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  1. Third Strike

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

  2. Third Strike

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Mid-2020s. I’ve also heard that Georgia wants to widen I-85 out to the SC border at some point in time, leaving only the small gap between the GA/SC border to just before Greenville.
  3. Third Strike

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    Habit Burger Grill, CorePower Yoga, Verizon, and Bishops Cuts and Colors are going in the building across the street from Target. Still space for one more tenant.
  4. Third Strike

    Eastland Mall Redevelopment

    I’m surprised at the price point. The average selling point for homes in this area is around 100k. I’m not upset, just intrigued in how it’ll all plan out. I guess some developers see high potential in this parcel since it’s less than ten minutes away from Uptown, and having strong transit connections to Uptown, University City, and Southpark has its advantages.
  5. Third Strike

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Tear down the Circa apartments and cut off Graham between 3rd and MLK, and you should have enough space. Give it some kind of connectivity to Gateway, and now you have a modern MLB stadium.
  6. Third Strike

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    Trump wasn’t the president then, and most people did not take him or his campaign seriously. The political environment has drastically changed in America these past two years. Another Charlottesville incident is not out of the question, even if Uptown is barred off.
  7. Third Strike

    CATS Long Term Transit Plan - Silver, Red, Airport Lines

    The Koch brothers are also involved in preventing transit funding from being passed in parts of the country:
  8. Third Strike

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Here’s a complete list, including spurs, beltways, business routes, and future Interstates. Triad: I-85, I-85 Business, I-285, I-785, I-40, I-40 Business, I-840, I-73, I-74, I-274, I-77 Triangle: I-85, I-885, I-40, I-440, I-540, I-87, I-587, I-42, I-95 Charlotte: I-85, I-485, I-77, I-277, I-40
  9. Third Strike

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I specifically mentioned I-73, not I-74. I-73 will terminate in Rockingham because South Carolina has no ambitions to complete I-73 out to Myrtle Beach. And the same is true for Virginia for the north end. And I-74 and I-73 have the most ridiculous routing in the Carolinas. Why do both need to terminate in Myrtle Beach? Why doesn’t I-74 just end in Wilmington, instead of needlessly turning the other way into South Carolina? Raleigh had no issue getting the delineation for upgrading their highways out to Norfolk, a city in another state, but apparently there isn’t even an official proposal to do the same between two major NC cities. That’s what I have an issue with.
  10. Third Strike

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Funding I-73 to literally nowhere is more important to the NCDOT than connecting the largest city in the Carolinas to the largest port in NC. Four Interstate routes and spurs have been announced in the past years in Eastern Carolina, but not a single one for US 74 or even an official proposal. It’s like the NCDOT barely even recognizes anything west of the Triad. It’s pretty sad.
  11. Third Strike

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    I have deep concerns about hosting this convention in 2020. Not because this will be a GOP convention, I don’t have a problem with that, but because of how toxic and hostile the political climate will be months before the election. This has the potential to be worst than the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, and I don’t want Charlotte to become a setting for a large scale riot that this city has never seen.
  12. Third Strike

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    H&M, maybe?
  13. Third Strike

    Charlotte economy...

    This. I can’t see Charlotte surpassing any of the Texan or Californian cities.
  14. Third Strike

    Eastland Mall Redevelopment

    400k brownstones? That seems pretty bold. I still want some retail/mixed-use on the site though. And they should preserve some open space for community events like the open-air market that currently takes place every weekend there.
  15. Third Strike

    Savona Mill, Lakewood Trolley, Greenway

    I feel like the city at some point should upgrade this short corridor and connect it to the rest of the Gold Line. Not an expert but such a project shouldn’t be too expensive, right?