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  1. Novant is land-banking to maintain options for “keeping up with the Jones’s”, who maintain a more impressive campus on Blythe Blvd. and will soon control even more of the corridor across morehead where the new clinics are opening and the med school campus and research labs will go. If Novant is going to partner with UNC to bring a satellite school or more of its clinical teaching programs to the area, it’ll need as much property in the Elizabeth Avenue corridor as possible. It’s just a shame to see what was once Elizabeth’s East Blvd continue to sit in such an underutilize
  2. I promised a skyline shot from this construction site. Here it is, not what I was hoping for… but, gotta get it before 12 and 26 stories block this view:
  3. Work continues at morehead and Euclid. Will try to grab a skyline shot from the site this week.
  4. Liking this blue sky on a late Friday afternoon:
  5. This morning’s progress at Morehead and Euclid:
  6. Another pop up thunder storm rolling in:
  7. Carl Childers says: “reckon’ I’ll have me one of tha’ bigguns’”. If your too young for sling blade, watch that great movie.
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