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  1. I like the idea of The New Urbanism. My only complaint is the manifestations we're seeing our cities: huge buildings which mimic what a group of many buildings would once have served in order to provide for mixed uses. It is not a durable way to build a neighborhood, because old and obsolete buildings can't be removed and replaced piecemeal as time goes by. When that huge neighborhood-mimicing building becomes old and obsolete, the only way to replace it is by tearing out the whole neighborhood and displacing hundreds of peoples' dwellings or jobs. I assume that the only way thy were able to get the big developers on-board was to offer large tracts of land to develop into these NU villages, but I don't think they will age as well as blocks of independent, individually-built buildings do in older neighborhoods which the NU model covets. MM
  2. Haw haw. I must use that sometime when debating with my friends about the pros and cons of the latest development MM
  3. Starting at 255k... A little steep for me, but the wealthy types who are getting tranferred in for BofA and such will probably gobble these up... MM
  4. Where exactly will this be in Charlotte? Pardon my ignorance... MM
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