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  1. Carolina Panthers

    It's officially super bowl Sunday.  I've been a Panthers fan since I moved here in '96.  It's time to put Charlotte and the Panthers on the map for good.  We didn't quite go 16-0, but we came damn close.  Let's finish it out.  Keep Pounding.   Panthers 31 Broncos 17   Do it for Tim Biakabatuka
  2. Charlotte area population statistics

      I'm really shocked to be Bob Ruccho on the side arguing to keep the districts as is.  Stunned, NAY, FLABBERGASTED.
  3. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    The Gem has a special place in my heart.  I saw Titanic there back in the late 90's.  That said, I went to high school in Kannapolis (well, now, it was in Concord when I went there) so I feel pretty comfortable stating that Kannapolis sucks.  Cannon Village is a nice "thought", but boy oh boy, do they have a long way to go.  Heck, of all the towns north on the I-85 corridor, freaking Salisbury has the best chance of being something, IMO.  
  4. Carolina Panthers

      LOL, I do feel the same way about his press conferences in regards to some of the words he uses.  He seems like a good guy that honestly gets tongue tied a bit and uses some  puzzling analogies.  However, I can't imagine having to answer questions off the cuff all the time without bumbling through them myself, particularly when I know millions of people are going to react to my answer every time.  I'd probably make some pretty awful gaffes as well.     Sometimes Cam reminds me of Oswald Bates from In Living Color, probably one of my favorite characters Damon Wayans ever did.      
  5. Carolina Panthers

      Care to share the source for that quote?  I wasn't aware he said that.  Would love to see the context.
  6. Carolina Panthers

  7. Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    I got up to High Branch Brewing in Concord this weekend.  Nice little spot in Gibson Mill.  It's a little tucked away and actually kinda tough to find if you weren't familiar with the location, but it's an aesthetically pleasing spot, albeit small, with garage doors that open to overlook the back portion of the mill where Cabarrus Brewing Company is currently being built.  The beer was also very good.  
  8. Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    Heck I'd be totally fine with it being woodworking shop for hobbiests, ect.  The closest one right now is over in Matthews basically.  Not every retail location needs to be a brewery or farm to table restaurant.  People gotta live maaaan.
  9. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    BHM are the architects behind this project.  From their Facebook and Twitter accounts, it appears they have heard, and are pleased, with the reaction this project is getting from whatever the hell our community is. More proof that our concerns and in rare cases, praise, aren't falling on deaf ears.   edit:. It also didn't hurt that Jayvee pumped out a solid article in the agenda.  Good stuff Jason.
  10.   You asked 11 days ago.  I don't mean that in a cruel way, just that, large projects take time.  Patience my friend.  Patience.
  11. UNC-Charlotte Construction

    It looks like a damn Saturn V rocket.
  12. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Holy crap I love this.  I take back everything I said about Faison or Donald Faison.
  13. Charlotte Off Topic

    Fair point.  I wasn't aware the numbers had declined so much.  Maybe they need to pick a warmer date?  What's the benefit of a northerner traveling south for a race if it's still going to be 30 degrees?  Maybe a late September race would do better?  I dunno.
  14. Carolina Panthers

    I don't necessarily disagree with you, but at the same time, we've won every game where we played conservative after taking a big lead and burning the clock.  And at the end of the day, isn't the point to win?  Who cares how ugly it is?
  15. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I really loved all the blue.  Not sure if anyone else had this feeling, but Sunday was the first time I felt like Charlotte had a "pulse".  The city was electric.  It was a really awesome experience. #keeppounding