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  1. Is it me, or does this building still look "stubby". I can't put my finger on it. It just looks like a tree stump of a building.
  2. FWIW Jayvee, I think it's probably the best looking midrise I've seen Charlotte pump out yet.
  3. Jacks and Pstones are still gone at the end of the day. Just like CM. Both communities failed, in part, in saving what was actually unique about them. As many on here have said, the product that Duda has come out with is a very well planned and an appreciated design. And I legitimately appreciate the fact that the developer listened to the citizens and went back and did something different. I just hate where it's being built. It's not like Charlotte is dense. There are a million places this thing could be and I would be ecstatic with it. That's all I'm saying.
  4. Nailed it. I loved the diversity of that place, my wife and I took her parents to CM to hang out in that "ashtray" when they came in from Texas and they couldn't stop raving about how cool they thought it was. It was featured during the DNC as part of our "Third Spaces" concept. As nonillogical says, it's a truly Charlotte concept. I'd rather have ten more of them than what's going there.
  5. That's not a news flash, it's your opinion. And while it may not have been your cup of tea, it was for a lot of us. I get that you don't have a personal connection with any of these places, but many do. Most of the places I lament losing were here long before you (and me in some cases). just try to remember that for Many Charlotteans, these places mean something.
  6. It's a beautiful building, and I appreciate that the developers took the time to really create something beautiful. But I hate this project.
  7. Same. I've been here since 96. We've had some scorchers, but this had to be the worst I can remember in terms of my desire for relief.
  8. Coming from Canada, I'm all too familiar with the bouts of a depression a long, brutal winter can bring upon people. But this summer has just been the worst. If I never see another day in the 90's for the rest of my life, I'll be a happy man. Panovich says we are on pace for the second hottest August ever. 5.3 degrees above average. FML.
  9. I just spoke with my cat Otis and he can confirm that Tryon Place is still a go.
  10. I think the Charlotte permitting department is woefully understaffed and backlogged.
  11. I'm going to quote @ScottCLT from the bites the dust thread real quick: "I'm honestly not too upset about this. All that ever seemed to come there were Guns 'N Roses cover bands, Dave Matthews Cover Bands, '80s cover bands, Journey tribute bands, or washed up '80s glam-rock act like Cinderella or Jackyl. I know what you're thinking...."but where will they host midget wrestling tournaments now?" Amos' went down the hill a long time ago IMHO. Good venue space, don't get me wrong, but their booking team sucks. I haven't been in probably 8 or 9 years because there is simply no band that I want to see that has played there. I work just down the street and what used to be around-the-block lines for shows years ago have turned into 12 people lined up at the door prior to a show. The building isn't anything to gawk at with its EIFS facade, either. No loss as far as I'm concerned." I've got to say, I respectfully disagree with this sentiment. Yes, Amos' acts aren't exactly world class or even mid class. But I live in a city to be provided with a variety of options at my disposal. For the same reasons that I think it's great I can hop on the light rail and go see the Hornets or grab an Uber to a Live Nation show at The Filmore; I think it's awesome that I can be a little grimey and walk to see a Bad Fish and stroke a couple bud lights. Culture doesn't just include high culture. Plus I dare you to find a more diverse crowd of people in line than a show at Amos'. At least anywhere near uptown.
  12. Amos' Southend will close in March of 2017. FML. Double Door, Tremont, Amos', Chop Shop. Sometimes "progress" blows.
  13. Great shots @CarolinaCrown! You can really see the scope of the entire site from that vantage point. I think I've under appreciated the sheer size of this parcel.
  14. I got ya. Thanks for the explanation.
  15. I'm going to come on strong here: Derek Anderson is nothing more than a serviceable back-up. Anyone who believes otherwise has a couple short circuits. He had one good season in Cleveland 8 years ago, then signed a big contract in Arizona and subsequently was BENCHED after 4 games in favor of NFL SUPERSTARS Max Hall and John Skelton, both rookies that season. FYI, neither of those guys even have a job in the NFL. He couldn't hold the starting position over two nobodies. Apparently @caterpillar2 knows something that Dave Gettleman and Ron Rivera aren't aware of. (seriously, what do those guys know anyways?) We could have just saved those millions of dollars on Cam and started DA! The reality of Derek Anderson is he'll always be popular among a "certain" subset of our fan base because he's a "blah blah blah traditional qb, blah blah blah true leader, blah blah blah". Everyone seems to forget the guy also was heavily criticized in Arizona for laughing on the bench with teammates during a game they were losing and also flipping out on reporters. The thing about being in support of a backup qb is that it's easy because it's very unlikely you can be proven wrong (because the guy will never play more than a game). FWIW, I love DA, he's an awesome back-up qb to have, but nothing more. @caterpillar2 I'll say this. you're allowed to have an opinion about Cam. You're allowed to believe that he's "lucky" and it'd be the same with Joe Webb or Derek Anderson in the pocket. But I'm allowed to tell you your opinion is dumb and it's clear you know nothing about football if you believe your opinion. I told you last year your opinion was insane and the guy went out and dominated the NFL, won the MVP award, went 15-1 while leading the highest scoring offense in the NFL and took us to a Superbowl. Oh, and was rated the #1 player in the NFL by the players. (but what do they know, i'm sure it was all just luck like you say) And you still want to sit here and tell us he's the same as Joe Webb. Honestly, it's comical to me that you can even type that garbage and post it. PREDICTION: Panthers go 16-0. Win Superbowl 51 for Sam Mills and Jerry Richardson. Cam is the MVP (again). @caterpillar2 reveals he is actually Randy Quaid from Major League.