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  1. I can't tell if the Hornets are bad, or just tanking. But I'll take it. Hopefully we get a top 3 pick and trade it to Chicago along with MKG or something to get Butler. Kemba Butler Batum Zeller Center (maybe Kaminsky if he can get his crap together) That's a pretty solid starting lineup.
  2. This thing looks good from every angle. I love seeing it on the skyline.
  3. I love that Outback. I know we are supposed to be all "anti-chains", but fudge I love the bloomin onion.
  4. Maybe I'm underplaying his allegiance, but I still contend we won't see him in Charlotte until he doesn't matter as much. Most articles I'm seeing now have him signing a $200m+ contract with Golden State through 2022. That would make him 34/35 years old. So we would get him on the back end of his historic career, where he would probably be less explosive to the basket and need to rely even more heavily on his 3 point shooting. He'd still be good, but he won't be the MVP level Steph Curry we see right now.
  5. Yeah, Cody is our best draft pick in recent memory for sure, and I don't disagree with you per say, though most NBA player rankings that exist do put McClemore, Burke & MCW ahead of Cody. Not sure I agree with that though. Cody at 10 or later I think would be an awesome pick. Cody at 4 I have a hard time with, but you pick where you are told to, so ultimately I'm okay with that decision. I'm probably wrong on Kaminsky, but I just don't ever see him panning out. Interesting to watch the Pelicans make a splash yesterday and get Cousins. Wish we could do something like that.
  6. There is little reason for Curry to come here. He's on one of the most prolific offenses ever assembled and lives in San Francisco, a major media market. Part of the issue with the Hornets is that we are a small market team, free agents of a high caliber will not want to come here. It's why we have to pay guys like Nic Batum max dollars. We also only have $3m in cap room. Curry would have to walk away from guaranteed championship contention for the next decade, to a team that struggles to make the playoffs in the paltry east. The Curry situation to me, isn't similar to Lebron "coming home". If Curry is ever a Hornet, it'll be as a mid 30 something in the twilight of his career. Keep in mind that GS also has the option to offer him more than anyone else. I like your optimism, but it'll never happen.
  7. Eh, the 2012 draft wasn't that bad outside of Davis. We took MKG over Bradley Beal, Dion Waiters, Damian Lillard, Andre Drummond, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes. Only Green was taken outside the top 10. So Cho missed big there. 2013 we took Zeller over Ben McLemore, Nerlens Noel, Trey Burke, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Steven Adams and Michael Carter-Williams. All top 15 picks. 2014 we took Noah Vonleh 9th overall. Is he even in the league anymore? We took him in front of Zack LaVine and Rodney Hood. 2015 we took Frank Kaminsky in front of Myles Turner, Trey Lyles (2016 rising all star participant), and Devin Booker. Cho hit three homeruns in OKC, but he's been awful in Charlotte. How much good grace does a guy earn from a job he did 6 years ago for a different team? He had 4 straight years of top 10 draft picks and botched them all. 2 of which were top 5 picks. In general, we suck in the draft and I have very little optimism that'll change.
  8. I'm usually not a big "Fire this guy" fan, but I've had enough of Cho. He's managed to build an old team that has marginal talent filled with bloated contracts and an awful track record of drafting. He's the antithesis of a good GM.
  9. Are the bobcats/Hornets the worst franchise in the NBA? I'm beginning to think so. I want to blow up this entire team, but I know what that will inevitably lead to. Drafting Grayson Allen because Jordan "likes" him. Or some other equally crapty draft pick. Fugggggg. #buzzsh*tty
  10. You gotta admire capitalism sometimes. A bunch of breweries founded on the idea of being locally crafted, micro-brewing, all looking to join the big boys. Large scale production breweries with significant distribution channels to compete directly against local, smaller micro-breweries. Who likely do not have the capital to distribute at that level. Or the desire. I don't have anything against them doing it. Just find it interesting.
  11. The greenway between Tyvola & Archdale that'll eventually connect to the Little Sugar Creek greenway is well under construction now. They've got a decent amount of pavement laid down and are working on the connection to the other side of Archdale. Glad to see this moving forward finally. Also, this is a terrifically awesome little idea. I love stuff like this: http://www.charlottefive.com/story-behind-new-weird-structure-tryon-street-277/
  12. The Panthers really blew this year, but I think I'd almost rather just suck like we did than blow a 25 point lead in the superbowl. I was incredibly depressed following both our Superbowl losses, I can't imagine how Falcons fans feel this morning. Just awful.
  13. I stopped reading after they tried to champion some sort of mob attack against Hot Taco. You can only write so many articles about Kid Cashew and Babalu.
  14. When you hit the green wave of lights on Tryon just right and can fly right through the belly of uptown, it's fudgeing magical.