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  1. When I was trying to develop it the city expressed no interest in me giving them half of the property so I am not really sure what if any designs the city would have with that property.
  2. I appreciate the help and yes there are plenty of examples in that area that go toward making the point. Unfortuantly, common sense and resonable discussion has been thrown out of the window. LIke I said, I cannot see how someone who looks at this objectivly does not think that a solid multifamily use is perfect for that area. I can understand if someone has issues with the design and really nothing is set in stone at this point, but the limitations and challanges of the property also limit design options. I will be very impressed if the Staff and Planning Commission will be able to make a
  3. I know there are some members on this site who are proponents of this project and I would like to extend the invitation to anyone who would like to join me in stepping in front of the firing squad next Thursday and make an argument for well thought out urban development versus decisions based on fear and a NIMBY attitude. I think the neighboorhood has all the right in the world to let their feelings be known and their opinions considered. Likewise, if the planning commission truly believes that this project is not good for the area I have no problem with them rejecting the project. I do hav
  4. I appreciate the postive comments guys and yes I know and have always known that I would be fighting a serious uphill battle concerning this project. I have had several meetings with the local community over the last several months and most of those I have met with I have felt walked away feeling better about the project. I understand the communities concern and I also understand the sensitive and important nature this location and have worked very hard to try to put together a project that not only had the mass to hold anchor at such a vital point in this neighborhood but also remained as
  5. I really liked the term Livery and gave that some thought but I think you just kind of think of Liver. I really appreciate all the suggestions so far.
  6. Yes, I have considered some light retail element for this project, and I agree that I it would be a great success. However I think if I proposed something like that it would never make it through rezoning as the current residents already feel intruded on by all the pedestrian, bike and car traffic that area generates. That area is really a very delicate balancing act and it is hard to determine what will tip the scales. Personally I would love to see a small coffee, bakery, restaurant on that site as well, but with my relatively small footprint I have to work with because of the flood way,
  7. Yeah I had the same concerns about the term Stables but I thought everything that had the term of residential unit sounded kinda off. Also the current trend for higher end properties is having it named as a destination as apposed to a complex which I tend to like. Well reserving Park Stables only cost me fifteen dollars so I am still open, and I do like the Paddocks name. However I would really like to keep some nod to the history of the spot which has always revolved around horses.
  8. Rooms With A Zoo is an awesome advertising idea. right now I am leaning heavily toward. " ParkStables " Mainly because parkstables.com is available, but nothing is set in stone yet.
  9. The unit size is still a moving target but it appears that the 1 bedroom will but a little over 900sqft. The two bedrooms will about 1250-1300sqft and the 3 bedrooms will be from 1350 to maybe one that is 1500. About the highest price point for units in a complex of any kind is $1.25 per foot up to $1.30. You will find some condo units and top floor space on main st going for higher. I will be looking at $1.55 to a $1.60 per sqft so this is raising the bar significantly. I am not sure what the asking price will be for the 100 East Development, but I know he got a pretty good deal on th
  10. The plan is for a long term hold as rentals.
  11. I had a feeling this project might show up on here. I am the developer for this project and we still have a lot of hurdles to get over before this thing becomes a reality. I held a meeting last Thursday night at the Cain Halter YMCA to gauge the attitude toward this project from those living in a three block radius. We had a turn out of about 43 concerned people but for the most part it was received much better than I could have hoped. There will still be some opposition but I am hoping to keep it to a minimum with information and some open communication between me and the resident
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