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  1. Noticed the same thing when I was at Brown Street having dinner on Saturday. Also, I thought it was no longer going to be an actual street and was going to transform the space into an outdoor area with tables and stuff? The updated look and the larger sidewalks do help though...
  2. A Chipotle was shown in a recent plan for the "redevelopment" of the old Circuit City strip.
  3. So one on Woodruff, one on Haywood, and one Downtown? Wow. Wish they would hold off and do one on Church St. in conjunction with another development. I forget when it was, but was reading something recently in Entrepreneur magazine about the draw Chipotle has and what it does for the surrounding stores.
  4. They began ripping up the old median last night. Should start to see some progress down the center soon.
  5. Drove by this morning. There was machines moving at 6am with lights and quite a few well dressed people walking around. Still no updates? Also - anyone know when McBee is going to finish the retaining wall they are redoing? I think they have literally been working on it for 4-6 months. I would be pissed if I lived on one of the lower floors there.
  6. As I suspected, they began taking the wires off the "short poles", the ones that they did not replace and were poured around. When i went for a run this morning I saw they had pre-cut the concrete around the poles. I suspect they did this so they could pull them out and easily repour. Though the power lines are not berried... the less the better. there is a lot of conduit on site so I suspect they will at least put the stop light wires underground, reducing the clutter even further.
  7. FYI - seemed to be fill dirt on site when I drove by this morning. This was not there a few days ago.
  8. Per workers on site I asked - vicupstate is correct. Seed is just in place until landscaping is ready to go in. He could not comment on exactly what was to be done, but trees in the median and trees between the road and sidewalk originally planned. I dont mind the sidewalk, because the bike lane will be there also. All poles were replace, except for the shorter ones (not sure what those are for) and are the ones where the sidewalk was poured around it in two spots. I am wondering if these will come out once they take the old stop lights out. Seems weird they would pour the sidewalk,
  9. Agreed. The median will dramatically cut down on the center turning lanes. If I remember correctly there will only be turns available at Pearl/Haynie, University Ridge, and Augusta (could be one more between Pearl/Haynie and Augusta but none between Peral/Haynie and University).
  10. Regarding Church St. road work.... sidewalks done heading north, sidewalks 90% done heading South (just need to be finished at the corner of Church and University in front of the auto maintenance place there on the corner), had cones in the middle of the road last night and repainted lines on the north side to move traffic towards the sidewalk (my guess is to begin the median and they will probably do the same on the other side of the road today), the new stop light arms have gone up at Pearl/Haynie and Church and look very good. They have reduced the number of utility poles and put in new one
  11. I know the Alta Vista Neighborhood Association meeting was last night and an official from the city was supposed to be there to give updates on this project, as well as the Stables project. I will see what I can find out. Smaller and more urban sounds good to me. Wish the city would just get Hughes or someone to come in and build a mix used corner there with a smaller 30k sq ft wal-mart on the first floor and have the city foot the bill for the parking garage. The master plan calls for the city picking this up I believe and they did so at River Place also (though obviously River Place was a
  12. Is there already a master plan that involves Augusta Rd. closer to Church St.? Like from E. Faris rd crossing, through Church St., down to the West End? It seems like that would be a really important connector for extending the west end.
  13. Any idea which part of Church St? In the middle of Greenville, over the bridge, or north?
  14. After reading the above... I stumbled upon http://www.realtylinkdev.com/files/Woods_Crossing_Site_Plan_dale_s.pdf. The date lists May as the most recent revision but I see a TJ Maxx and a Chipotle. Anyone have any info on this?
  15. Project Gem was unveiled today http://www2.wspa.com/news/2011/oct/31/scio-diamond-sees-greenville-gem-ar-2631731/
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