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  1. I would assume Cadillac and Lincoln would be domestic luxury brands with dealerships in Spartanburg County. Cadillac has Bradshaw in Greer and Wakefield in Spartanburg. Lincoln has Vic Bailey in Spartanburg.
  2. From 2021: A supermarket, either Ingle's or Publix, is announced downtown. (Ingle's Markets still owns property on John B. White Sr. Boulevard where Ingle's #48 operated.) Publix announces additional stores in Spartanburg County. Boiling Springs and a second Spartanburg store have been hot in speculation. Ingle's returns to Lyman with an additional store. (Ingle's #93 operated on Inman Road before relocating to Duncan in 2003. It was succeeded by Sav-Mor #893. Sav-Mor #893 had a brief lifespan.) Ingle's #38 on East Main Street in Spartanburg expands and rebuilds. Plans for Milliken Village extend beyond its location. Changes to site plans are possible West Main Street and John B. White Sr. Boulevard corridors are reclaimed and targeted for redevelopment. Publix is coming to Boiling Springs. Link: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/121021-market-at-boiling-springs-boiling-springs-south-carolina/
  3. Market at Boiling Springs is a supermarket-anchored retail center that will locate at the southeast corner of Highway 9 and Bible Church Road in the Boiling Springs community in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The supermarket will be Publix. Publix #1856, 4450 Highway 9, Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316-8583, will be a 48,387-square-foot store with a Pharmacy drive thru. Link: https://securecc.smartinsight.co/#/PublicBidProject/623449 The store will be Publix's third store in Spartanburg County.
  4. Clark Road has four all-way stops between East Main Street and Boiling Springs Road/Highway 9: Bishop Road, Spring Valley Road, Sugar Ridge Road, and Seay Road. It is maintained by Spartanburg County instead of the the state. I think improvements could be made if the state acquired Clark Road and Bible Church Road from Spartanburg County. The best improvement would be widening Old Furnace Road from two lanes to four lanes from Asheville Highway to Chesnee Highway. Adding a turn lane will not resolve increased traffic.
  5. I would not mind improving the partial cloverleaf with ramps from Interstate 26 eastbound to United States Route 176 (Asheville Highway) westbound into Inman and from Interstate 26 westbound to United States Route 176 eastbound into Spartanburg. Acceleration lanes would be needed on the Asheville Highway bridges.
  6. The redevelopment of 400 East Stone Avenue would be nice, and would compliment NorthPointe. Realigning Column Street is overdue. There has been access from East Stone Avenue to southbound North Church Street. Any realignment would cause the necessary closure of Mitchell Street.
  7. I hoped my Maserati could do 185 again. Life has been good to me so far. If I were the South Carolina Department of Transportation, I would be seeking to improve the interchange of Pleasantburg Drive and Laurens Road.
  8. What if Interstate 26 is being widened to six lanes from Asheville to Charleston? Exit 15 (United States Route 176/Asheville Highway) needs traffic signalization on Asheville Highway. Increased traffic and being unable to make left turns within considerable time necessitate the need. Is there enough room to widen Interstate 26 under the Interstate 85 overpass?
  9. Piggly Wiggly has work to do. If it does not learn why it failed in past attempts, it will fail again. The door remains open to Ingle's and Publix for a downtown location.
  10. I would like to further limit access entering and exiting Hearon Circle. I like eliminated exit access to Mobile Drive. I would like to see traffic exiting onto Charisma Drive eliminated, and see Charisma Drive realigned to terminate at Lone Oak Road. I would like to see Hearon Circle similar to traffic circles on Verdae Boulevard and Carolina Point Parkway in Greenville. Both Verdae Boulevard and Carolina Point Parkway maintain four travel lanes through their traffic circles. Link: Carolina Point Parkway, Greenville, South Carolina Could I recommend discussion about improving Hearon Circle be moved to another topic?
  11. Redevelopment of Union Bleachery would be a welcome change.
  12. Malls as we have known them are history. The future of malls involve uses beyond retail and dining. Lodging, residential, offices, conventions, etc. are untapped uses.
