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  1. I can get down with that.
  2. Just out of curiosity, how come you're a Tribe and Cav's fan, but not a fan of the Browns?
  3. I'm going to take the high road here and congratulate you on the victory. Go panthers. Go Hornets.
  4. Haha, I appreciate that. But no, definitely not. Just trying to keep things light around here. For a message board on buildings, crap seems to get too serious around here sometimes.
  5. Hopefully the city can put up a plaque commemorating the time Abraham Lincoln got his oil changed there. Or at the very least, George Washington's tire rotation.
  6. Read this. http://www.citylab.com/politics/2016/10/old-anger-and-a-lost-neighborhood-in-charlotte/503627/
  7. Boo. No way. Go Jays go.
  8. The Brookings Institute has released a report on Global cities, which includes Charlotte in the category of "American Middleweights". We are among some solid company and the data provided in the PDF, (page 33) supports our position. I was unaware of our power equipment prowess, although I suppose I never really thought about it.\ https://www.brookings.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/metro_20160928_gcitypes.pdf “American Middleweights have a base of educated workers, research universities and hospitals, and tradable clusters. Aligning these assets to improve export competitiveness through coordinated economic strategies will be critical if these metros are to compete in global markets.” ^This is pretty much Charlotte dead on.
  9. Cam is not healthy. I don't think he has been since the Denver game. I would be okay with him getting his health better and having DA work us through to the bye, which I think we can still get to at 3-3. Lots of season left. The Seahawks started last year at 2-4. My greatest concern is our "great front 7" aren't all that great. Anyone know where Kwan Short and Star are? Have they gone missing?
  10. The Pepsi building is already half gone. They are moving quickly on that site. I'm glad to see that ugly thing go!
  11. Holy crap, that looks like straight ass. Wtf are they doing!?!?
  12. Am I the only one that doesn't care about this? They could put 40 signs on there leasing the place for all I care.
  13. I heard that crap can make you go blind. At least, that's what my grandma told me.
  14. Its a big ass tarp
  15. John Lennon in the park. Also this skyline shot is just cream. Captured from Twitter. Not my shot! I stole it off Twitter. I can barely read, let alone take excellent photographs.