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  1. “Doug ‘Medical Innovation’ Meijer Center Building”
  2. Made it out to Woodland today, the new wing makes the mall feel so much bigger. Super pleased with how fluid it feels with the rest of the mall, minus a few obvious minute details it doesn’t feel any different than the rest of the mall. What really struck me is how much open area there is where the play area used to be, I’m super curious to see what they end up doing with that space. Also, Black Rock did not disappoint, super cool vibe in there, a lot different then a traditional mall chain restaurant.
  3. I think calling those buildings “historic structures” is more than a bit of an extreme...
  4. Ironically someone I know who works for Meritage recently told to me in regards to Morning Belle that “they pretty much stripped the entire concept of Anna’s House and replicated it.”
  5. Sorry for the after dark photo but the scaffolding is in place and it appears they’re going to start bricking the concrete portion of the building any day now.
  6. The project at the old red lion site is finally starting to noticeably move along. Almost all of the windows / patio doors are in and they’re beginning to install siding on the back portion of the building. Any news on the ground floor for this space?
  7. Honestly this might be the most spot on take I’ve ever read on this board, thank you!
  8. Imagine if it sits as in throughout an entire winter...
  9. They’ve begun to hang the cladding on the outside of the parking ramp.
  10. They’ve removed a noticeable part of the northwest upper corner of the building. Looks like they’re finally hitting the ground running on the facade.
  11. Fresian in my favorite new spot in town. Did you forget Hancock on this list or have you already been? Danzon Cubano is really good but a super weird atmosphere. Linear has one of my favorite brunches in town, food and drinks included. Haute is an amazing rooftop bar, drinks and food are both superior. 40 Acres can do no wrong, they hit a nich too many places have tried to. Kingfisher fortunately is adding a deli soon, there food is alright but far too reminiscent of the owners other locations. Hope this advice helps out, sorry for the long post, I’m an industry professional so for once there’s something I can speak what I know!
  12. I was just coming by to post that people have been working on the residential portion of the building all day today, the first time I’ve seen that in what feels like at least a month.
  13. They’re going to need to figure something out quick, all of the neighboring businesses are fed up with the sidewalk still being closed off. They were told it’d be back open by August, as in, a couple weeks from now...
  14. Where exactly is this project located? I’m shocked I haven’t even seen it in passing given I live in the neighborhood.
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