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  1. bigbuildings

    Green Light Plan

    Woman's owns all of it. They are trying to play developer.
  2. bigbuildings

    Baton Rouge City Profile

    Suburb or subdivision? If suburb, I would go with Zachary.. I had a similar question asked to me the other day about which subdivision was best, and did not know what to say.
  3. bigbuildings

    Panel recommends CATS tax

    If CATS does not have enough riders... Why do they need buses? They could use smaller, cheaper, and more fuel efficient vehicles. Then, when a route's ridership grows enough to justify a bus, they could buy a bus.
  4. bigbuildings

    Panel recommends CATS tax

    Great debate! Here are my thoughts... @itsjustme2 - You are on point in that this proposed tax increase is outrageous. It is insulting that they would ask for our money to cover this shortfall. CATS needs to prove they can provide services that consumers want - and do it efficiently. Then, if they needed money for one reason or another, maybe then I would consider investing in CATS. @Antrell - The least oppressive and the most moral form of taxation is a user fee. The people who use the service are the people that pay for the service. This makes the most sense to me. However, when done on a local level - as is the case here - I am not opposed to the majority of voters in a community voting and approving a tax on all of its residents to fund a service that the majority deems to be in the community's best interest. I derived from your comments that you think a public transit system is in our community's best interest. You could be right. I think CATS - as it is currently operating - gives public transit systems a bad name. Proponents of public transit for BR should be against more public (non-user fee) funding to CATS just as much as opponents of public transit. My "No" vote will not be a vote against public transit, it will be a vote against inefficiency, and poor service.
  5. bigbuildings

    Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    Thanks, Antrell! Dan is correct it is going in the vacant shopping center behind the old Pizza Hut (I think there will soon be a Chinese restaurant in the Pizza Hut). The movie theatre/ bowling alley/ laser tag/ arcade group is rumored to be Malco. They are a national group. Close by, they operate 2 bowling alley/ arcades in Lafayette - named Acadiana Lanes and Lafayette Lanes.
  6. bigbuildings


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Glad to be able to contribute to this place. Richy.. That's my goal! I plan to develop more big buildings in BR (when and where it makes sense).
  7. bigbuildings


    This forum is awesome.
  8. bigbuildings

    Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    I'm not sure if this was posted already, but I saw calls for a movie theatre in Gonzales. The article below suggests one may be in the works for Airline at 44: "Also during the meeting, Council members agreed to accept a recent economic incentive package by the Ascension Economic Development Corporation, with the hopes of enticing an entertainment venue on the corner of Hwy. 44 and Airline Hwy. The venue would include a cinema, bowling alley, laser tag site and an arcade. Included in the package is a tax rebate on tenant-made improvements, a restoration tax rebate program and a two-cent sales tax. The rebate program would excuse five years of property tax for improvements made to the property. The cost to the city would be upwards of $40,000."
  9. bigbuildings

    Baton Rouge Restaurants

    The former Broken Egg/ LaLou on Old Hammond near the light at Corporate/ Old Hammond and Jefferson Hwy was just recently foreclosed on. It is now owned by the bank. I wonder who will go there next... Great location. Although, the building and parking lot could use a face-lift.