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  1. ah59396

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    I'm really having a hard time wrapping my head around this render. I can't believe Charlotte is going to look like this in the very near future. Coincidentally I was watching Shallow Hal last night (guilty pleasure mostly due to Charlotte) and couldn't help but chuckle at the tiny little city featured in that film. The QC is really coming along man.
  2. ah59396

    Carolina Panthers

  3. ah59396

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Hey! Lawana Mayfield made the news here in Seattle. I guess that’s...something.
  4. ah59396

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    So I don’t disagree with your opinion, but my point is more than we aren’t perceived as a positive place for geographic features. We kind of sell the “oh hey you can drive to stuff in 2+ hours”, but that’s not really in the metro. San Antonio, Austin, Cincinnati, St Louis - river San Diego, Miami, LA - beaches Denver, SLC, Boise - Mountains Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis- Lakes Las Vegas, Phoenix - desert you get the idea. I do agree that charlotte does pretty damn well with what it’s got. It can’t go out and build mountains or drop an ocean next door. I’m hopeful the River District on the Catawba could be a defining characteristic for the city. Fingers crossed!
  5. ah59396

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    So I partially agree with this. I’ll say that I never understood how someone could be bored living in Charlotte. I lived there for most of my life and still found plenty to do. Though I suspect that was partially that my friends and family were always close by and I could make a good time out of having a pint at Boardwalks Billies if I had to... However (and this is just my preference), it has always BEWILDERED me how far behind Charlotte is to other cities in the following: restaurant options (variety and sheer volume) dive bars small music venues local small business retail - virtually nonexistent compared to other cities. Probably the most egregious problem.... casino close by children/family activites (premier science museum [discovery is alright], zoo, aquarium, improved arboretum/botanical garden [sorry Daniel stowe]) lack of geographic features of interest (not much we can do about that) - mountains, ocean, river Charlotte’s made leaps and bounds in a couple of those categories, especially in the last decade. And I’m still bullish in my belief that the QC has one of the best craft beer scenes in the country and I’ll fight someone over it. But I think it’s important to note that while @Seabrooke looked like they had a great time; karaoke, drinks with friends, lunch and time spent at the park are things you can do in every decent sized American city. Usually with greater options at your disposal. The WWC is definitely the wild card there. And since we are talking “perception of Charlotte”, it’s another jewel the city needs to keep focusing on. It’s unique and awesome. It should absolutely be connected to the greenway network with dedicated ROW, incorporate overnight lodging and Tuck Fest hopefully continues to grow and mature into a legitimate outdoor sports and music festival. Eventually I think Tuck Fest could be our SxSw for the outdoors.
  6. ah59396

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I think the city could do a better job highlighting its Scottish heritage. Appalachia and a large portion of the Piedmont were (forgive me for my colonial mindset here) founded by the Scots and there’s a wonderful connection between the Highland Scots and the people of Appalachia. If Charlotte so wishes to represent Metrolina and the greater Carolinas, it would seem obvious me to make Charlotte THE Scottish-American city. For God sakes, the city of Charlotte flag is a bloody Scottish flag... I mean, I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but did you know Boston has people of Irish heritage!? Crazy, I know. I just found out. My mind is going nuts now, haha. Fun you could have with this idea: Theres only ONE Scottish American heritage museum in the US (that I’m aware of) and it’s in Chicago. Chicago’s known for plenty other of things, the city could easily commision a museum that became the best in the country in this regard. Lake Norman? No way. LOCH Norman. Could even incorporate some stupid Nessie myth. Maybe a radioactive fish or something. Celebrate Tartan Day, Scottish Independence, etc. Partner with modern Scotland for business proposals, etc. Spearhead efforts to become a sister city with Edinburgh or Glasgow. Create business partnerships. Hell, name a park after Nicola Sturgeon, I don’t care. It would take a couple decades of solid marketing and focus, but I could easily see a future where Charlotte was the American city synonymous with Scottish culture. Haggis and bbq! Anyone!?!?
  7. ah59396

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    So this isn’t just a Charlotte phenomenon, however I’m personally not a fan of this. Id rather a new, different brewery take that spot, and not one that already exists in the city. Again, not just a Charlotte thing, just my personal preference.
  8. ah59396

    Sports in Charlotte

    @birky and I were discussing this about 5 minutes ago. I’d bet dollars to donuts it’s Liverpool vs. Dortmund. Nashville was supposedly hosting this one but apparently it fell through. Not certain, but that’s my guess. If so, looks like I’m flying home. YNWA
  9. ah59396

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    I’m with @HighRiseHillbilly on this one. I imagine Dean and Deluca as a place where women with shoulder padded blazers do business deals on a cellphone the size of a pineapple.
  10. ah59396

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    One of the first things that popped in my mind is how angry I would be as another vendor there.
  11. ah59396

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    We need the fine people at Charlotte Stories to bring us the nitty gritty details only their world class journalists are capable of.
  12. ah59396

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    To me this actually makes it more egregious. I don’t know these people and didn’t know anything about this until I read it this morning. But I’ve seen this sentiment posted all over the place today. It’s apparent he’s well known for this type of activity. So to hear her very real allegations dismissed as “he said she said” and effectively being scolded by Chris like they were children, it’s a real bad look. Real bad.
  13. ah59396

    Another bar/restaurant bites the dust

    Listening to that audio between the owner Cara, The Chris guy and Adam Spears....The two guys come out of that looking like real assholes. Any allegation of physical assault should be taken seriously. Sounds like she dealt with it for at least a year. Nuts.
  14. ah59396

    Carolina Panthers

    I can’t see the NFL allowing a team in Toronto unless it was the Bills. Southern Ontario is definitely Bills country and that’s a huge market lopped off if someone else landed there. Also, there is no other city in Canada where the NFL is viable. So I don’t think we have anything to worry about.
  15. ah59396


    I think they are awesome. Voice of the people! Not afraid to speak their mind. We need more publications like it!