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  1. I mean, I won't speak for Mexicans. But Liga MX is still a better, higher rated league in comparison to MLS. If I moved to Charlotte from Monterrey or Guadalajara or Mexico City, I'd have a tough time getting into MLS after being a Club America or Chivas fan. I'd assume in the eyes of them, MLS is AAA. Why not just go to the bar and watch Liga MX? As far as the rest of Latin America is concerned, MLS is far better than their domestic leagues. Still, i don't think the MLS draw is as significant as some think it is. I'm sure the MLS has the numbers floating around somewhere to tell us though.
  2. Someone with some extra time (maybe me) might be able to answer this: What are the "downtown" populations of prospective MLS expansion teams? The MLS has made it clear they want an urban setting for their stadium. I think transit and walk-ability play a significant factor in making urban stadiums successful. At least for something like MLS, which is driven by millennials. I wonder how Charlotte would compare to the other candidates.
  3. Due to the Marty Hurney announcement, I'm officially lowering my Panthers record prediction to 15-1.
  4. It's because this group of investors know nothing about soccer, nor MLS, nor the Charlotte market for MLS. All they know is that they want a piece of the growing pie that the MLS has created. That picture of Marcus Smith up on stage last night with that stupid scarf on is laughable to me. It reminded me of Assem Allam, the rich Egyptian oil magnet who bought Hull City. He wanted to change the 109 year name to Hull Tigers. Because the name "Hull City AFC" was too long and "irrelevant". I think he also said if he owned Manchester City he'd change the name to Manchester Hunter. Just a complete disconnect from the actual fanbase.
  5. At this point they should just turn it into an urban warfare theme park. Could sell passes and have people play paintball or laser tag through this bloc. I'd love to see a story in the Observer from someone on what the hell is going on with this thing/Levine development in general. Who, oh who, could possibly write such a story? Surely no one that visits our simple forum.
  6. This is awesome. Thanks @KJHburg Its very weird to me, as someone that came to Charlotte in 96, not seeing BOA tower there.
  7. Ive been thinking about what to say in this thread for a while. I imagine I won't be able to articulate this well through text, but I'm going to try anyways. You can't "create" culture. You can try, but it's generally disingenuous and plastic, something our fair city is notorious for. Culture comes naturally and is defined by the people and places that make it. Charlotte to me, is in a special place. It isn't defined by old labels that force its narrative. What makes it wonderful is that it can be whatever it wants to whomever experiences it. Boston is Irish and Las Vegas is casinos and Los Angeles is Hollywood. Charlotte is Charlotte. The culture of Charlotte is that it constantly has to prove its worth to everyone looking for culture. It can't be lazy. Take its beer. Portland or Seattle or San Diego are known for it. As a result, people assume and maybe unfairly rate poorer quality breweries simple because of the address. Charlotte can't afford that. Charlotte's breweries have to break the mold just to make noise. And they do, resulting in incredible quality. I guess my point is, ask yourself what you love about where you live. Those are the things that make Charlotte what it is. My favorite thing about Charlotte is that I always believed it's best day was tomorrow. Nobody beats our aspiration.
  8. Even more reason for better funding and commitment. A world class system should offer safety and ease for both! New York Portland St Louis
  9. For sure! Like I said, Charlotte's problem is the lack of green ways. The one's we have I really enjoy. It's a fixable issue, but one I wish the city would truly tackle. What I wouldn't give to see Charlotte/Meck County pass an aggressive, comprehensive, bond measure that supported a build out of the full system. Not the patchwork approach we've taken. Just to catch up, none the less. Charlotte had and still has the opportunity to be a leader in greenway infrastructure. Our lack of density frankly should make it easier. We just need to be committed.
  10. Little Econ, Spring to Spring, Van Fleet Trail, West Orange, everything inside of Wekiwa Springs State Park, Lake Baldwin, Cady Way Trail Orlando has 150 miles of paved bike trails. Mecklenburg county has 37.
  11. I can't say I agree with this. Charlotte as a whole is wonderful, but it's greenway system is well behind its peers (Austin, Minneapolis, Denver, Raleigh, Metro Orlando, etc.)
  12. ^^This x1000000 The people that live in Myers Park & South Park are always going to drive to work, as the costs of parking, etc. do not impact them. You can make an argument for a spur off the Blue Line to the mall that also stops near the Park Road Shopping center, but honestly that's it IMO. Rich banker guy, with his Porche and $1m+ home a'int hopping on the streetcar. I don't care how convenient it is.
  13. This isn't uptown, but the view would be solid if oriented correctly. Imagine wedging Camden Yards into Camp North End and developing a baseball village. Could keep all the cool brick work buildings a la Camden, integrate in the Red line down the road, great views of uptown, help further revitalize North Tryon. Here's my exceptionally crappy representation: (someone with more skill can probably actually make this work since i'm using SNIPIT and MSPAINT)
  14. Check out what Cincinnati is doing with their USL team. They are a clear favorite. They were just featured on ESPN vs. Chicago and packed 30k+ for a US Open Cup match, which they won. They nearly average 20k a game, for a team in the same league as our Independence....who average like 1200 people. vs. Charlotte (against a Premier League team no less...this is as good as ours gets)
  15. Whoops, yeah, good point. San Diego then.