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  1. Sadly not, my merry men and I were severely disappointed during our most recent renaissance re-enactment down by the waters (filthy gross gravel pits) edge. =\
  2. I went to one of the soft openings last week and stopped in tonight for the opening. Great food and drinks, and even better owners. Easily will become one of my go to spots in the city.
  3. It would be hard to pull off sheerly because all warmer months that alley reeks of dumpsters, on top of the homeless who use that alley as a public bathroom...
  4. When’re we expecting a tower crane to go up for this project?
  5. *anxiously awaits crane update*
  6. Ralph’s is remodeling, is it me or didn’t this just happen in the last two years...?
  7. I almost daily use the DASH starting between 3 - 5 PM and it’s been packed every day for months now.
  8. Hancock’s opening is being (slightly) delayed. Not because of HPC issues but because Paul Lee didn’t realize how bad of shape Johnny B’z was in prior to acquiring the property. Hancock is slated for a hopefully April opening, on that note Johnny B’z is once again open until 3 AM Thursday - Saturday.
  9. Outside of location (obviously) my second biggest concern about this project is who will be brought on to manage the venue from a booking standpoint. DTE is booked by 313 Presents, which to my knowledge is an in house booking agency with national and world presence for that venue alone. With LiveNation more or less handiling 20 Monroe and some aspects of the Intersection build out it will be curious if they could create there own talent buying agency to compete against Fredrick Meijer’s and not step on LiveNation’s toes. In theory this amplitheatre would be in direct completion with DTE, and touring packages already tend to shy away from double dates in Michigan due to our proximity to Chicago / Detroit. Just some food for thought...
  10. I can PM you a local contact I have, currently owns a couple vape shops with CBD available. He definitely plans on getting into the business side of it.
  11. I can only imagine how old those trees are at this point! This caught me off guard, I know some people working in adjacent buildings close to the project who had no idea what was happening when the fencing went up! They thought the lot was getting re-paved
  12. Zellar’s at least enforces a dress code and monitors who goes in and out, the closest store to Lucky’s is definitely the Franklin Big Save. I’ve lived in that neighborhood for awhile, that store is horrible, plus I’m sure you’re all familiar with the string of murders that occurred in the parking lot over the last 5 - 7 years...
  13. I I just took a stroll through those blocks and realized my first statement was in fact incorrect, you’re right about the north side Douglas properties, when you’re wrong you’re wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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