  13. More industrial businesses would be logical. That area is mostly industrial. I would not mind seeing another supermarket and a drugstore at North Town if it is razed and rebuilt. The trade area has been a pharmacy desert since 2008 when Rite Aid #11596 closed. It will become grocery, meat/seafood, and produce deserts after BI-LO #5265 closes. Food remains available at restaurants along Asheville Highway. I think it is time to improve Hearon Circle. Hearon Circle has two continuous lanes. It is time to restripe and reconfigure traffic flow like multilane roundabouts.
  14. Any food retailer considers risks when considering a new store location. Considerations beyond numbers exist. The article mentioned, "The grocery business is highly competitive, and, weighing all factors with great scrutiny, chains tend to be cautious – that’s why they city is working with an individual franchisee willing to take risk rather than an established, corporate-run chain. " That is an opinion/editorial. Chains like Ingle's and Publix are interested in stores downtown. The current Spartanburg County Offices, initially Sears, would be the best site indeed.
  15. Harris Teeter stagnated in new store development. It sold off stores to BI-LO and Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company and closed others. BI-LO #5265 has not been a busy store location. Up Asheville Highway, Ingle's #37 is constantly busy. North Town is up for significant redevelopment. It could be considered in conjunction with a strategic plan for the Asheville Highway corridor. The mixed use development planned between University of South Carolina Upstate and Business 85 will help increase the number of residences and increase income levels.
  16. If Ingle's Markets plans to build new 72,000-square-foot Ingle's supermarkets, I could see the former Ingle's #48 site on John B. White Sr. Boulevard, owned by Ingle's Markets, and Roebuck as likely locations. (Ingle's #38 on East Main Street should have a similar replacement store in the plans.) Publix in Northside could work. Where along North Church Street could a 28,000, a 39,000, or 48,000-square-foot store with parking garage locate near Wofford College? Harris Teeter, now owned by Kroger, has returned to Greenville. It returning to Spartanburg is possible. It operated two stores upon its exit in 2001.
  17. Piggly Wiggly has failed in Spartanburg County twice. Spartanburg's downtown needs a supermarket (i.e. Ingle's, Publix). (Ingle's Markets owns property on John B. White Sr. Boulevard where it operated Ingle's #48.) If leaders in Spartanburg can get on board with the idea of a supermarket downtown, they could make it work.
  18. Closing Dunbar Street from North Church Street to Magnolia Street is past due. The block is closed off whenever any event is occurring at Morgan Square. I would not mind seeing a similar concept to East Main Street from Church Street to Converse Street. Dunbar Street and East Broad Street can provide circumnavigation around this area. East Broad Street from South Church Street to South Converse Street could be revamped for two lanes eastbound traffic as Dunbar Street is two lanes westbound traffic north of East Main Street.
  19. There is neither a grocery retailer nor a supermarket based in Columbia. Either the grocery retailer could be an independent owner/operator of a national banner like IGA or Piggly Wiggly, or Spartanburg Herald-Journal could be inaccurate.
  20. A convenience store/gas station is needed on Wade Hampton Boulevard. A new Circle K would be an upgrade from the various incarnations of The Pantry and Kangaroo.
  21. Nothing happened in my 2020 wish list. The list could carry over to 2020. West Main Street and John B. White Sr. Boulevard corridors are reclaimed and targeted for redevelopment.
  22. Hillcrest Market Place is a retail center located at 1905 East Main Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29307-2308, at the northeast corner of East Main Street and Fernwood Glendale Road in the City of Spartanburg in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. It is located on the site of the former Hillcrest Mall. It has also been known as Specialty Row at Hillcrest. I read in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal ("Spartanburg development update: What's going on at Hillcrest Market Place?" 2020-12-14) Hillcrest Market Place will see redevelopment. I do not know the scope of the redevelopment. The known rendering has a green space or a courtyard replacing parking between NGC Cinemas and Rack Room Shoes. I would not mind seeing improvements to access and mobility around Publix #687.
  23. You would be incorrect. I agree. There will be future discussions on what businesses are actually essential and what other businesses are nonessential.
  24. The number of customers in a business would be dependent on the number of associates working. If a 50,000-square foot business has 40 associates working, up to 210 customers could shop.
  25. Lidl US Operations LLC owns the 3.99-acre tract at 340 Galloway Drive, Greenville, South Carolina 29609-0979, the northeast quadrant of Galloway Drive and Poinsett Highway. When limited discount/assortment grocer Lidl chooses to construct and open a store at this location remains to be known.
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