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  1. A pizza joint is obviously nothing to get excited about, but the article said nothing of them opening a location at BullStreet Common. I'm as anxious as every else to find out what will locate there.
  2. Here are a few photos from Pride last weekend with an estimated 55,000 in attendance.
  3. The bus station should move back to their old location on Blanding at Sumter or next to the Amtrak Station.
  4. I think we will see Columbia's (city) growth rate accelerate in 2014 - 2016 with all of the downtown housing projects newly open, under construction and planned. I predict we will exceed 140,000 by the 2017 estimates, if not by 2016.
  5. I like the one on the left except buses will never be confused with rapid transit.
  6. 277 was originally supposed to connect to 126 and continue along the river to 77 near Bluff Road. This plan was nixed because it would have ruined the Cottontown, Earlewood Park and Elmwood Park neighborhoods.
  7. waccamatt


    I like the cladding; it will look awesome when finished.
  8. It will be a restaurant called "Bourbon" with New Orleans cuisine.
  9. I think they should convert the Coliseum into the a new student union - there could be retail and restaurants where the concourse is located and install an ice skating rink where the basketball court is.
  10. I think you're referring to American Apparel, which closed many of their locations across the country. I was disappointed when they closed because I liked their t-shirts.
  11. Maybe in Florida at the beach, but this isn't Florida or the beach. I'm not particularly fond of the artwork, but anything beats the former Rodeway Inn.
  12. I purposely never ate there because the owner ticked me off with her bellyaching about a possible taco street vendor. Bad karma.
  13. I think the best use for the Babcock Building is as an Inn - I think it would be very popular if renovated correctly.
  14. The steak house will be a nice addition to Main Street and the location is beautifully restored.
  15. I agree that the wig shops are ugly and for me, they hold no appeal, but I'm sure the market they serve is glad they're there. Quite honestly, I'd never want to see Columbia become so elitist that stores like that have no place.
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