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  1. Biggest news of the day is obviously the twin towers proposed for Manchester, but also big news on Broad Street: the UMFS campus redevelopment is underway. https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/12/02/mixed-use-development-underway-at-umfs-campus/ With a Courtyard Marriott hotel and a 250 unit apartment building + two new additions to the UMFS medical campus. Absolutely loving the fact that the buildings are brought up directly to the street with no setbacks. Will improve the urban streetscape in that area tenfold.
  2. The Oliver Hill development completely slipped past my radar and caught me off guard with how good it looks in that photo
  3. Surprised this little infill project didn't make it on the forum this morning https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/10/28/bainbridge-infill-project-to-add-to-continued-manchester-momentum/
  4. At first I was thanking my stars he finally started naming the pictures to their location and then I got to page 2 and went back to IMG 2143 purgatory
  5. Imo, Skyscrapers should follow a rule of 'taller than the building it replaced'. As long as the new tower is taller 1JRP, I don't care how it comes together.
  6. I hate to admit it....but this building is not turning out badly
  7. Thanks to Slipek's new under construction article in Style posted in the Developments thread, a lot of updates have made its way onto the map. Some of em: The Forest Hill project (blue to purple) Penny at Jackson Ward (purple to green) South Falls I (blue to purple) The Current (blue to purple) 805 W Cary (purple to green) Plus: The Locks Tower looks a lot better than I expected now, and its opening is imminent. Don't want to move the big 'Riverview Apartments' at Cowardin+Semmes to purple just yet as the picture in the Style article seems to show mostly just minimal site prep. The development in the Fan behind the church now has a name, 'The Circ'. Also, RTD has posted a very brief minute long segment on construction of the Whole Foods. Keep the cranes spinning
  8. A lot of projects to keep track of now in SA. Will update the map to the best of my ability. Also, that colored rendering of the Summit looks much better than the preliminary 3D SketchUp mockup given in the original BizSense article announcing the development. I'm a lot more excited for it. So anyway, overall, we have: GreyStar Relay Foods (5 stories) Interbake Foods (5 stories) Scott's Collection I (5 stories) Scott's Collection II (5 stories) The Nest (6 stories) The Summit (7 stories) Scott's View (7 story + 8 story) Scott's Collection III (11 stories) Quality Inn redevelopment (12 stories) 'Build high and densify' indeed
  9. I'm pretty sure PMI is HQed in NYC. So most likely Altria will be absorbed as it is the smaller company and the HQ will be kept in NYC, unfortunately
  10. I'd argue Boston is very much a global city with its status as the education capital of the US being a global recognition point
  11. Seeing Block A with the towers built into the arena makes me so happy. Because standalone arenas are such a waste of space otherwise in off-seasons when sports aren't happening that it's sitting there taking up valuable real estate, with these towers and their ground floor retail we're densifying downtown and keeping the block active with constant street engagement Edit: Block F yo!! Food hall? Yes please, that's the new urban trend, there's a really good one that just opened up in Ballston in their renovated former-mall. Also reminds me of the classical food market spaces like Chelsea Market in NYC or Union Market in DC. If we can get a good food hall downtown, game over. This slideshow is making me giddy when I'm trying to be generally stoic
  12. ^^ I don't know, if I went solely on this forum for my perception of RVA right now (which is really all I can do since I'm not in the area anymore), I'd say we're some of the loudest self-cheerleaders (@eandslee)
  13. Ah, the Summit. Good, and thus begins the gradual densification of Broad St. on that side of VCU. Scott's Addition should have such 6 story etc mid rise buildings around Broad to make it a more vibrant thoroughfare at that stretch
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