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  1. Considering how much a tesla costs I would not say cutting out the middle man saved you money. But hey your 60K purchase helps to fund a rocket lmao. Anyways not gonna get into the build quality issues or any of the other issues of Tesla. Back realistic options for the 36th site. I know in Whitehall they brought in a massive amount of dirt in to build new lake front homes on White lake. It was a former tannery with contaminated ground. Anyway to clean up the property to build new townhouses and apartments? Another neat idea would be a small IP amusement park like Sesame place in Philadelphia and San Diego.
  2. Tesla is anti dealer. I work for a small family owned dealer in a small town north of Muskegon. The dealership is a major pillar in the town. Provides good jobs and a needed service to folks in the small town. Tesla wants people to buy a car online. Michigan was built on the back of the auto industry. Tesla wants to ruin all of it. Michigan has so many jobs from people that design the car, build the car, ship the car, clean the car, sell the car, service the car ect ect. The United States has around 18k new car franchises. The 18k stores provide good paying and benefit jobs to communities all over county. Now picture instead of new car stores, we have 2 tesla showrooms per state. The massive amount of lost jobs and empty buildings would be crazy
  3. Tesla wants to kill every small town in America. I want nothing to do with Tesla in Michigan
  4. I keep hoping to see a large scale waterpark or Amusement park within the city limits
  5. I go to a lot of Drive games. I would be upset if they moved. Drive have one of the highest attendances in the G leauge while the Pistons have one of the lowest in the nba
  6. Would Grdadof3 do his usual paint rectangle to show where the office building would go and height
  7. I always fly grr cause I know the airport and its convenient for me. But it seems like a lot of the time Chicago is still killing us on price.
  8. I like that high rise they show in those images. Hopefully one day...
  9. When me and my wife travel it still boggles my mind how little people outside of Michigan have heard of Grand Rapids
  10. Grand rapids metro ranks very high in population. But the cities population ranks very low. I would like in the next 10 years to see the city of Grand Rapids hit 250k people
  11. This is going to be taller then the Gallery on Fulton correct?
  12. Given the trend along the highway I would guess parking garage lol
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