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  1. One Glenwood

    I think there's still the rooftop mechanical penthouse to go. (usually elevator, plumbing, electrical, etc. equipment)
  2. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    New restaurant / bar coming to Glenwood South... "Tin Roof" at the old Clark Art Building. Looked at the site plan submitted to the city to see the extent of the renovations and disappointed there's not a tin roof element. Turns out its a live music chain from Nashville. Sent this idea for a rooftop patio to them hoping they would do something to differentiate themselves from all the other bars on Glenwood South. And shoot, don't you need a tin roof if you are calling yourself Tin Roof? (marked up south elevation from their site review submittal)
  3. 301 Hillsborough

    Looking at their portfolio of projects, those of the height-obsessed group here may be disappointed. They seem to focus and excel in the 14-21 story buildings. Their projects look very well thought out and architecturally interesting and unique! Very curious what their plans are here!
  4. One Glenwood

    Parking deck and an Origin Hotel.
  5. 301 Hillsborough

    Site sold... Kinda interesting, Lundy bought the site for $10.36 million through the bidding process and sold for $17 million? Wonder why Fallon wouldn't have bid on the site earlier and for cheaper? New developer group...
  6. One Glenwood

    10th floor floor structure looks to be in place on the north end. Still needs to frame out the 10th floor ceiling and roof structure above.
  7. Kane's third downtown project

    This site in the news reminds me of this idea I had back in 2015 for redevelopment of this area.... Trackside District
  8. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    progress photo of Boylan Flats progress photo of The Saint
  9. One Glenwood

    Here's the webcam view.
  10. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    2812 Hillsborough. Ground floor retail, 4 floors (16 apts) above. I believe the house at 6 Bagwell is within this site plan. Would like to see that house saved and moved.
  11. N&O Site

    Saw a link posted in the comments section on to the website of an artist that provided the renderings for the City's southern gateway planning report ( ). Apparently there is also a rendering of a redevelopment on the N&O site. WOW! I don't thing this is the proposal from the previous perspective buyers because they were planning to renovate the building at the corner of Salisbury & Martin and this rendering shows a taller building there. Looks amazing and I hope this is a sign of things to come!
  12. Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    This actually includes the old gas station AND the four houses behind it on Turner St. In fact, its a pretty large plot... about 210' frontage on Hillsborough. And ~340' deep. Maybe a comparable footprint would be the Hue. Definitely changes/ruins that neighborhood.
  13. NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Random thought... I kinda prefer the smaller more intimate stadium that DC United is building than the ambitious world-class stadium that NCFC proposed... Smaller footprint would help blend in to an urban network/neighborhood better and allow more adjacent land for mixed-uses.
  14. One Glenwood

    Well yea... 6th of 10 floors. So about 60% of its potential so far.