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  1. I suspect it's a national problem. On the other hand, I've read that apartments are hard to come by downtown, so it might be a good thing in the long run, particularly with the law school going in down the street.
  2. Great pics, thanks! What camera/filters/settings did you use?
  3. I think the original terminal design is great. It was built 45 years ago and to me still has great architectual integrity in the sense that it offers the best of that era. When it was built, it garnered all sorts of rewards. The terminal problems seem to be mostly interior design problems. Building that parking garage in front of it to me is like putting vinyl siding on an old house to make it appear more "updated", then realizing twenty years later your mistake.
  4. Oh well, What you say certainly makes sense, but no one really knows for certain. One positive thing about MEM as a hub is that it has been consistently downsized over the years to what is the right "fit" for the city. Even though ATL may not see some crippling increase in congestion, eliminating the MEM hub would certainly increase that congestion. So, I think it's reasonable to speculate that MEM may still have a role to play beyond a focus city, particularly as I said because MEM has already been downsized/rightsized. In any case, as I've said before, MEM has been a hub city throughout the whole Southern/Republic/Northwest saga--a good 30 yr. or longer, probably one of the longest running hubs in the US.
  5. With the merger apparently hitting some rocks right now, who knows the future of MEM as a hub. I suspect that whatever happens with NWA, MEM will toddle on off into the future as some sort of hub/focus much as it has since the fifties with Chicago and Southern/Delta/Southern/Republic/Northwest.
  6. If that's your take on things, I would suggest not coming to the Memphis subforum then.
  7. Regarding my above-post about what constitutes a strong hub, and my saying it was how much dough it took in, I just read the article posted by highriser in the Delta-NWA merger thread. A comment in the article by some airport rep said that Memphis has a greater profit margin than Detroit, and that in any competition between CVG and MEM as to what hub gets closed, MEM would be the clear winner. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2008/...taking-off-not/
  8. I thought Delta Connection, perhaps some other airline, had started nonstop Memphis-SLC flights awhile back? I don't know whether Memphis is a "strong" hub or not. I think that would be defined by how much money it makes for NWA. For all I know--and NWA ain't tellin'--it could make a ton or very little. I would say that MEM is a right-sized hub for NWA, and the San Diego nonstop reflects that. That's certainly not a route that would make it on O&D alone. If NWA leaves, Memphis will surely have lower fares, but it will not have imho have anywhere near more service.
  9. I read earlier in the week that some of the impetus for doing a merger quickly, by the third quarter, is the belief that a potential democratic administration would be more likely to nix it on antitrust grounds.
  10. I agree that MEM certainly has certain advantages that lend itself to continuing if not as a hub, then certainly as you say, as a "significant passenger airline operation." Hopefully, I'm not just blinded by some ill-advised boosterism, but historically Memphis has been a hub for one airline or another since the early seventies, and it seems that everyone has been predicting its demise since then. I'm probably not totally accurate on this, but most likely there are very few cities in the US which have been a hub for thirty-five years--ORD, DFW, DEN, ATL, LAX, and some more perhaps.
  11. Who knows what SI bases that one on. Given the fact that every other media outlet in the nation is predicting that the Hornets are not long for New Orleans, I think the writer is just talking. I don't have much faith in the investigative prowess of the local Memphis press, but I'd think if the team had seriously been considering leaving, even the dummies at the CA would have picked up on it. Maybe the fan apathy is due to the fact that Memphis isn't large enough to support two pro basketball teams.
  12. Thanks jimduke for posting that. I'd read it myself, and the rumors had been flying (pun) around a little more thickly the past few weeks. There was an aviation expert quoted towards the end of the article who said something along the lines of what you do, that MEM may not see that much of a flight reduction assuming the DL/NWA talks pan out. I have some questions which perhaps you can answer--- Can ATL handle the increased traffic if major NWA activity is shifted from MEM to ATL? Would there be any cost savings in making the shift? Also, is it conceivable that there could be a small shift in the opposite direction due to ATL's congestion? Southern did it 35 yr. ago. DL is a much larger domestic carrier than NWA and, in a sense, while MEM would lose some NWA presence, perhaps it would gain more of a DL presence. I'm thinking along the lines of the North Central merger with Southern when Memphis acquired the presence of both airlines via Republic and, subsequently, the acquisition of Republic by NWA when Memphis acquired the greater presence of NWA. Each time, Memphis was the hub for the airline being acquired. See my point?
  13. One thing I found interesting about that article was how the guy worked his way up from being a ticket agent for Southern, all the way to that top position at MEM. Best of all, he didn't even have a college degree.
  14. RK, I hope Memphis retains its hub status as well, but the handwriting might just be on the wall, not so much because of anything particular to Memphis, but just the airline industry in general. Memphis has been an airline hub since the early 70's (Southern to Republic to Northwest) and, I've read it's one of the longest running hubs in the US. So, if it gets dehubbed that shouldn't be a surprise. But given that fact, and the fact that it's the no. 1 cargo hub in the world, I would think the airport commission is certainly experienced in the ways to maximize Memphis' role in aviation.
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