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  1. Richmond Developments

    ^I know what angle you're coming from and actually kind of agree with you. Sports stadiums (stadia?) and arenas are typically large spaces that take up valuable city land and aren't used that often (particularly if in a smaller metro area like Richmond). An example of an arena that DOES make use of itself almost every day is the Verizon Center in DC. But that's because they serve a pro basketball team, a pro hockey team, and every big name artist in the country. Richmond has 0/3 and just as much as Richmond has that problem other metro areas our size probably do too. There's a backlash against public spending on arenas/stadiums because of lack of ROI. That being said, this particular RFP would likely secure private funding for the arena, which I am totally fine with. But I'd much rather the area be developed into a high density mixed use district but I also do agree we need some arena to serve for larger touring acts and sports events. Sadly I think we've gone past the point where repairing the Coliseum would be cheaper.
  2. Rockett's Landing

    http://www.richmond.com/business/local/rocketts-landing-development-straddling-richmond-henrico-in-full-swing-again/article_a2a1f43d-fd5d-5b16-b48a-0f75f20412f3.html nice RTD article on active upcoming expansion at border-straddling Rocketts. however all the actively planned developments there are currently on the Henrico side of the county line. The developers say things are yet to come for the city side (potentially a hotel).
  3. VCU Developments

    Neat article on ArchDaily on the ICA. With some very sexy pictures. As someone who is now in NoVA and has no clue how much the project has progressed, these pictures make me really giddy. They look every bit as good as the renderings. https://www.archdaily.com/885680/institute-for-contemporary-art-at-vcu-steven-holl-architects edit: actually I take that back, it looks value engineered.
  4. Richmond Developments

    I'll take it. Think long term. They'll put the surface lot and eventually those lots can be developed to something. Right now they probably do it to appease the parkaholics
  5. 2018 - Development Predictions

    Yall dreaming of new towers and everything but I am excited myself of seeing more parking lots eliminated with some great infill. Predictions wise? I think a developer will take a chance on Monroe Ward and propose something and kick start a development boom around that area west of downtown where there are those huge parking lots. Rockett's Landing will continue announcing expansion southwards (while we keep dreaming for the day they start building up towards Stone to create a connection to Shockoe Bottom). Oh and obviously: VCU will keep announcing new buildings. edit: and one more, and this would be the dream. A national retailer will lease a space downtown and it will encourage others to follow suit, thus bringing some good retail back to downtown (very needed I tell ya hwat)
  6. Dominion Resources: New High-rise Building Planned for Downtown

    At sometimes this building reminds me of the new Capital One HQ tower they're building in Tysons/McLean. At the right angle, it looks so slim sleek and sexy and other angles it looks outright fat
  7. Dominion Resources: New High-rise Building Planned for Downtown

    They better damn not tear something down and replace it with something shorter I will say tho at least the renderings on Pickard Chilton at least seem to indicate they might be twins of the same height but again, it's probably going to come down to demand by Dominion
  8. Richmond off-topic postings

    Ye you're right, even now with the blocker disabled they're not obtrusive (in fact I kind of have to look around to find them lol)
  9. Richmond off-topic postings

    Devs at UP must be getting wiser. A page now loads and immediately gets blocked with a disable ad-blocker or related extensions page.
  10. Richmond Developments

    still trying to figure out what building is the bell atlantic/verizon building lol
  11. The Locks at 321

    I kind of like The Square for some reason. But that being said it looks eons better than the Locks tower proposed. Like Wahoo says this is one of the rare times I actually kind of hope the city forces some kind of redesign
  12. Scott's Addition Development

    ^^^image from BizSense
  13. The Locks at 321

    Thank you! I'll admit I actually like One James River Plaza and kind of am going to miss it when it is inevitably torn down for the 2nd twin....would much rather they expand downtown westward by building on one of the large, whole city block sized (!!) lots in Monroe Ward. I actually don't mind seeing Richmond become a dense, endless stretch of continuous 8 to 15 storied buildings. One big long ''high spine'' from what actually is downtown right now to Monroe Park where VCU has the tall dorms. The bland but tall buildings on Franklin like the old Radisson (currently Graduate Hotel) in Monroe Ward can serve as the connecting pieces. Monroe Ward IMO is the biggest opportunity this city has.
  14. The Locks at 321

    Still waiting patiently for the day demand calls for building all residential high-rises a la Nashville/Raleigh/Charlotte....
  15. The Locks at 321

    man that thing is... dire isnt it....