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  1. Learning from Other Places

    I just had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Portland and may I say, I was stunned by the amount of restaurants, small businesses and just general street activity, when compared to Charlotte. I’m not sure what Charlotte can do to encourage growth in the small business sector, specifically in regards to retail, but it was staggering to see just how far ahead of Portland is than Charlotte. Especially given their relatively similar sizes. Even tertiary arteries in Portland managed to make NoDa and P-Midwood look like sleepy intersections by comparison. I’d always heard the hype surrounding Portland, it is definitely warranted. I’d kill for Charlotte to have one Hawthorne/Division/Alberta/Mississippi street.
  2. Amazon HQ2

    There are only a select few cheap west coast cities left, but they are also rapidly changing (Tacoma, Portland, etc.) It’s no wonder Amazon is searching elsewhere for real estate. Charlotte and other sunbelt cities have so much space and housing stock, it shouldn’t experience the kind of prices seen out-west for a long time. It sounds like you’re desciribing the Bay Area?
  3. Amazon HQ2

    Honestly, those figures are BS. My wife and I made out like bandits in Charlotte in an 1800sq foot home within walking distance of the light rail, with a mortgage under $250k. The same home in Seattle (size, proximity to downtown and transit) would easily run you $700k. A single family home anywhere within Seattle city limits will start at $400k, and that’s for a run down mess. I never understood how insanely affordable Charlotte actually was until I moved away from it. But, you also get what you pay for.
  4. 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Last time I went to the Cellar at Duckworths, there were people with T-shirt’s on and one guy wearing a Pittsburg Penguins hockey jersey. Im not going to pretend im a very stylish guy, but ambiance does matter. I don’t care how cool or trendy your location is, if everyone in there is dressed down to the point that it’s like being at a backyard bbq, the place loses its vibe. If you want to wear running shoes out to drink, go to Applebee’s.
  5. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Ah crap. Well then I’m an idiot.
  6. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Sorry, I’m being a jackass again. LA Chicago Boston DC Metro DART MARTA METRORail Houston ummm, I’m sure there are some other ones. Those jump out to me. All use color coded lines.
  7. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    If Boone's Farm and Franzia can be wine, than Circle K can be a craft beer. And just because you can get 5 liters of zinfandel in a bag in a box, doesn't mean a Brunello isn't a Brunello. Good wine and very bad wine co-exist in different realms, I imagine good craft beer and bad craft beer can do the same.
  8. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Bcycle is pretty much dead to rights though. Dockless bikes are just too convenient.
  9. I think it's more important for us to determine who among us knows the least.
  10. Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    Christ those townhomes look lonely as hell. That carvana tower is sweet though.
  11. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Ybor would be a pretty big improvement for the Rays, but I still think that team is doomed down there. Maybe that’s just my wishful thinking, but baseball just doesn’t work in Florida outside of spring training (which is the best thing on earth) It’s just too damn hot.
  12. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    Limebike is the bomb. They get heavy use out here and and there’s always one or two of them floating around any destination in the city. They are super handy for short, impromptu rides when you kinda just come along one.
  13. Charlotte area population statistics

    Well thanks, that's nicer than I deserve. Since we're mentioning the wayback machine, props to @rjp212, whose projections are almost dead on. Looks like we actually have a good shot at breaking 900k by 2018, a year ahead of schedule. Holy mole.
  14. Charlotte area population statistics

    @QCxpat this isn't the same website, but your hard work deserves something a little extra!