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  1. Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

  2. New Hotels in/around Uptown

    Has there been any developments with the Bohemian?
  3. New Hotels in/around Uptown

  4. NC Music Factory / Uptown Village / Deco One

    You guys are killing me. No more politics on the main board. I agree with the sentiment (and I've been guilty in the past) but damn, take it to the coffeehouse. Just ignore and talk about crappy stick built apartments.
  5. NC Civil Rights

    Then...don't...read....it..... No one's forcing you to be here bud.
  6. NC Civil Rights

    Do you actually need an update? I can show you how to use google if you need to. Otherwise your snarky BS is just wasting everyone's time.
  7. Carolina Panthers

    1. DT is an incredibly important position. And unlike say, CB, they rotate heavily. KK and Star rarely play more than one defensive series before one has to rotate out to rest. Now you can rotate in Butler and lose nothing. 2. Gettleman lives and dies by the OL and DL. We don't need a WR, we had the best offense in the NFL last season, lost nothing and gained Kelvin Benjamin. We also have Funchess with an entire year of development under his belt. I also anticipate we take a WR or TE in the 3-7th rounds. 3. This move is likely to allow Star to walk and keep Butler and KK as our two DT's moving forward. 4. Butler is similar to KK in that he is a disruptor. The dude is huge but also dominant in the pass rush. Star is a solid DT, but he is a hole plugger and rarely gets into the backfield. We are now absolutely set at DT for years to come with two of the (likely) most disruptive DT's in the league. No one will be able to run the ball up the middle on us now. 5. Derrick Henry, while fun, is not the BPA, nor a need. We have a solid running game and I don't think Henry is an every down back like J Stew. Henry would be, at best, your 3rd and 1 guy. And we already have 2 of those in Cam and Tolbert. I love this pick. We have the best defensive interior in the NFL and the best linebacking corps (IMO). I could play CB for this team, because the QB is going to have all of 2 seconds to get rid of the ball before Butler or KK are eating their lunch.
  8. Seversville Projects and News

    My political fanatic sister and her husband recently bought a house in Bryant Park and they freaking love it. But again, she's a damn fanatic, so no telling what kind of crazy stuff shes cooking up.
  9. Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Well the Rays are the least valuable team in baseball and their 2016 valuation was $650m according to Forbes. I don't even think A Rod has that kind of dough. It's going to take an ownership group to bring a team here.
  10. Charlotte Hornets and the Arena

    Kemba was incredible last night. Keep driving the lane!!! Hornets in 7!
  11. MLS in Charlotte?

    The venue is absolutely the issue. The problem is, unlike the Knights, the Independence has the opportunity to become an MLS team. However, that opportunity has a limited time window. And every year that passes by without a secure home or fan base, is another nail in the MLStoCLT coffin.
  12. MLS in Charlotte?

    Since we were mentioning MLS in the baseball thread, I figured I'd plop this here. Zach just posted a solid article about the struggles the Independence are having, and why I frankly don't ever see Charlotte getting an MLS team. http://www.crowntownsoccer.com/mls-commish-throws-cold-water-mls2clt-dreams/ I think at best we are going to be an NASL city, and even that won't happen until the stadium issues get figured out. Averaging 2000 people a game simply won't get it done. Not when you've got cities like Cincinnati putting 20k in the stands. http://www.wcpo.com/sports/soccer/fc-cincinnati-crowd-sets-league-attendance-record That's the reality, 10x the amount of people. We are no where near being MLS.
  13. Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    MLS does not make more sense. At all. We are much farther away from an MLS team than we are from an MLB team. The MLS is a 20 team league, currently expanding to 24 teams with the addition of Atlanta, Minnesota, LA 2 and Miami. Beyond that expansion, I think there may be a point down the road where they move to 28. Which will probably occur in the mid 2020's. That said, Charlotte isfar down that list, behind Austin, St Louis, Louisville, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and San Antonio. All cities with far superior fan support, most of which that already have soccer specific stadiums, and many that are 1 or two sport cities. Or in the case of Austin and Louisville, none. I'm a big soccer fan and I support the Independence, but MLS, much more than MLB, is the pipe dream here. We are at the top of the table in the discussion about MLB expansion, and for good reason. We are the anchor of the Carolinas, a baseball hotbed. And have no MLB teams within even an earshot of us MLB is likely to expand to 32within the next 10 years. Within a decade, we are going to be a metro of 3 million people. We can and will support the MLB. Read this and get back to me. I used to think the same thing. Baseball is as healthy as ever. http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2014/09/09/baseball-is-dying-nonsense-the-case-for-baseballs-vitality/
  14. Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    I do agree with this, though there are some pretty solid recent examples of neo-classical that have been executed so well. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center comes to mind, though admittedly I'm not sure what the price of that sucker was. It's a beauty though.