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  1. The first house I rented in the mid 00’s was on Calkins and I always remembered walking by that abandoned McDonanlds. Now, almost 18 years later I live in a building on the lot where that McDonalds used to be.
  2. Noticed the Cherry / Commerce ramp is getting painted light blue? Anyone know anything about that? Seems like an odd color for a parking structure.
  3. I thought they already announced a LGBTQ bar for this location? Did that plan get scrapped?
  4. What part of the building did new New Holland eliminate?
  5. One might say “ the jib is on” All dad humor aside, I’m exited to watch this building go up
  6. I was leaving Centerpointe around 5:30 last night and the line for that Chick Fil A was absolutely insane. Speaking of that, the old toys r us is just a pile of rubble now.
  7. I’m also confused, I was talking with a friend who works for Broad Leaf just last week and he was talking about them opening on Bridge St but this is the first I’m hearing about this place. Does sound cool though!
  8. Couldn’t get a picture but a large section of the ramp behind the new Spectrum project is framed / boarded off.
  9. The large Erickson crawler just showed up about 30 minutes ago along with some other Erickson trucks.
  10. There is a town crane being staged in the lot across from studio park!
  11. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/developers-plan-4-story-mixed-use-project-in-gr-s-creston-neighborhood?fbclid=IwAR0yhXL7H-M611Eh_CIBOAl7eBAFRwLjd32t7ZZQCERY0XVWsK7HtWYtKPQ&fs=e&s=cl Just stumbled across this on Reddit of all places, interesting to see someone may actually go through with this project.
  12. This is outside of Z’s tonight, I personally GM a bar / restaurant downtown and I can’t put it into better perspective than this of how much we need our establishments staffed. Covid 100% ruined nightlife in Grand Rapids, this is proof of it, everyone in this line with me are out of town people here for a convention. This city is 100% embarrassing itself, it’s Tuesday night, not Friday.
  13. Since we’re talking tacos, Donkey is doing a full remodel of there building over the next couple months. (Per there Instagram page)
  14. Per WZZM; “The few events and facility use over that time were, for the most part, done without any expectation of rent and was done as part of our civic obligation to give back to our community during a difficult time.” Thats a really unique way for Joel Langlois to talk about all of the grifting he let happen while obviously not getting paid, not sad to see this place go at all.
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