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  1. Starting to make its presence felt from Morehead Street. First photo is from today, second is about two weeks ago.
  2. This evening And a lovely day in my neighborhood last week.
  3. Wish I had a comparison shot from 20 years ago.
  4. Looking into Southend today. Same, but along the blue line.
  5. The building in the middle could’ve had the best bank name and logo of them all: Wachovia! It was not meant to be.
  6. Shot 1: it’s not Charlotte unless you frame it with power lines and trees. Shot 2: Better when framed only by foliage.
  7. Tower cranes rising behind the Westin.
  8. Nc mountains: linville across from grandfather. Last weekend
  9. Density on S. Tryon and S. College is astounding. I remember spending many a day in or outside of 600 S. College when it was just a refurbished warehouse dating back to the late 1800s. I used to park in a gravel lot across the street on College where the Westin and Regions buildings now sit. But those were simpler times when much of our work was done on paper and sent via snail mail...
  10. Grey looking toward Stonewall (no pun intended): A couple more this morning;
  11. A few shots from Southpark this morning
  12. There used to be a program to house portions of the homeless population in some of the old hotels on Wilkinson. The idea was to put people making an effort or accepting assistance to return to the workforce in a stable location so they had a roof over their head, and a relatively private place to sleep and clean up. That program ended years ago. I won’t go into all the reasons why, but suffice to say there were many; some rational, but more irrational, speculatively fear-based or politically driven. A rebirth of sorts is occurring with this long dormant program. However, at
  13. Tonight and a bonus shot from my morning dog walk of the home used as Broadie’s house during the first two seasons of Homeland.
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