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  1. hinsp0

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    Yep. Didn’t hear much outcry when almost the entirety of first ward was gentrified (with the exception of a handful of “affordable” housing units).
  2. hinsp0

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I remember when One First Union was finished and enjoyed a special trip to the top floor. The view was better than the previous best (the old Slug’s restaurant). Anyways, there was no Ballantyne in 1988, but here’s a picture of uptown from Ballantyne today.
  3. hinsp0

    Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    Dreamweaver is very undude. You’re being very undude, dude. But, at least you’re not humming anything by The Eagles...
  4. hinsp0

    2019 Predictions

    I very much appreciate that you aren’t seeking taxpayer paid incentives. However, you may want to flirt with the South Carolina forum. I understand they may offer you 18,000 likes to relocate. That’ll put you over 40,000.
  5. hinsp0

    2019 Predictions

    1 more Fortune 500 HQ. Atrium Heapth releases renderings of its planned substantial modernization and bed expansion for the main tower of the CMC Main campus. The current Commercial high rise cycle continues as Duke breaks ground on its new HQ, LU 2 steams ahead, and dirt moves on the site of a mystery 500 footer. Blockbuster Video finally breaks ground on the Elizabeth 7th street store it planned in 1993. Likely to be at the corner of Seventh and Caswell since the quality development once planned there is entirely killed by Elizabeth Community Association opposition. Panthers Rebound nicely in 2019 and clinch a playoff birth with Coach Rivera still at the helm. The Southpark area begins to look much more dense, especially along Sharon north of Fairview when the ski slope church project tops out and the redevelopment of the sharon corridor along Morrison and colony begins construction. It becomes more likely that a recession is inevitable when the E-Scooter market craters. Yet, it’s replacement, the Entity, suddenly becomes a major economic driver that gives GDP growth a surprise boost in Q3 and a boost that greatly exceeds all analyst predictions after many Americans enjoy the extra disposable income they discover from the first tax refund received post enactment of the Trump administration’s tax plan. #cancelsouthpark
  6. hinsp0

    The Bad News Report

    Yes, then Monsoon’s name changed, but the reign of terror continued. I actually fear posting about this because it may return...
  7. hinsp0

    Amazon HQ2

    Ok. Perhaps a moderator could move this thread to the Africa forum. There haven’t been any posts in 8 years!
  8. hinsp0

    Amazon HQ2

    Glad to see someone around here has some tegrity!
  9. hinsp0

    Amazon HQ2

    Most delicious dilworth bungalow replica I’ve ever seen. But where’s the Krispy Kreme?
  10. hinsp0

    Amazon HQ2

    Use your billions to buy a condo in Manhattan. You will be fulfilled!
  11. hinsp0

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Yes. I believe it’s the one on the left.
  12. hinsp0

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Overall, the market was down 79.4 points today. However, there was a bullish trend in afternoon trading. Took a stroll in Ballantyne Corporate Park this afternoon and thought I’d share this.
  13. hinsp0

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Coming into town at the intersection of Park and Fairview yesterday afternoon. Not great quality, but it’s the first time in a long time that I haven’t had a line of cars in front of me obstructing the view.
  14. hinsp0

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    From Ballantyne today.
  15. hinsp0

    Honeywell HQ to Charlotte!

    A source confirms that Crescent is developing 10’000 foot mountains in the River District. The mountains will be pedestrian friendly.