I like the idea of spreading it out which would hopefully spread out the traffic.
  3. Southeast Raleigh

    subdivided into six 0.1 acre sites. new alley across the site and running behind houses parallel to the streets. I assume 6 free standing homes... probably modern style if I had to guess. Same developer (Five Horizons Development)
  4. Triangle Economic News

    The official announcement names "Raleigh". Not Durham, Research Triangle, Raleigh-Durham. Gotta think that means Raleigh proper. My opinion... Centennial-Dix land still makes the most sense to me. Near highway, rail, outdoor activities, and opportunity to create urban campus from scratch.
  5. Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)

    Update from
  6. Carolina Hurricanes

    New Hurricanes majority owner Tom Dundon seems poised to make some pretty big splashes and changes. He mentioned specifically building a new "state of the art training facility" and alluded to reviewing plans for the south entrance expansion of the arena. He seems very ambitious and enthusiastic about the ownership prospects! I'd love to see some mixed-use development accompany the south expansion project. Retail facing the plaza and street with office spaces above. Either incorporate parking in the buildings or replace the parking with a parking deck adjacent. (sketches are some ideas)
  7. Charter Square (Site One)

    oh. my annotations... here's the video...
  8. Charter Square (Site One)

    Oh whoops, must have been looking at the Element for Airport Blvd. Downtown shows up opening 2020.
  9. Charter Square (Site One)

    With FNB and Element projects starting soon, I couldn't help but think about the potential for the block bounded by Wilmington, Cabarrus, Blount, and Lenior. Could support some great density on the west half and still transition to neighborhood-scale on the east half. Although, navigating the 15 different property owners would be daunting. (Screenshot from FNB tower video on vimeo)
  10. MLS in Charlotte?

    I'm confused. Looks very generic and looks like zero restoration of the stone walls and historic aspects. Wasn't that the whole point of a renovation - to maintain the character?
  11. Downtown Durham Development Map

    I'm a visual person, so here are the renderings for the last 2 projects in this thread. I like both a lot and my immediate thought is I wish these were in Raleigh! I could picture the 7 story condo building at 105/107 N Boylan, and the townhome project at 600 New Bern Ave.
  12. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    I'm curious about the parking lot at 506 N West Street. 0.66 acres owned by the owners of the Creamery Building complex on Glenwood. 1) This parcel would be required to punch Tucker Street through to Harrington. and 2) Seems like this parcel would greatly improve the dimensions for either a 1 or 2 building development. I'm sure Kane could reach a deal to provide the Creamery complex with 84 replacement parking spaces in whatever parking deck comes with the project.
  13. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments Development team behind "Peace" (formerly Smokey Hollow) bought 2 acres along Harrington St for Phase 2 which sounds to be focused on office space with ground retail. Interesting detail, the seller was Greg Sandreuter. Wonder if this money will help speed along his 400H project.
  14. Carolina Panthers

    So if the team evaluation is around $2.3 billion and JR's portion is 48% stake, then we should expect this sale in the $1.1-1.2 billion range? Seen some press about Diddy, Steph Curry, and Maurice Jones-Drew wanting to go in together. That's some pretty big star power there!
  15. Downtown Raleigh retail updates

    A couple misc rumors/tidbits I've seen on various social media lately: Crankarm adding another location in 2018? Bida Manda and Happy + Hale teaming on something... possibly in Transfer Hall?