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  1. Third Strike

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    It’s the purple. Some of the homes and businesses have been acquired by a “1201 Central LLC”.
  2. Third Strike

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    Means most of the parcels in this block have been purchased by a company in hopes of rezoning, and subsequently, redeveloping. Considering the size of this block, and that it’s at the terminus of the Gold Line, I’m guessing apartments, retail, and maybe office space. I’m personally hoping for a new grocery store like Publix since I believe Plaza-Midwood can support two supermarkets, and that Belmont and Optimist Park will finally have close access to fresh food.
  3. This is going to be controversial, but a study was done that concluded that urban planning from decades ago is responsible for the political polarization in the USA and Canada, and the rise of right-wing extremism: The full study is in the second link. Any thoughts on this? I don’t find it too surprising considering we’ve known about white flight for some time now, but it dives into other deeper topics like automobile reliance and social isolation in the suburbs.
  4. Third Strike

    Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    The Brightline, now known as Virgin Trains USA, is going public, and a Charlotte to Atlanta line is in consideration.
  5. Third Strike

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Will the Monroe Expressway open immediately as a tollway, or will there be a few weeks/months were it will be free to ride? I think I recall NC 540 in Raleigh starting off with a “free trial”, but I’m not completely sure.
  6. Third Strike

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    You shouldn’t be that close to the crosswalk. Looks like you’re past the stop line.
  7. Third Strike

    Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    New mixed-use development at Charlottetowne, 4th Street, and Torrence Street: None of the links are working yet, so it’s unknown what the site plan entails.
  8. Third Strike

    University City Projects/News

    The boardwalk is really nice to walk on a Saturday night. It actually surprised me how pleasant it was. I’m definitely looking forward to whatever new development they bring to this shopping area. And the southside of the development was packed. The new expansion of University Place and the light rail have really changed this area.
  9. Third Strike

    Carolina Place Mall

    I could see Best Buy leaving the Centrum and going to Carolina Place once Sears closes. Reminds me how the old Best Buy at University Place dipped to Concord Mills once the other anchors relocated or closed shop. The Centrum is going have to be redeveloped at some point since that shopping center is eventually is going to become blight with all the tenants gone. Mixed used development and pushing for a an extension of the Blue Line would be ideal for that area, IMO.
  10. Third Strike

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    Wait, I thought Lidls were small like Aldi. That store looks massive.
  11. Third Strike

    Bridges at Mint Hill

    Honest question, but what’s the difference between the two? Having Target as an occupant seems like a bigger deal than a Sears or JCPenneys in this day and age.
  12. Third Strike

    Bridges at Mint Hill

    I get the feeling that they want to sell that land to somebody else. If GGP still had this plot they probably would have done something by now. A Waverly type development might work a lot better than a mall, but I have no idea if the demographics would support it.
  13. Third Strike

    Armchair Developer/Planner

    I found a pretty neat tool for redesigning streets for transit and for pedestrians: Note: it only works on desktops and tablets.
  14. Third Strike

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Whatever happened to the Simon development at the Charlotte Observer site? Was it just preliminary talks that didn’t go anywhere, or are they planning something on one of the unused parcels?
  15. Third Strike

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    What are some bars in Charlotte that are pretty laid back and not too busy on a Friday afternoon/night?