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  1. I'm sure they are trying to buy it, but just going off iMaps, the Rollins Building owner is an individual with a PO Box address in Wendell.
  2. Green_man

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    The two ~11-12 story towers going up directly east of the baseball stadium... The residential building (Van Alen) is now topped out and the crane is up for the office building (555 Mangum) with the ground level columns going up.
  3. Rough outlines for the plots owned by the development group. Took the liberty of showing Phase 2 as split by an extended Tucker St because I hope that is the case.
  4. Green_man

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    I know you got a weird sense of humor, but I don't get it?
  5. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    I think these student apartment buildings in urban settings will be fine and stay high in demand. But I could see the surplus in rooms (if there is one) effecting more of the student apartments out on Tryon and Avent Ferry. Those would be better candidates for shifting prices downward to attract renters.
  6. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Another development proposal. East Village block. 3020 Hillsborough St. between Dixie and Daisy. 3 levels of apartments above ground level retail/parking.
  7. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Over on Western... any ideas why CBC (WRAL) is assembling so much land across the street from their news station?
  8. Here's the construction cam...
  9. Green_man

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Rendering updates... Walter Tower: 33-story. 10 level, 193 room Marriott Autograph boutique hotel; 22 levels, 294 luxury apartments. Fall 2018 construction start. Tower 4: 20-story. 11 floors office, 325,000 sq. ft.; 8 floors parking, ground floor retail. Summer/Fall 2018 construction start. Tower 5: 12-story. 300,000 sq. ft. office, ground floor retail. adjacent connected parking deck. No construction schedule. Waiting for tenants. Plans could change... more info...
  10. Green_man

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    geez. sure do go out of your way to add some negativity without any substance.
  11. Green_man

    Raleigh Union Station

    Yes, that's a good point. My thought was the retail needed to be a fast option, something that showcases the region, and something already established. Bojangles or Cookout. Shows visitors whatsup. Draws office workers and residents from nearby into the station. Quick grab and eat on train or in West St plaza or roof terrace. Train station hall should also have a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks kiosk.
  12. Green_man

    Charter Square (Site One)

    Charlotte FNB also looks to have 7 floors of parking. Raleigh: the parking is below grade. Pretty comparable buildings otherwise.
  13. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    I'm kinda curious. Who was the first architect that said, "hmm, lets have a brick facade, but then do the top floor with stucco." And the bigger question, how has almost every architect for these cheap mega-block apartments since then thought this was a good look?
  14. Green_man

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    The Standard. Renderings I hadn't seen yet.
  15. Green_man

    Southeast Raleigh

    Same group also submitted site plans for: 625 New Bern Ave for a 24 unit condo building. 901 E Edenton St for 5 unit townhome building