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  1. Considering this is something that we've been discussing here since the creation of this forum, I hate seeing any kind of timeline that pushes us into the 2020's. Looking back to 2006, I never thought it may take upwards of 2 decades to get a functioning train station in uptown. Le sigh.
  2. San Antonio has about 1.5 million people in city proper, granted that covers a huge area. But we aren't passing them anytime soon. We shouldn't even hit a million until the early 2020's.
  3. At the very least I look forward to its practical application. It's obviously being built to form some sort of sentinel guard system, using the power of the sun and those stupid glass focal devices that sit on Tryon in order to alleviate traffic on 277:
  4. Well crap I actually like the building. Hate the ground floor, and the footprint is super weird looking with nothing around it. Also it really does a lot of harm to my idea of what it's surroundings will look like. This whole idea of a large scale urban mall anchored/centered by this thing just doesn't really mesh for me.
  5. I can't freaking wait. It's about time App cements its spot as the leader of the Charlotte market in college football.
  6. Plaza-Midwood is in a race with Southend to have the most hideous & bland architecture in the entire city. It's Vladivostok level excitement. Horrible.
  7. I really hope this is a Zoo Tycoon reference. Acacia trees in the Giraffe pen are a must.
  8. I'd rather this than a high rise. This looks great. I look forward to the inevitable value engineering.
  9. Or do you mean, divided attention?... [walks into traffic]
  10. Relentlessly
  11. This 1000X. The ONLY way I'm okay with a team here doing a European style, is if it actually makes sense for the city. There is nothing "united" or "FC" about Charlotte. I'd honestly be okay if "SC" was in the name, as in "Soccer Club", because no one in this country calls soccer football. But I mean, "Real Salt Lake", "Sporting KC"...jesus fing christ. I'm embarrassed for everyone involved in those. I think I said a million years ago on here that I'd be okay with a German stylized name for Charlotte due to our Mecklenburg name, like "1775 Mecklenburg SC" (though I think that'd be a marketing disaster...I still think it's cool, especially if they incorporated that bull with it's tongue out - see below). Or just "Queen City Soccer Club". I do love that 1775 though.
  12. Murders were at a 7 year high in Charlotte with 68 in 2016. Which isn't good, but it's no where near the 83 murders we posted in 2008, nor the whopping 122 we posted in 1993. I could see the city cresting above 70 this year, crime has been on the "rise" across the country from some historic lows. Optimally we'd like it to decrease forever, but I think we probably went as low as we will ever see it in 2014 with 42 total murders. Unfortunately there are always going to be bad people.
  13. The fog, wide roads and lack of density makes this look like a picture from Kazakhstan.
  14. I'm on my way out as we speak. Done with it. This state has an absolute potential gem in Charlotte that it continues to restrict at every possible level. I can only imagine what kind of city Charlotte could be with strong local leadership bolstered by a supportive General Assembly. But I don't expect changes any time soon and I'm tired of waiting.
  15. HB2 was not repealed following the special session today. They spent $42k in taxpayer money, accomplished nothing and continue to make this state a joke. Oh and the human dildo, senator Berger has already blamed it on Roy Cooper. Apparently a republican super majority couldn't repeal the bill and it's an incoming governors fault. Jesus fudgeing Christ what a joke.