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  1. Fulton Street Farmer's Market

    Just commenting on your great marketing and relationship building with the Association, Ted. You could consider it a compliment. I do have full faith in the Association and trust that they will do the right thing. After raising hard-earned funds from the citizens of Grand Rapids, I am sure they will have an open and fair bidding process for the actual project. At least three architecture firms will be given the oppoprtunity to present proposals for the completion of the contract documents. Proposals will be available for viewing and the job will be awarded to the lowest bidder. The design work is done (and looks lovely) so the actual CD process should be easy. In this economic climate, I am sure the Association can get competive bids that might even save money from this phase for use on the actual building. I rest easy knowing there will be transparency. I am curious, as a customary fee for commercial work like this would be about 5%, and with the design money already spent, are you estimating the build out to be about $4-5 million for the head-house and canopy?
  2. Fulton Street Farmer's Market

    Enjoy your cozy relationship with the neighborhood group, Ted.
  3. Fulton Street Farmer's Market

    Wow, they are spending $200 grand to design bathrooms and a roof. Times must be good in Grand Rapids that you can not get architectural fees for less than that.
  4. People talking about Grand Rapids

    I'll politely disagree with Michigan not emulating Texas. Not everything of course, but Michigan can certainly benefit by incorporating things they're doing there.
  5. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    But why hold it so late in the season? Why not late July? Why not hold it in conjunction with Festival?
  6. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    I have no insider knowledge, but think this is getting way overblown with optimism. An annual, several day event does not change a community and draw people from all over the world to live and work there. Sure, it can be fun, entertaining and fill up some hotel rooms, but the hype is leading people down a disappointing path, I believe. It is great to have the family name where everything you say gets press coverage, but if he is really just trying to get free publicity by inflating the importance of this, it really is a jaded thing to do.
  7. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    Wow, some very interesting designs. What is the location/cross streets?
  8. Gallery on Fulton

    That would be correct, jbr. I prefer the white metal panels to the darker brick.
  9. Gallery on Fulton

    I prefer this one to the darker one.
  10. Kendall Building to be redeveloped?

    Doesn't Azzar have a history of changing the rules after he agrees to something? Asking for more money at the closing table? Let's not count our chickens here. A tiger does not change his spots...
  11. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    Is it either/or? Stadium or GWCC? Do both need to be done, or it is only a question of which first?
  12. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    That is so exciting. It looks fantastic. What a great turn-around. This will be used for visitors and lectures, right?
  13. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Well said, m'Lady. Still stand by my previous comment. I would rather wait and have a great building than a city filled with mediocre designs. Atlanta has "settled" far too often. It is a great city and deserves better on this location that will be seen by millions of people for many decades to come...