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  1. Is Scott A. ever going to get it? Here "in the City of Warwick". He tries to connect TF Green to Warwick. So immature. Someone has to tell him people do not fly to Warwick or any other suburb. Perhaps he needs to be advised that you are not "in" Baltimore when you land at BWI. Next time I fly to New Orleans I'll announce I have arrived in "Kenner". I am fying to Providence and writing to DOT and the Governor to press to ensure the station is called T.F. Green Intermodel Station.
  2. That is pretty much it...the airport's capability - and the activity increasing that capability - provides fuel for the Providence Metro. It is a significant gateway and economic player that has been deliberately limited by local suburban politics and a lack of a grand metro vision. Remember, the airport serves a metro running through most of RI, Bristol County MA, and beyond (40-60 miles beyond) - well over 2.5M pop. and some significant businesses. The more it provides superior service to Logan, the better.
  3. Nice but, naturally not nearly as dense. One mistake...the Providence Metro is 1.6M
  4. Agree...with the Westin 2 and the two Waterplace and then maybe Textron and you have yourself a significant improvement in scope and quality of nightime skyline within a couple of months. Wishing you well in Navy.
  5. If I've said it too many times before...sorry...but, this geat perspective illustrates the importance of the parcels running along the Westminster/Weybosset corridor westward. If that is filled in with just a couple of tall (20+) buildings it will fill in the skyline nicely.
  6. Since when is is "Warwick" Intermodal Station....I though is was the Metro Center? Or is it just the local attempt to make it sound like it serves Warwick instead of PVD Airport.
  7. Two comments: TPG lists the Second Westin Tower at 365 ft. I believe the Old Public Safety Complex Tower may turn out to be a single 320-340 ft. .... I hope so.
  8. Wow, that is disturbing when viewed together. I once mentioned a crazy thought of a venture capitalist who would propose a major "Corporate HQ Center" in Downcity to house the major RI national and state companies...CVS, Hasbro, Amica, and Brooks. My vision was a 40 floor class A building with corporate/valet parking, corporate park/campus amenities, ease of access, etc. But this requires and economic force, a confident business culture, and bold government. I also ask, was the city asleep???
  9. Both brick and Lone Ranger make valid points. I particularily agree that the "spire" is of litttle value on it's face and can be looked upon as a desperate attempt to create a 520' building. The truth is it will be at 430'. But, as brick says, with the spire and the Westin 2 the skyline will be saved from a "row of ducks" look; especially if Texron would light something! Just one 450-500' somewhere near the financial district would be a coup.
  10. I have always wondered about that...It looks very poor. Even minimal lighting would contribute to the skyline. City should use their influence.
  11. New information: According to TPG- the Westin is 25 floors/300 feet (not 329) and the Westin 2 is to be 31 floors/360 feet.
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