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  1. I heard that crap can make you go blind. At least, that's what my grandma told me.
  2. Its a big ass tarp
  3. John Lennon in the park. Also this skyline shot is just cream. Captured from Twitter. Not my shot! I stole it off Twitter. I can barely read, let alone take excellent photographs.
  4. New signs are up Scaleybark promoting "South Village" with a coming soon sign, including renderings. For what it's worth.
  5. I think the point you're missing is that, beyond your personal opinion, it's subjective at best to dictate when a protest has proven a point, gotten it's point across or garnered worthiness. In the eyes of those involved in this movement (which I'm not, I'm also purely an outsider here) the cause is a very warranted one. Those protesting aren't really concerned with when you nor I feel it's proven a point. Protesting should make people discuss, make people feel uncomfortable, and drive home a message that those protesting feel is a voice generally unheard. Youre right though, we are delving into philisophical differences that quite frankly, you and I appear to be unaligned on. Which is okay. I respect your opinion. I just don't agree with it. edit: you're also correct that it's super difficult to get your idea across via text. Too many things flying around in my head. I need a beer.
  6. The point of the ongoing protests is we continue to discuss it. The narrative quickly ends when the protesting does. I fully support continued peaceful protesting. I don't know what the end game looks like, but I support anyone's constitutional right to peacefully come together to bring attention to a cause they believe in.
  7. John Lennon in the park. Also this skyline shot is just cream. Captured from Twitter.
  8. What happened to the bus loads of people last night? I saw more or less the same amount as I saw the previous evenings. And aside from a brief stroll down 277, thinks we're pretty docile. Hell I drank beers on the roof of gin mill till they shut it down for curfew. You wouldn't have even known anything was happening.
  9. If any positive comes out of this, Touissant Romain will reap the reward of it. That dude killed it on tv and made the whole city look great. Would love to see him on a ballot in the near future.
  10. Demo fencing is up around the Pepsi building.
  11. @kermit is not advocating for violence. The point they are trying to make is when certain people feel like they've got nothing left to lose, they are going to lash out...violently. It isn't a justification for violence, and I've yet to see how Kermit is validating the violence in any of their posts. No one supports what occurred last night, it was awful. The violence wasn't warranted, it wasn't helpful to the cause of those that were there peacefully protesting and it doesn't help anything. If a group of people, or an individual, or whatever you want to call it, feels like it has no political voice, no representation, no respect, no protection or support from police, no voice at all...than in their mind this is the only option left. I don't get it myself, but I've never worn their shoes. Neither have most of you, I presume. And quite frankly, isn't American history littered with examples of violence and rioting as a means of proving a point?
  12. I agree. Why bother trying to determine root causes and better understand things when you can just make sweeping generalizations? Last night was disgusting and upsetting for the city. Why not try stepping back and taking a breath before coming on here and attacking people?
  13. Keep your heads up folks! Every great city has had a dark day. We always lament the lack of history for Charlotte...well, there ya go. History made last night. The city will heal and this will slowly fall into the back of our minds. we will be okay.
  14. Great post. Definitely doesn't come off as shade. Great timing too! /s
  15. To be fair, it's not "black people" that think this is going to help. There are rotten people in every group. There are 300,000 black people in Charlotte and there were about 100 involved in the worst aspect of last night. Plenty of white people were setting cop cars on fire and vandalizing stores after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in Vancouver back in 2011. Didn't mean white people supported it. I know you didn't mean it that way, but there are rotten apples every where. Except for Steelers fans. They are all awful.