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  1. Bad storm starting any second
  2. Morehead side of 277 today. It’s hot outside!
  3. Stairway to heaven...
  4. Happy Friday! This view makes working late tolerable.
  5. Progress at sharon and Morrison. Hard to believe stonewall jackson’s widow once lived on this land.
  6. One flagship blockbuster video store.
  7. Storm clouds are gathering
  8. I hope uptown does get retail that makes sense for its residents, daily workers, and out of town visitors. I’m a native Charlottean and I’ve always had high hopes that uptown would one day develop complete amenities that many large cities and some of the cities cited in the posts above have long enjoyed. However, many of us are not interested in going uptown to shop regardless of whether the retail is there or not and regardless of whether we work there or not each day. I’m about to move my office to morehead street from Ballantyne blah blah land, but I still doubt I’d do much, if any, uptown shopping other than maybe the walk to Whole Foods. I live a stone’s throw away from Southpark mall. If I want to shop anywhere other than online or costco, I’m going to Southpark. I don’t love Southpark. In fact, I generally hate going there and I generally hate that it’s a huge box that prevents the creation of a street grid connecting the surrounding areas, creates traffic headaches, and creates an unfriendly pedestrian environment, However, parking is free and the location is very convenient at least for us south charlotteans who live out our glorious suburban fantasies in our oversized homes on half acre or greater lots, with multiple cars, multiple kids, and multiple golden retrievers. Now, about this new Duke tower. It looks sweet, sounds good, and seems to be a slight improvement over the parking but. Although, one could make an argument that the parking hut was a historic bastion of what is increasingly becoming a bygone era uptown aside from in Mr. Levine’s sublimely preserved ward.
  9. Checking out new office space on Morehead today
  10. From Ballantyne today.
  11. Why don’t you go start a chick-fil-a thread in the Atlanta forum and spew your political vitriol over there. The rest of us can discuss the BBT Suntrust merger which is something that I’m very excited about. Two historically well run banks that didn’t need golden parachutes to survive 2008 combining forces and choosing the QC as the new HQ. Great news for the city of Charlotte. Given we didn’t have to dole out a big incentive package to attract the HQ, it truly says something about the quality of banking and business talent available in this market, this market’s ability to attract talent, and growing recognition in the banking industry and beyond that Charlotte is a great place to do business. Keep the momentum going!
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