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  1. Either way, if it's over 400 feet, given its location, it should loom pretty strong over BOA.
  2. Your Facebook/bourbon sabbatical suggests OTHERWISE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. "Jobs always win over architecture in my book..." Isn't that pretty much the antithesis of what we discuss on here? Building for the sake of building is pretty much the epitome of what got us into sprawl. But you are entitled to your opinion. I agree the Music Factory is on the fringe of uptown. I misspoke in saying it wasn't, I was implying that, despite its location, it's still close enough that it should warrant better architecture. IMO. Edit: Hopefully ^that^ doesn't come off as contentious. I actually find this to be an interesting conversation.
  4. Isn't that a pretty low bar to set though? "At least these jobs stayed in uptown" shouldn't be an excuse for crappy architecture. And regarding the area, I respectfully disagree with your idea that it's on the "fringe" of uptown. The Gulch in Nashville is on the "fringe" of downtown and has built itself well into the urban fabric of the city. Both are roughly the same distance from "downtown". It won't be too long before you consider the Music Factory part of Uptown.
  5. I do not. I beat this drum pretty hard, but I think this is the most disappointing project underway in Uptown. If you consider The company: home grown, wants to tout itself as 'millenial' and 'silicon valley-equse' The location: Prominent vantage point from 77, historic location next to the Music Factory within the 277 loop The neighbor: The Music Factory, an example of what excellent historical refurbishing can look like This could have been a game changer for that part of uptown and a real flash of brilliance from Avid. That said, we got this: And while I'm pretty much beating a dead horse here; those things belong in Ballantyne or U City. I just don't see how they can "improve as time goes on".
  6. It's a shame this building is so hideous and visible from 77 South Bound into uptown. I really hate this project more than most.
  7. I find that all of NC's best medium-small cities/towns are in the mountains. Morganton, Hendersonville, Boone, Brevard, Bryson City and Franklin, Murphy! (if you want to go even smaller). All great towns with good bones. Pedestrian friendly, solid breweries, good coffee shops, biking infrastructure in many, and you can't beat the location. It's a shame the cities of the Piedmont haven't undergone the same renaissance, but the tourism in the mountains is the real deal. A lot of people escape the heat up there and love to spend their cash up in these towns that time was supposed to forget. I'm happy for them. I was in Bryson City last week for the first time in a longgggg time and I was floored by how fantastic it was. Nantahala brewery is the truth.
  8. I actually hope it stalls out. It's quickly becoming a prime location, right next to the park. Feels like a waste to make it ground zero for bro's. "Ink & Ivy" might as well name it "Alex...Don't ever come here". edit: I know, not everything built is supposed to be for me...
  9. Don't engage @Dale. He only shows up here when HB2 is in the news to tell us all how he's the smartest guy in the room. I don't care what your politics are. I CERTAINLY don't give a crap what China is up to. HB2 is bad for business in NC. That's the reality. I don't care how you spin it.
  10. Credit for likely moving it to New Orleans. They could move it a bunch of places, I find it oddly jarring that, much like our original Hornets leaving to NO, so will the All-star game. Let's not forget that NO got the #1 draft Anthony Davis the year the Bobcats had the worst record in NBA history, and we ended up getting MKG (not to say MKG is bad, he's just no Anthony Davis). I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'd like to believe somewhere, someone within the NBA has a long running vendetta against Charlotte, haha. Otherwise this is one hell of an ongoing coincidence.
  11. I mean, I hate to say I told you so...but the damn writing was on the wall. I'll give the NBA credit, this is some full circle level crap right here: Charlotte Hornets - Mayor Pat McCrory - City goes against new arena - Team moves to New Orleans NBA Allstar Game - Governor Pat McCrory - State signs into law HB2 - Allstar game moves to New Orleans
  12. What happened the last time Charlotte and NC called the NBA's bluff? The New Orleans Hornets Who was the mayor at the time...? I can't recall....
  13. One of my fondest memories of Munich was watching families interact in Englishcer Garten. Children playing soccer, adults conversing around a cold litre maß of delicious heffenweizen. something they've been doing for centuries. Didn't come off as "alcoholic" to me in any way. Loved to social interaction.
  14. Well he can't have it both ways. If he posts an opinion piece, where he "feels how he feels", it shouldn't come as a surprise to him or anyone that others don't agree with it. Let alone consider it comical sensationalism. You're correct however, in that the Agenda shouldn't be taken seriously. Aside from the (let's face it, your) development news, it's basically a local version of Thrillist, or Creative Loafing without the substance. But again, when you write an opinion piece in a blog, be prepared to hear the other side of it. Especially one with Skip Bayless level hot takes. Ultimately Ted will get what he wants out of it, more clicks. So it's a win for him and the Agenda at the end of the day.