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  1. From my perch on Morehead.
  2. Humid out there today. Bonus shot of English crime golden wearing shoes (in southpark of course).
  3. Can we get a Homer Simpson drooling emoji...? The heart and the trophy don’t cut it for this one.
  4. I really enjoy the ongoing debate and discussion above. The information and viewpoints shared are very informative as I’ve seen many sentiments relevant to my life and my niche area of my profession seemingly change over the last decade, but without people speaking very openly about them, especially people espousing different views. I’d love to be able to see the demographic and socio-economic data related to all of our posters to better understand where many are coming from and to better assess whether and to what extent certain views are common across certain demographic or socio-economic groups, or are otherwise more nuanced and related to factors that are more micro than macro. The only thing that bothers me about this discussion is the willingness of some to engage in name-calling and labeling (this applies to folks on all ends of the spectrum; I’m not singling any one person or group out). The name calling will hopefully lessen over time as folks with different views become more accustomed to discussing these subjects. I recognize I’m not contributing my substantive viewpoints in this forum, but I do appreciate what all of you have to say because the best thing a person like me can do right now is listen and keep doing my best to treat my fellow human beings from all walks of life with the dignity and respect they deserve regardless if I disagree with their perspective.
  5. A beautiful day indeed. My beach sculpture of Chet from Weird Science (the movie when he got turned into the blob-like creature) approves!
  6. The lighting reflection is from a new lighting feature on NASCAR plaza, not my office ceiling lights.
  7. From my office in my essential business...
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