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  1. The "tone" of UrbanPlanet Grand Rapids and its future

    I enjoy this forum. Good source of info and pics of what is going on in Grand Rapids
  2. 601 Bond

    I cant find the renderings. Is this project brick and 16 stories?
  3. 42 story building coming to downtown GR

    section 8 housing lol
  4. How will the downtown apartment market shake out?

    Me and my wife had our house sell in 4 days. We had a difficult time finding a house. Luckily a couple months later we were able to offer well above asking and get into a new house. Point of the story is 3 month rental agreements are great to people who sell there homes to quickly or just move into the area
  5. I hope as they build this complex in phases that they don't drop the tower portion
  6. The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    Local Mocha Coffee? I have always enjoyed breakfast at Local Mocha
  7. 42 story building coming to downtown GR

    Wasn't this project announced last July? Its only been a year. Hopefully we hear some good news soon or see new renderings!
  8. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    Being that Sears is my favorite store It saddens me to seem them all going under
  9. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Really going to change that corner. Crazy driving through the s curves now and seeing all the new infill. Arena Place and bobville filled one hole and this will fill another between the Courthouse and Mckay tower
  10. New Embassy Suites - Monroe North

    I still cant believe after all these years we finally have vertical construction
  11. I think city leaders need to require so much parking per apartment or office sq ft. Easy
  12. Population Growth

    I grew up just north of Muskegon, and Most people I knew commuted to GR for work and events
  13. New Embassy Suites - Monroe North

    I can really picture north Monroe becoming a hip area in a few years
  14. New Embassy Suites - Monroe North

    I never thought I would actually see dirt moved on this site for a hotel