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  1. Charlotte Greenways and Trails

    I'm going to put this here because, whatever. Cue the annual "Charlotte's park and rec is balls" aggregation. http://parkscore.tpl.org/rankings.php Spoiler alert, we rank 95 out of 100 largest American cities. Highlights include being outscored by Newark, Jersey City, Lubbock and every other NC city that could be in the poll (Gboro, WS, Raleigh, Durham). I feel like I've been seeing these results for a good decade now. Since then, I've seen us build 2 parks (1st Ward and Romare Bearden) and start to patch together the crappiest greenway system imaginable. Will this city ever see any traction in regards to our parks and greenway system? I've seen plenty of pretty maps and renderings, but I've yet to see any action. I feel like I'm destined to live, fending for my life biking down Park Rd avoiding getting sniped by a f*#king Range Rover. #rant edit:. For those thinking "well we've got big city area and low density". So do Raleigh, Austin, Nashville, ect. And they are crushing us.
  2. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    UGH. Everytime someone brings up that Hines project I get depressed. What could have been....
  3. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Yeah, I've wandered around Philly a couple times. Great bones, but bone chillingly terrifying, haha.
  4. Charlotte Off Topic

    I'm just busting your chops Piedmont. Don't take anything I say to heart. Sorry!
  5. Charlotte Off Topic

    NO Jayvee, you've got it all wrong. Businesses CONTRACT to become profitable. I think you guys should actually become the Myers Park Agenda. Then the Park Rd. Agenda. Then, the Park Rd. Shopping Center Agenda. Until you literally only report on what's happening in front of the Harris Teeter in the Park Road Shopping Center. WHO IS SHOPPING THERE!?!?!? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO TURN LEFT INTO IT!!!
  6. NC Civil Rights

    I don't buy it. The bill got pushed through in a day and he signed it under the pressure of his GOP daddies behind closed doors. I'd be stunned if he even read it. Whatever we (Charlotteans) liked about McCrory, died the second he crawled into the city limits of Raleigh and turned into nothing more than a political puppet. He absolutely cannot buckle now. To do so would be political suicide. This is an election year and he's well aware he's lost any chance at the moderate Democrat and/or most Independent votes. To buckle on HB2 now would only net losses in the conservative vote and gain him virtually nothing in the D and I votes. He can dress it up all he wants. He's a lying sack of...well, ad lib at your leisure.
  7. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Good for Raleigh. Glad to see more non-stop international flights in the Carolinas.
  8. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Is this a positive for passengers? The last time I flew across the Atlantic on a 777 with AA, I wanted to practice self-immolation in the aisle.
  9. NC Civil Rights

    Do you stand outside the door at her school everyday? What about at church? Or when she plays a sport, or goes to a camp? Because the chances of something happening are FAR greater in all of these situations than they ever will be in the made up one in your head. Your opinions are yours and (clearly) they aren't changing any time soon. But you can't possibly rationalize that your action of standing near the door makes any sense if you aren't doing it in all the other listed situations.. Or I guess statistics be damned?
  10. NC Civil Rights

  11. What if I can't read?!?!?! kidding, sorry, didn't know the time frames were in the O. Thanks.
  12. What kind of time frame are we looking at on these projects? I was floored by the images provided in the city plan for North Tryon/Levineland, however I know better than to think that'll come to fruition anytime soon. Are these legit projects? Or just ideas? Like, if the city says "congrats Conformity, the project is yours!". Are they going to build one 5 story apartment ready for use by 2020? Or are we looking at full build out of that whole project, including that insane rainbow road? Also, sorry for asking 70 freaking questions.
  13. Ascent Uptown - 33 stories (3rd and Poplar)

    Someone sneaked into Ascent on Sunday, or so it seemed. I happened to be in the park when a bunch of CMPD officers pulled up to the construction site and were talking to some dude. I overheard the guy say "yeah i saw them up on about the 14th floor, a guy and a girl, so I called you guys". I didn't stick around for the whole shabang, so I'm not sure if anyone got snagged, but there were a couple CMPD officers hopping the construction fence. Hopefully no UP'ers were caught!!!!
  14. That picture from the Observer is the perfect representation of that area right now. Plenty of homeless guys, just drinking beer on the sidewalk. Partially hidden by un-checked vegetation growing out into the sidewalk. That stretch can be pretty brutal. I hope this helps clean it up a bit.
  15. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    As someone who lives near Archdale Station, I feel like the line is closed EVERY WEEKEND. I don't even bother walking to it on saturday or sunday now because I just assume it's down.