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  1. I'll echo this as well. It's miles ahead of most anything else on S. Blvd and looks better in person than in these photos. Maybe that's a testament to the craptiness of all the other projects on S. Blvd, but I'm totally okay with this one. Especially considering what it replaced. I also find the pedestrian scale pretty great. It's a very approachable building. So that's gotta be worth something. Considering this is generally my critique of every project in the city:
  2. Surprised and delighted to see us land on this list on the positive side. Interesting that cities that are generally considered our peers are moving in the opposite direction. That said, I'd much rather us follow a Minneapolis/Portland/Seattle model than say, OKC or Houston. No offense to them. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/22/upshot/seattle-climbs-but-austin-sprawls-the-myth-of-the-return-to-cities.html?_r=0
  3. Streetcars, in theory, are a good idea. Our streetcar, from planning all the way through to execution (so far at least) is a dumpster fire.
  4. NoDa and Elizabeth, to me, are the two best true communities in the city. In terms of an actual sense of place and community involvement. I'm jealous of everyone that lives in both. The Elizabeth 8k is probably the best example of that community feel. You'd swear you were in a small town, not the heart of a metro of 2.5m.
  5. Sad week for Charlotte sports talk radio. WFNZ has let go of Yarbs and QCB. Pretty shocked about QCB, he's been on there slinging comedy since the days of Gump and Packman. Disappointing to hear they let him go. 3 w/the QCB and CIAA legends were some of my favorite things they did on that show.
  6. Well I'm pretty confident I didn't just imagine the lines last night. @InSouthPark Your personal experience is fine, if you want to walk through Center Field gate. I'm talking about hundreds of people standing in line, overflowing into the roadway at the main gate. They can't all go to Center Field, or you'll have the same issue. It's a problem that needs to be addressed is my point. And yes, $8 for a Coors light is outrageous at a minor league ball game. I wasn't aware the mason jars were 24oz. They sure don't look it. But if so, that's more reasonable than I initially thought and I'll recant my position.
  7. So I went to the Knight's game last night, and I'd say for a Tuesday the attendance was mediocre. Which, is fine and expected, even though the weather was fabulous and the Knights hit a couple bombs. That said, this is more aimed at the "experience", which I found to be the worst I've had in the many, many times I've attended games there. 1. This has been previously noted, but beer prices are outrageous. $11 for a mason jar beer or $8 for a Coors light draft is insane. Those are Major League prices at a Minor League game. It would behoove the Knights to lower the prices a bit. I'd imagine I'd end up spending more money at the end of the day, if the beer was slightly cheaper (aka I'd buy more than 1/2) 2. The Knights must have decided ease of access was an issue. Despite maybe a crowd of 5000, I stood in line to enter the stadium for over 15 minutes, with people pouring out onto the road. The Knights now check bags and wand every person entering the stadium (a la the Panthers). That said, they had a whopping 2-3 people doing it at the main gate, leading to a lot of exceptionally confused people standing in line, wondering why they were missing the first pitch at a half capacity ball game. 3. The Home Run Porch sucks. I don't know why I always pay extra to stand up there, besides the view. But the beer options up there are garbage, and your food options amount to - pretzel. Even better, if there is a party going on, now they won't even let you access the bathroom up there. Which means you've got to walk all the way downstairs, then back to the main entrance, to reach the closest bathroom. I know I sound lazy, but seriously, let me use the bathroom 15 feet away from me as opposed to walking from Right Field to basically first base.
  8. Have these people never been to Buffalo?
  9. 16-0
  10. Well, besides a new name... Lighting, should be a top priority. You do a great job addressing the crappy ped. infrastructure, but it's an even greater mess in the evenings. Parking is a problem too. I know we all want it to be walkable and blah blah, but it's a driving destination for sure. This is Charlotte, so it'll have to accommodate vehicles. And I say that as someone who walks or rides my bike religiously. If the city really wanted to wow me, first they'd make the walk from from Scaleybark less "murdery" feeling at night by really beefing up lighting (make it cool) on the walk. I'd probably have them gut out Yancey and Southside and re-do them with parking a-la Commonwealth in P-Midwood. From there, I'd also love if the city threw up some park space over there. Do something similar to what they've got at Symphony Park down in Southpark. I'd love to drink a beer and listen to some cello on the lawn. And while we are at it, would it kill the city to designate it a "special area" or something and allow you wander around with open containers? Say you do plop a little symphony park at the corner of Yancey and Southside there. Let people BYOB or be able to buy from all our LOCAL! brewers and take a plastic cup out there or growler. Jam out to some tunes, then walk back to Scaleybark under a well lit path of wide sidewalks. Oh and put a big board out there that tells you when the next train is arriving at Scaleybark, so you know when to skidaddle from OMB.
  11. When I read this the other day, I almost considered coming on here and flaming you for it. LoSo is the worst. I assumed it wasn't your choice.
  12. Tuck Fest is next weekend. Whoo!
  13. I really don't have a lot to add here, expect that Pittman is no less a religious zealot than those lunatics running around in northern Iraq right now. If the guy was allowed to come out and admit he was pro-confederacy and pro-slavery without backlash, I believe he would. He's everything wrong with the political landscape in our state and for me, as someone who once hailed from Cabarrus county, he's a fudgeing embarrassment.