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  1. Richlord11

    Goin' to Vancouver, what to do?

    What do you want to do on the Christmas? If you have not any good type in Vancouver that you can enjoy some various cultural events — either in theatre or ballet. I really recommend maybe the best event Festival of Lights in Van Dusen Botanical Garden. This event is ideal for children as well. I also love a traditional Christmas by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra - the best classic tunes from the most famous classic man.
  2. Really interesting thread and also proof in video. Probably humans are one of the biggest impulses of global warming. Basically, we look at the air polution-maybe it´s the soundest problem in the world! As far as I know, large cities themselves pose a risk to natural balance, as it is almost impossible to control the amount waste produced by factories and households and to keep all the pollutants away from people. In my hometown air pollutants in Toronto largely contribute to about 1,700 premature deaths and 6,000 hospital admissions each year. Additionally, about 12,000 cases of childhood bronchitis and 72,000 days of asthma symptoms are believed to be caused by exposure to the air in Toronto. We need to stop these circumstances!
  3. Richlord11

    Photography tips and tricks...

    Definitely I share your view!
  4. Richlord11


    Did you like the latest performance of Tiger Woods? It´s still better and better!
  5. Richlord11

    Why we need architecture

    Simply answer. Because the architecture creates this WORLD!