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  1. The base of the future phase building on the left, looks a little like the existing building with some of the openings enlarged???
  2. Development in this photo is going to be just regular 4-5 story apartments.
  3. I'd be fine with a new tower at 234 Fayetteville and if they could fit something at the Kimbrells/Big Easy plots, but otherwise, yea this block needs to be left alone. I know the rezoning says to retain the Fayetteville St facades, but the rest of the buildings are also pretty important to the character too.
  4. By the way, this 12-13 story residential building is proposed at 301 W Cabarrus... https://www.taftfamilyventures.com/news/taft-family-ventures-plans-new-housing-across-from-red-hat-amphitheater-in-downtown-raleigh
  5. Penmarc is 44 acres. Although, 9-10 of that is wooded land around the greenway, but looks to technically be a part of the parcels.
  6. They are Jimmy Johns, Happy+Hale, Kabobs, and I forget what's in the 4th one.
  7. IKEA has put expansion on hold. Cancelled many of their projects that were already planned. Looking at smaller format stores.
  8. Here's another view of the rendering. Includes a site plan inset that seems to show five future buildings? (in white). I agree a bit disappointed at just 15 floors, but fine with it, if lets them move forward with building out the whole block sooner rather than trying to get everything into one tower then waiting forever for the next phases. The residential tower in the background facing the park seems much taller and I would hope has some interesting architectural features based on the architect selected.
  9. Transit should be a huge priority - especially if the proposed developments materialize. Just within a 1/2 mile radius on the west side of town: adding five 20 story buildings (301 Hillsborough, 400 Hillsborough, City Hall, N&O site rumor, and RUS BUS), and two 10-story buildings at One Glenwood.
  10. Attached more recent version from 2013.... light gray appear to be future buildings down the road. yellow appear to be future buildings with shorter lead times. 1_29_2013_Combined_Precinct.pdf
  11. It's always been on the masterplan for a parking deck there. As part of our senior design project in Civil Engineering, we 'designed' a parking deck for the North Hall parking lot. We choose to include ground floor retail and wrap the parking levels with office spaces. Included a ped bridge connecting the 2nd floor across Hillsborough St to Caldwell Hall. This was in 2008.
  12. The five projects currently underway between Hillsborough Street and Cameron Village.
  13. New hotel coming to Southeast corner of Martin/Dawson, across the streets from Nash Sq and Parkside.
  14. Site is cleared and groundbreaking ceremony today.
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