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  1. It's absolute insanity. One of the few times I agree with all the tea party rage comments on the Observer. I'm looking forward to the next headline - "City of Charlotte approves $750,000 archaeological study to determine if there used to be a mall on the eastland lot".
  2. Frankly, I'm tired of the finger pointing. It's like a bunch of people standing around a car accident site arguing who is at fault, while an injured person bleeds to death. Just fix the damn problem.
  3. Man, sad I missed out on this. I would have burned $700 for the wife and I in a heart beat. My dad and I flew CLT - CDG a month ago for $450 round trip. It was awesome. There have been some excellent deals recently.
  4. Haha no worries. Happens to the best of us!
  5. The moment you realize you responded to a post from 7 years ago...
  6. Leave it to the Hornets to win games they shouldn't and lose games they should. Every other team outside the top 8 is tanking royally to line themselves up for a shot at one of the deepest drafts in a long time and we are going to end up staggering into the playoffs to get swept by Cleveland and guarantee us the 15th pick, which would be very disappointing. This draft is incredible up until about the 8-12 spot, depending on what you read, but drops off a bit from there.
  7. I like that mural because whenever I look at it, I automatically assume I'm drunk.
  8. Hell, I like the recent storage facility designs more than the apartments we keep getting.
  9. @kermit Europe, in general, lacks variety in regards to its beer and style. Dont get me wrong, I love visiting Ghent and going to a Belgian beer pub, or sitting in Munich and having a nice hefewizen. But that's it in each of those cities, and something replicated throughout the continent. I was just in Cologne, a metro of nearly 3,000,000 and only found ONE craft beer pub (with 15 taps, it was pretty awesome though). Every other bar was the same Kölsch over and over again. Europe is ripe for some variety. I'm glad I'm not the only one that saw this.
  10. Cleveland has a football team?
  11. I unfortunately agree. We are not only woefully behind from an infrastructure standpoint, we also need a cataclysmic cultural change that I don't foresee.
  12. @Squid7085 what you described is pretty common in the Charlotte cycling scene. You have to be incredibly resilient to ride regularly and not get toasted. I ride quite a bit and luckily over time have learned where to go and where not to. I have generally found that I'm better off in the road making people mad than riding the obstacle course that is our "bike lanes". My wife doesn't even enjoy riding from our neighborhood to OMB/Sugar Creek, which is only 2 short miles (all with dedicated bike lanes) because cars are just so so close to you. That and the bike lanes are just coated in glass and rocks and everything else on Old Pineville.
  13. The real both job here isn't the delay, it's the timing of the announcement. We were creeping up on the expected start date of this thing and out of nowhere we get a "whoops, it'll actual be next year!". Now I don't even trust them to have it done by March 2018. If they missed the timeline estimate this badly, why should I buy the new estimate?
  14. I can't tell if the Hornets are bad, or just tanking. But I'll take it. Hopefully we get a top 3 pick and trade it to Chicago along with MKG or something to get Butler. Kemba Butler Batum Zeller Center (maybe Kaminsky if he can get his crap together) That's a pretty solid starting lineup.
  15. This thing looks good from every angle. I love seeing it on the skyline.