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  1. a little birdie mentioned Mediterranean to me
  2. I’m really bummed about this, the people who run Mercy Supply are very close old friends of mine. Business for them is still going well, just sadly they can’t afford the space any longer.
  3. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/gr-creates-position-to-attract-destination-retail/
  4. I really hope this doesn’t get scaled down, this is a perfect opportunity and hopefully the city / the developers don’t squander it. (fingers crossed) I’m also INSANELY curious what the CEO of Experience GR is refereeing to... any speculation?
  5. From the sound of it this might be similar to Tree Huggers that used to be on Wealthy. If so I’m super excited, I loved that store and it was a huge bummer to see it go.
  6. They had to remove part of the insulation and plywood on the northwest upper corner of the red lion development where they never put windows in before the project temporarily stalled. I still don’t understand how they installed 90% of the windows and then just stopped...
  7. “Doug ‘Medical Innovation’ Meijer Center Building”
  8. Made it out to Woodland today, the new wing makes the mall feel so much bigger. Super pleased with how fluid it feels with the rest of the mall, minus a few obvious minute details it doesn’t feel any different than the rest of the mall. What really struck me is how much open area there is where the play area used to be, I’m super curious to see what they end up doing with that space. Also, Black Rock did not disappoint, super cool vibe in there, a lot different then a traditional mall chain restaurant.
  9. I think calling those buildings “historic structures” is more than a bit of an extreme...
  10. Ironically someone I know who works for Meritage recently told to me in regards to Morning Belle that “they pretty much stripped the entire concept of Anna’s House and replicated it.”
  11. Sorry for the after dark photo but the scaffolding is in place and it appears they’re going to start bricking the concrete portion of the building any day now.
  12. The project at the old red lion site is finally starting to noticeably move along. Almost all of the windows / patio doors are in and they’re beginning to install siding on the back portion of the building. Any news on the ground floor for this space?
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