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  1. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    New York Men's Wear is beginning a facelift, that awful purple / maroon awning was removed this week. Also, Georgina's is about a month away from opening up.
  2. New Embassy Suites - Monroe North

    Project is ahead of schedule, building should be complete by this time next year with a slated opening of very early 2019. There signature restaurant chain Big E's Sports Grill will be occupying the ground floor with a capacity of around 400.
  3. Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    I can confirm this isn't a rumor, HopCat will be opening a second GR location somewhere around Knapps Corner. I'd keep my eyes on the former Fajita Republic building, or a new stand alone across the road.
  4. Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    I was told last week that 59 Commerce is on hold temporarily but will still be happening, possibly with a slightly altered concept.
  5. New Downtown Hotel at Monroe and Louis

    my apologies if the state of this project was addressed elsewhere but, has there been any news on this in the last year?
  6. Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    a couple small tidbits; - The owner of the Electric Cheetah will be opening up a new concept in Alger Heights in May - The Shruken Head is still on schedule to be opening by August of this year
  7. The 'Disco Room'

    This is definitely in the Select Bank building, for the record.
  8. The 'Disco Room'

    So, this is absolutely off topic in comparison to most discussion on this board but, I feel this may be my only shot at figuring this out. For well over a year now, i've been seeing almost every night what I can only describe as 'disco lights' coming from a room in the 8th(?) floor of the Select Bank Building on Monroe Center on the southwest facing side of the building. I've always been curious about what the story was behind that but never tried to follow up. Last night however the lights were going at such a fast changing / bright rate that they were reflecting off the side of the building across the road. My work has a clear view of this room from all windows and you'd be amazed at how many patrons on any given night will ask me if I know what that is. Hopefully one of you can help me finally get to the bottom of it!
  9. 20 Fulton E, Mixed Use Development interesting read with a key piece of information tucked in it; "The building is expected to begin being construction sometime this summer."
  10. Twelve Weston (Formerly known as 35 and 41 S Division)

    I noticed tonight the fence surrounding the demolition that Rockford put up was clad with ArtPrize advertisement / promotion, nothing like some never failing shameless self promotion.
  11. Grand Rapids Restaurant Rumor Mill

    I was really surprised to find out about this opening, even from within the BarFly circle the last few months the rumor had been Mark had bought 59 Commerce in order to expand Stella's vs opening a new restaurant.
  12. New Home For Opera Grand Rapids

    It almost pains me more that Spartan / Nash wants to erect a gas station before addressing the problem that is how awful and out dated that family fare is itself. Take for instance the Family Fare at Lake Mich / Collindale, they completely remodeld that existing store AND added a service center / gas pumps to the existing site while taking up minimal parking. There is plenty of room on the west side of the existing store to accommodate a service center and gas pumps. Also what irks me the most about this project is the lack of doors / windows on both street facing corners, completely arrant.
  13. 20 Fulton E, Mixed Use Development

    those renderings look awesome, things look like they're starting to take off again. Maybe this board will get back to the way it was five / six years ago when I was just an onlooker.
  14. New Home For Opera Grand Rapids

    It 100% was
  15. New Home For Opera Grand Rapids

    Boycotting this proposal because the black silhouettes Spartan/Nash used in the renderings look like snipers. just kidding, i'm boycotting this proposal because it's awful...... and because of the silhouettes.