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  1. Yes. The road is going to be widened from six lanes to ten, four being toll lanes. Construction should start sometime in the 2020s. Unlike the widening project on I-77 in north Mecklenburg, the toll lanes will be owned by the state.
  2. There are plans to upgrade to two dedicated HOT lanes sometime during the 2020s. It was submitted in the last STIP.
  3. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article230947248.html Looks like the NCDOT is interested in buying the S-Line, that runs between Raleigh to the Virginia state-line. The main purpose is to help develop a commuter line from Raleigh to Wake Forest, and also new Amtrak lines, possibly including High Speed Rail, which would also run through Charlotte and the Gateway Station. I think the other takeaway is that the NCDOT is interested in buying under-utilized railways. Maybe the O-Line to Mooresville and the CSX line to Monroe could also benefit from the state buying it.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here are some possible alignments for the Pineville/Ballantyne light rail extension:
  5. Agreed. Or maybe at least an urban Lidl or Aldi. This area is close to Belmont, and that part of town desperately needs a grocery store.
  6. I might be wrong but I think there is space for two lanes, one on each side of I-485, between I-85 and I-77. Probably for HOT lanes in the future.
  7. Bojangles stores as our mass transit system. Looks pretty decent, imo. Credit to u/Road-to-100k on Reddit for this image.
  8. If CATS is considering light rail to Gastonia, then does this mean they may consider light rail expansion to other outlying towns in the metro too? Like expanding the Blue Line to the north towards Concord, the Blue Line south towards Rock Hill, and Silver Line to Monroe? Interesting that commuter rail didn’t come up as an alternative to Gastonia.
  9. What kind of economic impact will the shutdown have on Charlotte? I’m hearing that funding for SNAP and HUD runs out in March, and now I’m hearing that if air traffic controllers start calling out for work because of no paychecks, this could impact flights domestically and internationally. How worried should we be about the shutdown dragging out this long?
  10. Concept art for a redeveloped Bojangles/Ovens station area. Found it in the Silver Line Transit Study. Old considering the date but still an interesting vision for the coliseum area. Also noticed a redeveloped Briar Creek interchange. https://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/Documents/Rail Station Locations and Typologies.pdf
  11. Looks like Atrium is going to open an Urgent Care under the J. W. Clay parking deck. Hopefully we’ll get some more anchors under the light rail stations.
  12. I really want a developer, or even the city, to do something with the abandoned buildings and lots on Independence on the same side as the Varnadore building between Albemarle and Eastway. Even a conversion to a greenfield is preferred; the brownfield is by far the worst I’ve seen in Charlotte.
  13. The inner suburbs seem to be decaying in most cities, except for the most wealthiest parts, like south Charlotte. Whereas the outer suburbs continue to grow and expand. You can see this in many neighborhoods that are located in east, west, and north Charlotte. Does Charlotte have the legal ability to do the same here?
  14. How viable would it be for some sections of the third and fourth phases of the Gold Line to run in its own ROW? Besides the Central Ave CBD, it seems like it might be possible for the streetcar to have its own ROW if Central and Beatties Ford got road diets to just one lane in each side. And since both roads run parallel with a major highway (US 74/I-77), traffic shouldn’t be impacted too much, especially if the Gold Line is carrying some of the weight. It also made me think about a further expansion east down Albemarle Road, and north expansion towards Northlake Mall, if dedicated ROW was on the table.
  15. Have they spoken about the starting price of these units? As a young adult that doesn’t need a lot of space, I desperately wish more developers would build more micro-apartments in Charlotte.
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