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  1. Senate just voted 26-14 to create an airport authority...so it's a done deal...pending the city's lawsuit of course
  2. just to be precise Sen Dan Clodfelter (D-Charlotte) is the person responsible for Mecklenburg not being included in the 1/2 cent transit tax bill that was passed by the legislature this year
  3. Yesterday's local Raleigh TV news reports inluded a comment from Gov. Perdue to the effect that there will be some big news within the next couple of months involving China and Charlotte as a result of her recent trade mission. Does anybody on here know what she is referring to? Based on her blog comments about the trip, I think it could involve ENN, a Chinese energy company which has recently partnered with Duke Energy to jointly develop commercial solar power projects in the United States. ENN is China's 7th largest privately owned company. Perdue toured the company during her trip and met with ENN officials, and her blog includes the following comment: "Duke Energy recognizes the promise ENN holds and has wisely tapped into it, joining together with the company in an exciting new business venture. With any luck, that relationship will blossom, leading to a permanent ENN presence in our state" So perhaps some type of ENN presence in Charlotte? That would go a long way toward establishing Charlotte as an energy hub...just a guess. Anyone know anything more specific about what this "big news for Charlotte" out of China is?
  4. I think there's another major AOR involved in addition to Little--I don't think this is all theirs
  5. so ummm..back to the project...ermmm...ok....proposed project....itself......Little is the only announced architect so far, but as I recall there were hints way back when that there would be multiple architects involved--one for the resi, one for the retail, and one for the office maybe? anyway what do you guys think--will this be all Little or do you think it likely that there would be other yet to be announced architectural firms involved as primary architects?
  6. this is light years away from founders hall--this is a project on an international scale--i'm not sure everyone really gets this yet....
  7. it looks like they're running a connector street right thru the project from S Tryon to the hotel entrance on College with an atrium/skylighty funky thing overhead--this is way beyond awesome!!
  8. I hear Junior is at the Wachovia tournament today...wonder if I can get his autograph on p. 89 of my tournament program????
  9. very observant....but then again maybe it's really 2 towers designed to look like 3-4 buildings depending on where you are viewing it from--I think I recall that being hinted at by those in the know long ago when this thread first started
  10. Told you guys Trump likes that word 'Renaissance'---and it seems particularly appropriate in this case LOL...
  11. ok admittedly I'm hesitant to post anything on here again other than a firm start date and a 3-D fly-thru rendering, but those of you who are still believers might be interested to know that at least the Charlotte preview site appears to be under construction (secure access only though) here: http://www.witnesstherenaissance.com/ FYI--TTO likes the word 'Renaissance'--check out their Trump Toronto site
  12. I have multiple highly reliable sources, and they all reflect that the Charlotte project is still alive, although it has been a struggle over the past few months due to various issues and its certainly not a definite thing at this point although those "in the know" seem cautiously optimistic. As to the mix, I would not be surprised if the original plan reportedly for 40+ story office and 70+ story hotel/resi on top of approx 200k retail base ends up being reconfirgured to better fit the market, but i have not heard that from anyone close to the project so that's just my own speculation.
  13. FYI---Trump Charlotte is very much alive. I hear that construction financing is now in place. Should not be too much longer.
  14. fyi, the light is and was already green regardless of this project; however, you're right that its demise certainly doesn't hurt
  15. All i can tell you is what I have heard--the project has become "complicated" because "the market is questionable"--whether the market that is viewed as being questionable is the national market or the local market I will leave to your speculation, but my suspicion is that it is a little of both. Having said this, let me reiterate that people are working very very hard to keep this deal together and make it work.
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