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  1. Can you spot the one that doesn't belong??
  2. I dont know what the first one is took that in the salt marshes between mt. plesant and Isle of palms. The Bald Eagle is living up in Monks Corner, SC.
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the staging area they had to construct for this project? Were running into "similar" issues down here in Charleston, I'd like to show some people in my office how critical staging is for the continual progress of projects.
  4. As long as this does not coincide with my buddies wedding weekend, I'll make it a point to get back into town. Slipping my mind when hes getting married right now though
  5. I saw this posted in the Charlotte subreddit earlier today. It'd be awesome if someone could one day capture the same shot from the north with the skyline visible (if that's possible)
  6. Quick little timelapse I set up yesterday, hopefully it plays fine. IMG_0680.MOV
  7. Ran back up for the approaching storms, ran back down when I saw lightning. Wish I had a camera I could have left set up. IMG_0403.MOV
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