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  1. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    I've never seen negative reputation on this site before lol
  2. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    If we really wanted to be pedantic, you could say that 8 story apartment building (Overview City Side) was the first
  3. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Not necessarily the best quality about it but it's also brought a large sum of new development proposals along the line, from Scotts Addition to Jackson Ward to that new wyndham proposed in Shockoe, so those who say it will drive away and discourage investment couldn't have run any farther in the wrong direction
  4. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Dominion Resources: New High-rise Building Planned for Downtown

    I agree RVA is one of a kind but we don't have to put down other cities to bring ours up.
  5. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Dominion Resources: New High-rise Building Planned for Downtown

    I'm not apologetic at all, the tower does look fat from certain angles. It looks very good from others and the skyline is better as a result of it but that's not going to stop me from fat shaming the tower from a certain angle.
  6. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond off-topic postings

    ^^^That's still strange that you don't seem to have that access though. Everyone (at least on the Richmond subforum) seemed to be fine before the link went up to the top bar
  7. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond off-topic postings

    It shouldn't be. The access permissions allow anyone with the link to edit. Try my link, the one in the signature
  8. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Dominion Resources: New High-rise Building Planned for Downtown

    I may as well be hanged for such blasphemy lol but does anyone else not find this kind of short and chubby? like it's fatter than I thought and that makes it also look shorter than it probably is
  9. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Manchester Development

    Muse apartments. It's already on the development map and is referenced in a single line in the RTD article that the plan from back in 2016 fell through. So basically new developers are in. As you all have pointed out since they are the developers of Cary St Station it should be a quality project.
  10. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    Plus as some of the people on BizSense have been noting, it would be a good opportunity to bring in some national retailers to prevent shoppers from having to go out into Henrico and spending their money.
  11. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    I'm updating a bunch of places on the development map. Lots of small purple projects here and there have gone green, few blues to purples as well.
  12. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    ^100% agree on you with that part. Residential would have been fantastic (and add shoppers to the area), because as it stands, I don't know how much retail can be sustained and whether it can be guaranteed all those new spaces will be filled. Those are a lot of new spaces in those buildings. On the other hand, I am overjoyed that they are bringing the buildings up to the street, it makes it infinitely better on a pedestrian scale rather than having that large parking lot and the big grocery building set back so far as it is currently. I have no doubt NIMBYs would have protested over residential so I'm willing to let that go. The major thing is that they brought the buildings up to the street. That is major and will activate that western stretch of Carytown. Seeing as this just looks like a publicity flyer I'm kind of hesitant to add this to the development map. edit: nvm. I'm adding it. RTD has an article about it with an estimated completion of late 2020. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/proposed-carytown-exchange-to-bring-a-fresh-look-with-a/article_dbc31093-5b49-53d1-9f4c-7018fea40890.html Here's also a website https://carytownexchange.com
  13. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    I keep forgetting this city is San Francisco-lite sometimes...
  14. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Manchester Development

    Gorgeous looking development, of course they're renderings. In the image looks like Port RVA phase 1 next to the office building. If they build that phase 2 tower, that stretch of street will be two continuous blocks of good development.
  15. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    @Brent114 you can see that from Lee/Manchester bridge?? You sure? Good grief it's only 5-6 stories