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  1. Any chance the Hawthorne Lane delay is due to a redesign of the bridge to accommodate Silver Line. Just speculation. Interested to see what comes from the public meeting.
  2. I'm all for a railfan/train watching park feature, or is that just me lol.
  3. Noticed they cleared this lot by Graham Interlocking. Is something going here or is it just the railroad clearing vegetation for whatever reason.
  4. It is an alternate to the NCRR which NS fully owns. The NCRR is state owned and leased to NS which uses it as their mainline. It is a contingency plan if anything ever goes south with the the state and also allows NS more power in negotiations. NS is the reason the NCRR is maintained to class IV and potentially class V FRA track. The state would have to start a whole maintenance division as well as find funding if NS were to walk away. The O-Line is what allows NS the ability to walk away if things ever went really sour. Hence why they are so stingy with it even though they barely use it. As the state continues to add more passenger trains on the NCRR as well as commuter rail in certain sections, I don't blame NS for playing hard ball although it is really frustrating as a huge proponent for passenger rail.
  5. They were built for heritage, hourly weekend, separated right of way operations, not seven day a week 6am-11pm, start-stop, street running operations. Hence why they were unreliable. They weren't designed for the service they have operated in on the Gold Line. They were partially built with reused European (I believe Milan) running gear. Hence why parts are hard to find. Don't blame the tool, blame the people who thought these were adequate for modern streetcar ops. Also, I heard Little Rock was possibly interested in the vehicles, they use the same type on their heritage streetcar line.
  6. O-Line will never be sold as long as the NCRR is state owned. It is a political bargaining chip.
  7. Some construction shots and a Gomaco appreciation shot. Those things have been worked way past what they were originally built for in daily revenue service.
  8. I think it was likely engineered with an underpass in mind if extended.
  9. What about a stop right here. Isn't A north supposed to expand out this way. Make this a new airport transit center with it's own TSA entrance and joint bag check.
  10. Encountered a scooter riding wrong way (against the flow)on Stonewall the other day. Had traffic behind me and next to me with construction fencing taking any room from the curb for them to pass. They were lucky I didn't hit them. Not the first time I have seen this since the launch of the scooters. Preceded to be flipped off when I laid on the horn. All it will take is one accident for the city to really crackdown, hopefully people can learn to utilize these safely as I believe it is a great concept.
  11. As a urban/railroad photographer who photographs both trains, structures, and other industrial facilities, I have been confronted many times before. I carry around this "photographers bill of rights" and it is a valuable tool to have if you take pictures frequently. If you were indeed on Tryon, you are well within your rights to take as many photographs as you desire.
  12. Thank you for the compliment! What you said is completely true and is probably why I have always found the industry so fascinating and why rail photography has always been a hobby. I too love the AC&W paint scheme. The crossing is Eastway Drive! Also of note, the CSX line from Charlotte to Monroe is far busier than it was a few years ago. At least that's my observation in the past two days. I now have serious doubts CSX would let it go.
  13. Thought some here would enjoy. Charlotte Railroading, captured over the last two days.
  14. Caught three separate people hopping the fence and crossing the tracks with cases of beer tonight. Two walking down to Sycamore and one walking back to Tripple C
  15. Briar Creek Greenway Mint Museum Randolph Segment nearing Completion. The section through the Cawtaba Land Conservancy property is absolutely stunning in terms of tree density. Also the meandering tributary is much nicer than the concrete ditch that used to be in place.
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