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  1. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Dominion Resources: New High-rise Building Planned for Downtown

    Still think this thing needs to go on Weight Watchers It's so obtuse at certain angles
  2. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    Map update: - moved Garber Gables + Fording Flats from purple to green - moved Vita East from purple to green - moved Cary Street Station (the big GRTC bus depot on Cary. 285 units, fully leased (!)) from purple to green
  3. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    These excite me. I'm gonna do a little more digging for info on some of these, it appears I don't have that last one (E Main/22nd St 160 units) on the development map.
  4. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    Would be helpful if someone actually lists the developments here from the article since it's only for subscribers
  5. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond in Pictures III

    I swear, in some of those Dominion photos, at those angles... That tower needs to hop on a treadmill and trim some fat
  6. RVA-Is-The-Best

    New Richmond Arena

    The ol Seattle Process at work ladies and gents
  7. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Scott's Addition Development

    Well let's wait for the renderings before we get all excited
  8. RVA-Is-The-Best

    The Locks at 321

    Hope at least the paint job is nice. The density is nice on this one I will give it that.
  9. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Since it's such big news up here in NoVA (had the whole nation's attention and anticipation), might as well repeat here that Amazon HQ2 has selected Crystal City, Arlington and Queens, NYC as dual locations. Since it's a split instead of one location, half the impact will likely go to either location, which means our area will see even more marginal an impact. I think this chapter pretty much closes here but might as well mention it here since it is still a fairly large economic development win (win of course depends on how generous (see: excessive) our tax incentive package was) for the state.
  10. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I'm proud of Norfolk tho. Losing an F500 stings probably but cities definitely shouldn't have to bend over backwards for corporations and incentivize their staying. Wonder what generous tax breaks Atlanta taxpayers are shelling out as a welcoming present You don't have to lol. MWV (aka the new 'WestRock') considers Atlanta metro area it's corporate HQ so we no longer have them
  11. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Scott's Addition Development

    Are you sure? The image I posted above is from Spy Rock and the site is right next to River City Roll as you mentioned
  12. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Scott's Addition Development

    Is that Interbake Phase 2?
  13. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Manchester Development

    Yeah that's well and good but they could have done this on literally any other parcel in Manchester other than this one and it would have been fine. This is a riverfront premium lot, which should make it ripe for high-rise development. Apartment demand is still pretty high and they could have easily made something denser than 27 townhomes. This development just doesn't excite me as it should. edit: quote from the article: This just makes me more frustrated
  14. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    70s bathroom shower tile vibes