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  1. Relating to the Northside, the former Mountasia/Funtasia/Funwerks/Blessed Fun/Fantasy Island has been demolished except for the arcade, which has been sold. I wonder what could eventually go there - more fast food/restaurants, or a grocer and pharmacy?
  2. Moot point by now, but I could maybe have seen a Harris-Teeter or even Publix moving into the old Save-A-Lot. They both build urban locations (two Harris-Teeters are near Downtown Greenville, possibly at least one of them near some lower-income neighborhoods and housing), and Harris-Teeter had two successful locations through the early 2000's (the Eastside one was open since at least the late 80's). We probably lost them to one of the recessions around 2001-2002 (never knew why they left). Slightly OT, but the BI-LO on the Northside will also need replacing soon (surprised that KJ's Mar
  3. I was driving near Target/IHOP (formerly IHOB) tonight, and saw where the old Compadre's Mexican Grill building was sold (this building was originally used for Symposium Cafe back in the mid-2000's). Anyone know what will be going there? Also, some sad news...Shogun recently closed its doors for good in late June after 21 years. I didn't make it there too often, but enjoyed the food and service/atmosphere every time I visited. I have not seen any signs or news indicating if the building or property are for sale yet.
  4. I just know something like this will be successful! Downtown Spartanburg could use more fast-casual and casual dining places (along with the higher-end spots, of course!) I've always thought at one point Taco Dog could open a downtown location.
  5. UPDATE: For anyone wondering about this development... Andrew's Atomic Dogs is set to open on Union Street in Spartanburg in the next 2 weeks . I got a quick peak inside and talked with the owner. He will offer free Wi-Fi in addition to great food, and it will be both a great spot for the family, friends, work lunches, and for intimate date nights. Fact: Andrew's beat Skins Hot Dogs of Anderson, SC in a chili dog tasting contest held in Greenville. ‪#‎visitspartanburg‬ ‪#‎lovewhereyoulive‬ ‪#‎onesparranburg‬
  6. Not sure if this belongs here, but does anyone know what is going on with Andrew's Atomic Dogs which is supposed to open on Union Street sometime this summer? (In the old P.K.'s) I spoke with the owner about this place back in March, and he stated that he tried a taste-test between these and Skins' hot dogs at an event in Greenville, and that people responded very well to this concept. I can already tell it has great potential.
  7. For anyone on here who liked eating here, Steak Royale (formerly Steak & Ale) off Business I-85 has closed (I was in there the 2nd or 3rd week in March so I do not know when they closed exactly). They have came back from closure before when they were Steak & Ale and the chain permanently closed all (or most) of its restaurants excepting the one in Spartanburg. The Spartanburg one did close but came back as Steak and Spirits, then later Steak Royale. They kept some of their original cooks, wait staff, and perhaps management. I do not know if there are any plans to bring it back this
  8. I will say for sure that QT's Hearon Circle location (combined with the renovated McDonald's) makes that area look newer and cleaner. Though I do miss the old Dairy Dream. Hopefully they will make QT fit into the urban code, but it should also help the area some (maybe the hotels will actually be gone as a result).
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