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  1. Damn. Is it really that tall? With this in mind, I imagine the buildings themselves will add a lot of heft to the back end of the skyline (facing from 95/64 north of downtown)
  2. (dum dum dum) Another lot bites the dust https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/06/24/developer-interest-surface-parking-lots-picking-steam-downtown/ Apartments are planned, height and number of units still unknown. At the NW corner of South 1st and East Canal streets, across from Matrix Midtown.
  3. Seeing as the 2010 addition is probably one of my favorite RVA architectural projects of the past decade, I'm very excited and have high expectations for what the next wing will look like. The McGlothlin wing is so stunning.
  4. In the developers defense, the NIMBYs in that area would not allow residential development in Carytown over their dead bodies. So more retail it is.
  5. If they can at least add ground level retail to that deck and obscure the parking that would be great
  6. Too bad the building itself probably won't be 300 ft lol
  7. Is it strange that the most exciting part for me is the raising of Leigh to the rest of the street grid? It's like a sunken highway crater that divides the two sides and creates a visual pedestrian barrier. If they fix that...wow.
  8. Think I've found the full length approved final version of this master plan update. https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/richmond.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/6/bb/6bb72df3-c19f-566d-8a6d-3f46e096509a/5c956265ae585.pdf.pdf Idk if it offers much new but it is a full 92 pages longer so who knows edit: there's an interesting rendering of what looks to be the next high rise on MCV campus on page 105: the "Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Building, Library and Innovation Center" on the block directly to the east of the under construction adult outpatient facility.
  9. OJRP*? I actually kind of wish they'd just build the tower on the lot to the west of the first. I'll miss the old Dominion tower. Glad the street engagement will be getting better though
  10. Wondering whether I should move the Shockoe Public Square (the farmers market to plaza redevelopment) from U/C to completed. I know I've seen articles in RTD and BizSense and the like reporting on its completed state (peoples satisfaction/unsatisfaction with the results notwithstanding) What do you guys think edit: also, some more updates: Have added a mystery project at Oliver Hill Way just south of the Leigh St Viaduct. Planet Explorer satellite imagery indicates construction is going on there but i have no links to any info online. If anyone has anything they know, share it The Civil War Musuem new addition at Tredegar is now green (completed). Opening set for May 4th. The long awaited Market @ 25th grocery store, plus the attached 42 unit apartment building in Church Hill, has also gone green, with its opening yesterday. Moved a couple of infill projects in Manchester from blue to purple, and purple to green, based on satellite info and various articles found online.
  11. That's this article from BizSense in 2016. It was linked on the development map under a completed project "The Centennial (Phase 1)". In the description I pasted the excerpt that would match the rendering posted a page back: I count 8 floors on the rendering. I wonder what happened with the second phase that it just kind of slipped away. Wonder if it's still planned or effectively cancelled.
  12. Looks like this was on the development map previously as "Future phase of Locks?", with a link to this 2016 RTD article about the final stages of development at the Locks, with this particular sentence referring to this AC Hotel site Which means, the development map is now updated with renderings, an updated link and info. Nice to have another set-in-stone development on the canal I hope someone retries the Hyatt proposal on the other side of the canal eventually. It would bring a critical mass of energy around that stretch (Hat Factory/Vistas) and connect it with the rest of the Locks + Riverside on the James to the west
  13. ^^ Of course. That's because NIMBYs poo-pooed it (that's apparently a real verb meaning to dismiss/lampoon) back onto the drawing board where it became shorter, stumpier, and blander. And now we get this.
  14. I take exception to that, Riverfront Plazas I and II are one of my favorite parts of the skyline. Twin towers that look pretty sharp and with a unique design
  15. Infill at Harrison+Franklin. Rehab of two buildings (at 1000 and 1006 Franklin) and new construction on the surface parking lot between them (at 1002 Franklin). https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/03/26/new-apartments-building-rehabs-planned-busy-vcu-crossroads/
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