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  1. Another interesting tidbit from BizSense today; VCU has purchased land near the Diamond to build an 'athletic village' as outlined in their master plan. https://richmondbizsense.com/2020/03/30/vcu-pays-11m-for-greyhound-land-near-the-diamond-delays-new-kent-er/ It indicates a tennis center will be part of the athletic village, which begs the question if VCU plans on redeveloping the site of the current Thalhimer Tennis Center across the street from the Cary Street Gym.
  2. Between quarantine and everything else, it's been pretty slow so I've been doing a lot of surfing. Found some various odds and ends that seem interesting enough Metromont Construction is the contractor for South Falls I and has a cool update photo from two days ago. Looks massive https://www.facebook.com/Metromont/ Also, found another market research firm Berkadia that does quarterly/construction/all kinds of market reports for many areas; Richmond is one of them. Here's the link to the page where it's filtered for Virginia. Latest uploads are Q4 for Norfolk, Northern Virginia, and Richmond. https://www.berkadia.com/research-and-resources/search-reports?report_query=&state_code=VA&report-category[]=construction-pipeline-report&report-category[]=quarterly-reports (They have market reports on so many areas that I've been browsing for fun too. DC, Philly, New York, etc) Also have been moving things around on the development map, tying up loose ends here and there. Herod Seed Factory for example is well under construction and is purple (btw, are there any renderings for the new building they're constructing just south of the viaduct? Can't find anything) EDIT: Herod Seed Factory redevelopment is now known as 'The Oliver'. https://theoliverrva.com/
  3. Those numbers can't be right if it's purportedly 2020.... Norfolk is listed at 241k. It was 242,628 in 2011... I doubt they've lost population since then..
  4. Anyone else lowkey don't want the building to be demolished because they're now worried the pandemic economy will leave the lot blank for potentially years
  5. According to the map that's 'Belle Heights', a 106 townhome development https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/01/31/106-townhomes-planned-manchester/
  6. That's McRae & Lacy, indeed a townhome development by Eagle Construction; while 150 units would be great density wise for that area, it's actually just 26 lol https://www.eagleofva.com/our-communities/mcrae-lacy/ https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/09/20/eagle-construction-breaks-ground-on-first-development-in-the-city/
  7. This corona is something innit....
  8. If we get a big hole in the skyline for a parking lot I'll stand outside Dominion HQ every day until shovels hit the ground
  9. In a way, I'm kind of glad this whole season kind of skidded off the rails bc as a big Rams follower, so did our team in the past month lol (started with a surprise loss to Mason....ended up turning into something like a 5 game losing streak and crash into 9th place going into the A10 tournament. I guess the mass confusion that marred the end of the season will hopefully make people forget the fact VCU spectacularly crashed and burned at the end of conference play. Feel bad for all the non traditional/powerhouse teams that were doing well (UMD, Rutgers, Dayton, SDSU) though...
  10. ^^^^ I always wondered why those newish townhomes looked like a larger development that went unfinished. The parking lot and empty lot behind them should have been developed when those were as well. Anyway
  11. (Douglas thought process) We have several blighted properties in our holdings, why not add one signature piece to the collection! Let's see, it's valued at $51 million? No no no, that can't be right, clearly it's a typo in the city's records, they must mean 15. Yeah 15 sounds good. 15 million it is
  12. One of the most stunning renderings I've seen for Scott's Addition. Hope to all hell they don't value engineer this one.
  13. ^ I mean the 295 thing to Tri Cities I suppose was a way to include the tri cities in on the region, thus 'regionalism' in it's own convoluted way. 295 and 288 could never be connected bc there was already development where 295 could otherwise connect directly to 288. What I don't get about 295 is why there's a flyover to get on from 64 east since if you look at Google Maps you can see they intended to do a clover leaf and cleared the trees for the exit and built a flyover instead.
  14. Sources say incoming Mayor Gray finds the plan 'exhausting', wants to issue an RFP for the corridor and study the potential further
  15. She's running for mayor?? lmfao Well she certainly has the support of the local NIMBY coalition
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