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  1. So don't ask Dave to be like a cheerleader for it, cause he won't!
  2. And just like that, we have visuals on the silo replacement project. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/09/20/20-story-apartment-tower-6-story-office-building-planned-for-southern-states-silos-site/ 20 story apartment tower + 6 story office building. 290 units in the apartment building. Also included this exciting passage: Hourigan’s will start demolition later this year and aim to go vertical Q2 2023.
  3. Interesting. The developers for the two towers that would block Legend Brewery are tweaking the plan, and in a twist that I certainly didn't expect: Of course, the curmudgeons over there at Legend still seem grumpy and qualified with their 'praise' as ever; this is their [comical] two cents per BizSense: Well, anything under three stories is just not good for Urban Planet, so sorry there Dave. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/09/09/developers-tweak-two-tower-plan-to-preserve-legend-brewings-view/
  4. Neat, an update on Activation Capital's attempts to build something on one of the largest remaining vacant (surface parking) lots in the BioTech park. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/09/09/regional-pharma-partnership-to-get-boost-with-new-labs-in-richmond-chesterfield/ According to the article, 6 stories, 100k sq ft including wet lab space, could break ground this year, finish in 18-24 months. Hope this gets off the ground asap. That lot needs to be filled Hopefully we see some tasty renderings eventually
  5. Neat small update: Google has updated Street View for Richmond with August 2022 imagery I'm not sure how much of the city got updated imagery but at least Broad definitely does with the striking red painted Pulse lanes. I'm going to go surfing through the streets virtually to see if I can see all the construction updates in various states of progress
  6. Avery Hall is behind some of the best all-residential projects in NYC rn from a design perspective, hearing that they'll be the primary behind the architecture of this proposal as well as the developer already excites me no matter what height this thing turns out to be.
  7. With the Coliseum closed and the RIR amphitheater kind of a joke, this is probably the best chance we have to attracting big acts (or at least almost arena acts). The views from this to the skyline are going to be stunning. I almost was gonna say I'd rather this site be used for development but then I realized it's right behind Tredegar lol. So this is the best possible activation we can have for this site, I'm excited. Now move it through quickly before the Oregon Hill curmudgeons get their bearings together
  8. Not often that a rendering takes my breath away. Wow.
  9. We have approval on the 5-story, 63 unit building proposed at Leigh/2nd. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/02/24/five-story-apartment-building-across-from-maggie-walker-site-approved/
  10. Funny enough I actually kind of like the design of this building. Which is why it being a WP product surprises me edit: I should emphasize I do actually really like Nahum's work and the renderings I see on his site excite me a lot, and I generally used to think at the beginning of the development boom (around 2010-2012) that WP had some of the more forward thinking design ideas in new developments.
  11. Really interesting news from BizSense today: There's a 10 story apartment tower planned for across the road on Staples Mill from the main Libbie Mill area. 2369 Staples Mill, right next to the relatively new Wawa opened a few years back. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/02/08/marchetti-led-group-plans-10-story-apartment-tower-across-from-libbie-mill/ 240 units + retail on the ground floor. My only gripe is I lowkey wish this was closer to the Staples Mill/Broad corridor so that it strengthens Broad into that high-intensity corridor the city/Henrico desire it to be, and for that general Willow Lawn area to really solidify itself as a node for high-density development. But I get that they're doing this here, Libbie Mill is booming with their mid-rises as well. Also a great sign of a healthy market that these kinds of projects are being proposed in such locations.
  12. The Valentine has kicked off a $12m renovation, adding 9,600 sq ft of space within its existing footprint (if only they could expand the building itself) https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/02/08/the-valentine-history-museum-kicks-off-12m-renovation-and-expansion/
  13. Interesting news break from BizSense this morning: Chipotle is opening in City View Marketplace. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/02/08/manchester-is-getting-a-chipotle/ That might seem like passive enough news, but I see it as a game changer, these types of chains establishing a presence in the market generally indicates shifting attitudes in retail investment towards a growing market, it's like when Newtowne West/Alison got a Whole Foods. Or when Carytown got a West Elm. While chain stores themselves aren't necessarily a good thing, that shift it represents definitely is. Shows that there's pent up demand for retail. And gradually, those first few chains are the initial domino in a long row to destination retail (can only dream downtown gets an Apple Store or something ... maybe in this lifetime). And if nothing else, we are at least that much closer to getting a grocery store. One Chipotle, West Elm, whatever, at a time.
  14. Also noted this interesting line: Will be interesting, this'll be VCU Medical Center's next big project I'm assuming. Hope it's big and we see renderings eventually
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