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  1. Lululemon is looking for employees in the Fayetteville area. Maybe for a location next to Whole Foods?
  2. Yes, the tech jobs aren't coming because a mayor has an accent. Thanks for reviving this Wishlist thread, the people constantly hoping for a Cheesecake Factory in other threads is tiring. The fact that a mediocre chain is the pinnacle of their desires is pretty depressing.
  3. An engineer once told me that a Joyce I540 exit would never happen because the interstate system requires at least 1 mile between exits. He said there is less than 2 miles between the Fayetteville Business exit and the Johnson exit, leaving no room for a Joyce exit. Google Maps has the distance very close to 2 miles. I don't know if any of this is true, but I always saw a Joyce exit as an obvious solution and always wondered why it hadn't been built. Anyone know for certain? If it is true, the best solution would be to build an access road (which are common everywhere except here) in be
  4. Yeah, I agree. Opening a Fresh Market and a Whole Foods in the same location is a long shot. Whole Foods tweeted to the Flyer that there has been no announcement, while they tweeted earlier that it was announced in a conference call. Seems like the Whole Foods tweeter was confused about the initial question, said "yes" thinking that the question was about a location in Texas instead of AR. https://twitter.com/#!/WholeFoods/status/172035105265680384 But is it possible that Fresh Market would need to order 17.66 tons of concrete for their renovation of the Borders location? I have no cl
  5. Well, looks like there will be a Whole Foods in Rogers after all......in addition to the Fresh Market: http://www.facebook....&type=1 and https://twitter.com/...017871445172225 https://twitter.com/#!/WholeFoods/status/172015874864185344 https://twitter.com/#!/WholeFoods/status/172015522706227200
  6. The restaurant Eleven at Crystal Bridges is in a very prominent space in the museum. It is directly ahead as you walk in the lobby. It has to be in the coolest room of any restaurant I've ever been to. A rolling ceiling and glass on both sides. There are some pics up at http://www.ozarkecho.com/?p=2325 , the third pic is Eleven.
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