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  1. I've lived in the same house in this area (between Curry Ford and Michigan, west of Crystal Lake) since 1994. The immediate neighborhood has definitely improved. We built new back then on an empty lot where the house had burned down, and since the majority of the properties near us have been renovated. (It's my house's time I guess.) I think the commercial aspect is getting better too. Regarding the city vs county limits for which I am two blocks from the city, I always found it humorous the the bus stops on Curry Ford near Conway are of the permanent type but the ones closer to downtown
  2. What ever they do to Hunter Arms they should have a plaque that says "2,000 Maniacs filmed here in 1964". We don't want to lose important history like that.
  3. When the hotel is done it's going to look like the last shot from the movie "*batteries not included" where the house full of old people is surrounded by high rises.
  4. I had my first, and last, Zima at that Jungle Jim's. Guess what decade that was...
  5. I agree. I always thought the CNA Tower (old name) was a good looking buiding since the time I got here in 1978 when it was basically the grand daddy of downtown. Looking at the front facing Orange the lines go all the way from top to bottom. I also like how the tower portion is held up on a smaller base. And it did look better with the striking blue "CNA" at the top. In my younger days if I got out of a bar and those lights were off I knew I better hustle home. The CNA was on all 4 sides at the time before they past the ordinace of only being able to put signage on only two sides of the
  6.     Duh,I forgot to write my whole point: Whatever the reasons for the delays, the church is unfortunately being a bad neighbor to Altamonte Springs.
  7. The church should sell it. The memory of the eyesore of the unfinished building will forever (at least for a long time) will be linked to this project and the church. I celebrated 11 years at my Lake Mary job yesterday and remember driving past it on my first day from Orlando (it was about up to the 4th level at the time) so you know I'm sick of looking at it!
  8. A fence is up around the 899 lot. Bad news for people in the area who have apartement dogs that need to be walked and...well...you know...
  9. I wonder if the new owners know that the building was designed to be 2 floors taller and that they were left unbuilt for future expansion? Someone tell them quick!!
  10. eq74

    The VUE

    Years ago I was having a window-seat summer dinner at the restaurant on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower in Chicago. I wondered what the spiders outside of the windows ate until I saw a fly and a couple of dragonflies. Yikes, that was a trip for them!
  11. Whoops! You're right. The Copper Whopper sneaked in there as tallest for a bit.
  12. Neat! If you click on "History" and look at the picture in the back ground to the right you can see Orlando's tallest building from 1971 to 1988 under construction. I wonder if the people of 1971, with this modern round building and a modern skyscraper being build a block North, felt they were about to be living in a big city (for our Orlando of course)?
  13. eq74

    The Plaza

    Publix is definitely a go. My brother-in-law is a driver for them and the store is on a board with an assigned store number. He'll be the one delivering to that cramped delivery bay. The poor guy also has the Baldwin Park one and if you ever have been on that side of the store when the delivery truck is there, you know that is no piece of cake either!
  14. Here it is. To the left is South. The parking lots in front became Church Street Market:
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