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  1. I'll politely disagree with Michigan not emulating Texas. Not everything of course, but Michigan can certainly benefit by incorporating things they're doing there.
  2. But why hold it so late in the season? Why not late July? Why not hold it in conjunction with Festival?
  3. I have no insider knowledge, but think this is getting way overblown with optimism. An annual, several day event does not change a community and draw people from all over the world to live and work there. Sure, it can be fun, entertaining and fill up some hotel rooms, but the hype is leading people down a disappointing path, I believe. It is great to have the family name where everything you say gets press coverage, but if he is really just trying to get free publicity by inflating the importance of this, it really is a jaded thing to do.
  4. Wow, some very interesting designs. What is the location/cross streets?
  5. That would be correct, jbr. I prefer the white metal panels to the darker brick.
  6. I prefer this one to the darker one.
  7. Is it either/or? Stadium or GWCC? Do both need to be done, or it is only a question of which first?
  8. That is so exciting. It looks fantastic. What a great turn-around. This will be used for visitors and lectures, right?
  9. Well said, m'Lady. Still stand by my previous comment. I would rather wait and have a great building than a city filled with mediocre designs. Atlanta has "settled" far too often. It is a great city and deserves better on this location that will be seen by millions of people for many decades to come...
  10. Glad the location is being developed, but I have to differ on the design. That is one ugly building.
  11. I think the fence is to stop people from being killed by falling facades. This neglect has singlehandedly killed this area for what, decades?
  12. Besides, they had some left over trusses from DeVos Place and needed to use them somewhere...
  13. The ultimate in "green" building? Re-use of materials? With the price of steel, may not be a bad idea.
  14. SO CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THIS IS A LEED PROJECT? AND THINKING THIS MIGHT BE THE FIRST LEED HYATT PLACE. THANKS FOR ANY INFO" Yes it is Hyatt Place Hotels qualify for Silver LEED without having to change anything. The question is how important the designation is to the franchisee to go through the expensive certification process. I have heard in FL that all State employees will need to stay at LEED certified hotels when on State business. That would certainly be incentive to go through the process.
  15. That whole Elvis thing was getting old, anyway. Now we will start having Andy Warhol sightings around GR. At Wendy's, at Wenger's bowling alley, at the grocery store buying soup,
  16. That must have been an interesting ride. Andy has been dead for what, close to 20 years?
  17. Don't taunt us! Show us!
  18. Chicago Trib had an article about the Home Builders Association building being put up for sale. Not great news.
  19. How quickly everyone forgets how poorly the CVS in Eastown turned out. They were asked to put in windows and make street friendly and they have them all blocked up. That is too important of a corner to let something like a CVS blight it for many years to come. IMHO
  20. Under the Holiday Inn umbrella is Hotel Indigo. Interesting boutique properties...
  21. TwoShort: I will speak for myself then. I love that building. I think the gargoyles are some of the most interesting in the city. It is a grand old building that should be treasured and could be a prominent landmark. It is historic in an area where all other historic structures were torn down. It stands out and renovated would be a jewel for GR. It is a survivor and I hate to see it neglected into oblivion after all this time.
  22. Well, whichever DeVos owns it, Rich or Dick, it is a deplorable act to let it fall apart to meet their ultimate goal of tearing down a beloved landmark, one we can not afford to lose. Even Azzar keeps his properties water and weather-tight.
  23. DeVos - Wrong for Michigan, Wrong on Rowe
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