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  1. What did I say that was racist? You haven't told me. Quote where I was racist.
  2. You haven't answered a single one of my points. Or indicated where I made a statement of if you are x, you live in x place. There has been no equating on my end. To the larger points made about the site not being feasible for affordable housing - I'd beg to differ. First, even with Scott Towers and Woodside the affordable housing stock will be incredibly low. Second, the logic that it will be too expensive, so it won't be done is a dangerous mindset. If we always let profit drive development decisions there will never be enough affordable housing. If both the developer and county/c
  3. Sure. I'll take it back, because that's not what I said. Never did I make an equivocation between race and poverty. This is what I've said. - "Low-income overwhelmingly minority (the two are statistically tied)" - "Rents are pushing low-income mostly minority families out of the downtown area." - "You're implying that public land should only be for mid-upper class largely white professionals, and that's elitist and ludicrous if not racist." Nowhere do I say all low-income people are minorities. What I did do is point out the problematic implication of your statement "Pleas
  4. Alright, let's see what I can do here without going too far off topic. Fact: Downtown rental prices are increasing. Fact: Increasing rents are pushing out low-income overwhelmingly minority (the two are statistically tied) individuals and families. Fact: Section 8 housing serves as a buffer to market forces. Fact: Section 8 housing (especially in the South) serves low income minority families (see Fact 2). Conclusion: By stating "Please no section 8 Housing" you are saying you do not want a development that serves marginalized, vulnerable families in spite of their d
  5. Because creating spaces for all people is a terrible thing. Rents are pushing low-income mostly minority families out of the downtown area. Who are you to say that certain groups of people should be excluded - especially since the land is owned by a public entity. You're implying that public land should only be for mid-upper class largely white professionals, and that's elitist and ludicrous if not racist.
  6. Word on the street is some sort of mixed use development. Stores on the bottom, condos up top.
  7. Thanks! I remember seeing some report on this earlier in the year. Any idea where that is?
  8. What's the total number of apartments built (in the last 12 months), being built, or planned right now?
  9. Phil is going to have a harder and harder time building downtown.
  10. There should not be parking in front. The building needs to front Augusta.
  11. Berea is not in West Greenville. Yes, it's west of Greenville, but it is not in the City. West Greenville generally refers to the neighborhoods directly adjacent to 123 within the city limits, including the neighborhoods West Greenville, and Southernside. These neighborhoods are overwhelmingly black. So no, my post does not go anywhere -- its validity remains the same. Yet, no matter how you define West Greenville you are comparing overwhelmingly white neighborhoods to neighborhoods that are overwhelmingly minority and saying they need be more like the white neighborhoods. That's a dangerous a
  12. Let me rephrase this into the way you meant. "I've seen a lot of black people come to Falls Park, but they don't shop on Main." There is no way to tell where a person is from simply by looking at them, unless you discern by looking at the color of their skin, and that is a dangerous flaw. Some would even call it racism. You don't look at groups of white people and say oh, you must be from Greer. As it comes across to me, you are saying I see black people downtown they must all be coming from West Greenville. And because they are not buying things their neighborhood needs to be changed
  13. That's key. I'm glad they're doing that.
  14. Southwest. Not the airport in general terms. Southwest numbers are continuing to fall. See page 14.
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