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  1. My understanding from a few contacts is that Novant has final say on most of the vacant parcels and is being very conservative if not downright against any development on these parcels. They are worried about needing them in the future for hospital expansion. The gist I got is that Novant is holding this strip hostage.
  2. They definitely are different. Different chimes and tuning. There are many in the railfan community who collect different types and can tell you what model just based on sound. I have many useless skills but this is one I have yet to master haha.
  3. Would escalators be feasible at the transfer station? Seems like an easy fix on the extra step problem.
  4. Took advantage of quiet holiday streets. Almost there.
  5. Just thinking out loud, a terminus station on the grounds of the NC Transportation museum at Spencer would be pretty sweet. Not to mention it is state land with plenty of space for layover tracks.
  6. Was Laurel Market Included in this? One of Charlotte's hidden gems at lunchtime.
  7. You have your junctions confused. Charlotte Junction is out towards the Airport along Wilkinson where the NS Charlotte District mainline and R-line towards Columbia split. The diamond/junction with CSX (downtown) is called Graham Interlocking. There are no plans for a wye there. NCDOT also wants a wye at Charlotte Junction so intermodal trains can come off the R-line and into the intermodal facility without making a reverse move. NCDOT operates all their trains except for the Carolinian push-pull so I really don't think it will be a huge loss for passenger rail. The wye is more of a
  8. Terrible quality and I shot it vertical but hey it's something. Five Points to CTC timelapse on January 4th. https://youtu.be/QZhX937guPw
  9. Most have both, the bell is usually used at intersections and entering and leaving stations. The horn is for drivers/pedestrians who get to close/distracted around the multi-ton rail vehicle.
  10. This will be a hard sell to NS. They have four directional routes that converge at the current yard location, the P&N transfer, and the CSX Transfer. I'm all for moving the yard out to the airport but the likelihood of that happening is low. NS wanted a new intermodal ramp, they usually only do projects they want, hence why they worked with the City. I'm not sure what's in it for them here.
  11. If he is anything like the RTD cops (I assume he is) that gadget does indeed print tickets but not the good kind lol.
  12. Is the Charlotte City Council really struggling to approve funding to move the Silver Line's design forward? This is the critical step to get the project rolling towards FTA funding. I saw they delayed voting on the study but should we be concerned that the money actually has a chance of not being approved? I live in Colorado now so I'm a little removed from Charlotte's current city council's voting tendencies.
  13. I think a good example of how to do modern commuter rail is RTD's electrified commuter rail which runs on 15 minute headways on two of the three operational lines (the 4th will be 20 minute peak). Just learn from RTD and don't try to go overboard with PTC and cause flaggers to have to be stationed at every crossing for two years as well as delay the opening of one line for the same amount of time.
  14. Came off the Little Sugar Creek Greenway today to a pleasent suprise. A new cycle track that connects the trail under I-277 and into 1st Ward. Somehow I missed this one, I knew about closing the gap over Independence but not about this connection.
  15. Any chance the Gold Line opens without the last two stations? They can still use the crossover at Hawthorne and 5th while they figure out the bridge situation. Seems to be taking forever, I seriously think they may be reengineering it at this point.
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