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  1. I keep hoping to see a large scale waterpark or Amusement park within the city limits
  2. I go to a lot of Drive games. I would be upset if they moved. Drive have one of the highest attendances in the G leauge while the Pistons have one of the lowest in the nba
  3. Would Grdadof3 do his usual paint rectangle to show where the office building would go and height
  4. I always fly grr cause I know the airport and its convenient for me. But it seems like a lot of the time Chicago is still killing us on price.
  5. I like that high rise they show in those images. Hopefully one day...
  6. When me and my wife travel it still boggles my mind how little people outside of Michigan have heard of Grand Rapids
  7. Grand rapids metro ranks very high in population. But the cities population ranks very low. I would like in the next 10 years to see the city of Grand Rapids hit 250k people
  8. This is going to be taller then the Gallery on Fulton correct?
  9. Given the trend along the highway I would guess parking garage lol
  10. Basketball Football Hocley Baseball Knitting Chores Work Beating my hand with a hammer Soccer in that order
  11. I like the flat iron look of the 42 now 13 story building going up Ionia. Would be neat to kinda match that. CWD had originally planned that 8 story glass building on this spot that didn't look bad either.
  12. Anything less then 20 stories on this site would be a waste. its a great location. Ground floor retail. A different localish brewery like Pigeon Hill, Ridge or dark horse. 5 levels of covered parking and then 15 levels of Apartments and Condos.
  13. I believe CWD lost the rights to this property and the city is developing the garage?
  14. I believe they have restructured the pay scale in the g league. They have also added 2 way contracts to pay players more. Me and my wife usually get mini season ticket plans and we enjoy watching them. Cheaper and closer then the pistons.
  15. Though I love the original building that was proposed for this spot I sure am liking this building
  16. I would like to see 105 acres of townhomes and low to mid rises. A sea of 2 to 5 story buildings
  17. Me and my wife had our first mortgage through Quicken and I was not really impressed. They would blow up my phone as we looked at houses. They would blow up our phones during the whole process. It was very annoying. They had us talk to 40 different people during the whole process. It was a bit much. We went with a smaller local bank for our next house and it was so much simpler.
  18. To bad they couldn't just add 6 floors of condos to make it 20 stories I am a loyal to Choice hotels and they do not have many choices downtown. So when family flies in they have to stay around 28th street
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