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  1. I suspect it's a national problem. On the other hand, I've read that apartments are hard to come by downtown, so it might be a good thing in the long run, particularly with the law school going in down the street.
  2. Great pics, thanks! What camera/filters/settings did you use?
  3. Who knows what SI bases that one on. Given the fact that every other media outlet in the nation is predicting that the Hornets are not long for New Orleans, I think the writer is just talking. I don't have much faith in the investigative prowess of the local Memphis press, but I'd think if the team had seriously been considering leaving, even the dummies at the CA would have picked up on it. Maybe the fan apathy is due to the fact that Memphis isn't large enough to support two pro basketball teams.
  4. The newly announced Fourth Street project at Union has also proposed a hotel.
  5. Right, there's certainly no building in that area of Front St. which resembles the rendering of Mirabella.
  6. Well there are also 358 in conversion and and 532 under construction which aren't included in the 1010 proposed figure.
  7. Here's another list for downtown: Total Number of Condominium Units Complete, Planned or Under Construction: 2,855 Prepared By: Center City Commission Updated March 2, 2006 New Upcoming Condos Name Units 2 W GE Patterson 19 420 S Front 36 456 Tennessee 26 92-96 S Main 18 Front Bluff 34 Front Street Condos 12 Hoover Building 42 Hunt Phelan Phase 2 24 Machine Shop Condos 14 Metal Museum 30 Mirabella 60 One Beale 160 Pinch Place 64 River Crest 11 The 444 42 The ForeFront 26 The Horizon 350 The Nettleton 34 The Phoenix 8 Total 1010 Condos Conversions In Progress
  8. Great New Orleans pic. I can almost see my old Bywater house. Memphis' Central Station apts: Downtown Memphis apts:
  9. Don't take it the wrong way, but I think the Center City pic looks the most interesting of the three. Of course, looking interesting and actually living there might be two different things. I imagine even the Everly Brothers got out as soon as they made some dollars. Had a brother in law who worked on equipment maintenance in those coal mines around Center City.
  10. sleepy


    Even if that's all there was going on, I think those developments are pretty exciting in their own right. Then, you've got the Tunica airport which I believe is now flying in 737's. And, too, DeSoto County is something on the order of the 35th fastest growing county in the US, and you have Tunica as the 3rd largest gambling center. So, I think with all that, there will be a lot of new development going on in the Memphis/Mississippi metro area.
  11. Well, since you've got some inside track maybe, perhaps you could keep us updated on the status of the Memphis project to turn the old Chisca Hotel into some sort of Hilton development, as well as the status on the Memphis downtown Embassy Suites. Also, if you find out, I'd be really curious to know the name of the "5 star" hotel being pitched for Memphis' One Beale project. Finally, any info on the hotel operator for that proposed domed resort thing in Tunica?
  12. Hey, just the magic of the market!
  13. Yeah, I remember going with my dad through Copperhill and Ducktown in the 60's. It was devastated back then and was really amazing to see coming from the North Carolina side which was all green.
  14. I was born and raised in Memphis--where the "Atlantic State" of Tennessee meets the "Gulf State" of Arkansas. We have a lot of beaches. Spent 2 yr. in Nashville, and 25 years in New Orleans, and now live in southern Minnesota.
  15. Well, the nearest metro to me is Minneapolis. I'm interested in Arksansas though because I was born and raised in Memphis and my mother was from Newport. Plus, I have cousins in Forrest City.
  16. I thought I'd introduced myself on this thread way back when, but did a quick look of the posts and couldn't find mine. Anyway, I was born and raised in Memphis, left Memphis at 17 to go to school in Nashville, quit school at 19 and went back to Memphis, left Memphis at 20 and moved to New Orleans, left New Orleans at age 46 and now reside in smalltown Minnesota. Why am I interested in Arkansas? Well, my mom was born and raised in Newport and I spent a good deal of time there at my uncle's farm from the time I was born until he died in 2000. My family has an annual reunion in Cave Cit
  17. Yeah, Tennessee always had those 3 Grand Divisions, and most Tennesseans in each one were more interested in what was going on in their neck of the woods-- and surrounding states--rather than what was going on in Tennessee overall. I had a friend who grew up in Jackson MS 200 miles south of Memphis and his parents got home delivery of the Memphis newspaper. To buy the Memphis paper east of the Tennessee River, I think you'd have to look long and hard. Each area just goes its merry little way. I grew up in Memphis and was probably 16 or so before I ever went to Nashville or Knoxville,
  18. You know, I lived in NO for years, and many people sorta looked down their noses at Baton Rouge, figuring it was a big Jackson MS. For me, it was always a waystation on the road to Houston or cajun country. For that reason, I never really spent much time there exploring the place. That was always one of the downsides to living in NO: when you live in New Orleans long enough, your horizons narrow a bit maybe extending to Acadiana and the MS Coast, and New Orleans becomes the center of that little universe. I was aware of that when I lived there, yet still fell prey to that mindset. Ever
  19. Right. There's that old saying--don't let the perfect kill the good.
  20. sleepy


    LOL! Take out your geography books and pay attention. I probably won't post here too much because it makes me too homesick.
  21. sleepy


    A quibble-- The forum is described in part as encompassing "New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the Mississippi Delta". The Mississippi Delta is out of place. As a region, it refers to that portion of Mississippi in the northwest corner of the state, extending from Vicksburg to Memphis, bordering Arkansas and Tennessee for the most part. On the west side of the Mississippi in Arkansas, there is also a similar Arkansas Delta. In any case, large chunks of the Delta are in the Memphis msa, and Memphis is generally considered the "capital" of the Delta. Basically, both those regions are ju
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