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  1. The architect's name that appears on that rendering is Keith Summerour who designed the new phase of the Old Edwards Inn and several buildings at Wofford. His portfolio is pretty impressive: www.summerour.net . I would assume he can execute the Italianate design elements and deliver a great looking building. I'm excited about this project.
  2. It's definitely not Hughes's site. Think closer to the Drive Stadium on Rhett. There are several "For Sale" signs........
  3. Perhaps I misspoke regarding the Croft site. There is certainly a chance it may happen; I just think his stated timeline (breaking ground this summer) may be a little aggressive. I have no idea how his deal is/would be structured, but based on his stated project cost and the proposed unit count, he would have to convince a lender that he can achieve some significant rents to get the deal financed. The other site is on Rhett Street and there is a very solid out of town developer with deep pockets that I would believe to have figured it out. The reason I said this deal was more likely becaus
  4. I believe the proposed sites mentioned in that article are Tom Croft's 100 Unit deal on Rhett Street and another 100 Unit deal on Rhett St closer to the baseball stadium that is going in front of the DRB in June (from what I have heard).I honestly think the 100 Unit deal (not Croft's) is the most likely to happen. While 140 units have been proposed for the Peacock site, I believe that deal is very unrealistic from a financing standpoint. There are several major problems: 1. the current owners would have to write off a huge sum of money which would destroy their numbers. 2. The required constru
  5. I would assume the artist studios are still part of the plan. They have built out most of the retail into what appears to be 500 SF bays. Pretty hard to rent those out to any other retail user. The large retail space is still available and I don't know if they have a tenant or not. The question I have is how in the heck is he going to park this thing? There appears to be about 60 surface spaces for 44 apartment units (mostly 3 beds) and a significant amount of office space.
  6. In defense of Tom Croft, he has built two very successful condo projects downtown: The Field House condominiums and 400 North Main Street. He also built several other smaller detached single family home communties that are solid. Timing ultimately killed his Rhett Street project. I don’t know Tom Croft but your statement is way off base. He is an actual developer unlike the two other gentlemen you mentioned.
  7. I was being facetious about the AVNA. I think the previous plans involved speculative townhomes/condos so in this scenario I would imagine he has to presale a couple of the lots to get financing for the infrastructure. It will be interesting to see what the price point is.
  8. Great use. He delivers a quality product and I'm sure these will be on the higher end. Hopefully the Alta Vista Neighborhood Association won't raise too much hell.
  9. I have confirmed that JHM in the developer who has the site under contract. I'm not sure how I feel about the Hilton Doubletree. Their hotels in smaller markets are pretty bland, yet the ones in the city centers of larger markets are outstanding. Then again, the Hampton Inn and Courtyard Marriott in our downtown are outstanding for those brands. It will be interesting to follow this project. I would love for them to go a step up and build a Marriott. The one they renovated on Lockwood Drive in Charleston is very nice.
  10. I agree with Vicupstate here. I think a trendy hotel would be a great use for that site and really is the only viable option. A office tower would work but there is currently too much supply in the downtown market. A for rent product wouldn't work on that site.
  11. Any idea who the developer is or what the flag may be?
  12. The rumor came from two pretty reliable sources that seem to know about every deal in Greenville.....one a lender and the other is a big construction guy. I only posted this because it came from two seperate parties.....but then again what I posted was only what they had heard. I'll do some more snooping.
  13. She (or the bank she has an interest in) purchased the .91 acre site in 2004 for $792k. The most recent asking price I came across was $2 million which is slightly over $50 psf which would be one of the higher comps downtown. It is obviously going to trade for less than that but will still be a big number. I would assume we will be seeing a rather tall hotel as they would have to incorporate multiple levels of structured parking and then go vertical in order to get the necessary density. I am realistic that putting a parcel of land is about only 5% of the process, but its fun to talk about! H
  14. My line of thought addressed only the improvements. However your line of thinking may address the overhead utilities problem. Most national retailers and/or other high end developments are going to bury the power line in front of their site for aesthetic reasons (which they will have to do so at their expense). What do you think the next major site to be developed is going to be (besides the urban walmart site) The redevelopment of County Square is something I hope to see in the next 10 years. We shall see......
  15. I think Church Street will see a vast improvement and will be very attractive when all work is completed. That being said, all I can do is look at the power lines on my way to work every morning and wish they were going underground. I understand it is cost prohibitive and have accepted the fact that I will be looking at them for a very long time.
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