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  1. The state is seeking a grant for US 74 between Asheville, Charlotte, and Wilmington: https://connect.ncdot.gov/resources/INFRA2020-US74/Documents/Narrative US 74 NCDOT.pdf
  2. For reference, unemployment during the Great Depression peaked at 25%. This is very troubling...
  3. I was reading the feasibility report on widening and redesigning the southern corridor of I-77, when I noticed that the plan calls for the realignment of Trade Street at the I-77 interchange. If this happens, then service to North Charlotte on the Gold Line could be disrupted in about a decade and could last for at least for a couple of years. See page 41 of this pdf: https://connect.ncdot.gov/projects/planning/FeasibilityStudiesDocuments/Feasibility-Study_0810A_Report_2015.pdf
  4. Is there a direct link to the rezoning petition in question?
  5. I’ve noticed that the newer overpasses on I-85 in Cabarrus and Rowan have room for another lane in each direction. It wouldn’t surprise me to see toll lanes on I-85 someday, especially since I-77, I-485, and US 74 will have them.
  6. The Matthews Township Parkway bridge will be replaced when Independence gets widened again in 2022. The new bridge will be more aligned north where it will cut through the old Texas Roadhouse.
  7. Does either state have plans of electrifying their main passenger lines? Especially since the Northeast Corridor is electric?
  8. Where would they go? I was under the impression the Spectrum Arena was too small.
  9. Looks like Novant is rezoning the parcel at Tryon and Mallard Creek Church. Four stories and up to 155k square footage. http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2019/154-169/2019-163 site plan.pdf
  10. Apparently the traffic around Concord Mills came to a stand-still this weekend because of Black Friday. I honestly don’t know if the new flyover they’re building is going to do any real good, especially since most people were stuck trying to leave the mall, versus entering. I can definitely see strong public support for extending the Blue Line here, especially if it means bypassing all vehicular traffic.
  11. I wonder what retailers will occupy Vivace, West Elm, and Staples. West Elm especially has a great spot at the corner of Charlottetowne and Metropolitan, and frontage towards Sugar Creek. A major retailer like H&M or Apple would be a huge win for the complex.
  12. Wake County is geographically larger than Mecklenburg. It’s actually amazing on Mecklenburg’s part that it’s taken this long for Wake to overtake it.
  13. I’m always surprised by how much younger UNCC is compared to other public universities in North Carolina. Is there a reason why Charlotte got their university late?
  14. I’m I wrong in thinking that the city should prioritize a Silver Line spur out east along Albemarle Road, versus expanding the light rail into Union or further in Gaston beyond Belmont? Not that I’m against the latter, it just seems like an overlooked corridor that should be strongly considered, especially since the current Route 9 has one of the highest ridership numbers in the system. The region also has plans of submitting to the upcoming STIP for upgrading Albemarle Road from Central to I-485. Seems like a good opportunity to work with the NCDOT to preserve ROW along the the middle of the road for future rail. Same deal with a spur to SouthPark or maybe even a Blue Line spur off onto South Tryon, out to Ayrsley and Rivergate in Steele Creek. I personally think BRT should be considered first for US 74 in Gaston from Belmont to Gastonia, and BRT from CPCC in Matthews to Monroe for Union County along US 74.
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