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  1. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/10/15/city-turns-zoning-focus-monroe-wards-dearth-surface-parking-lots/ AHA Zoning changes in planning for Monroe Ward specifically to 'focus on [its] dearth of surface parking lots' actually now that i think about it 'dearth' is a strange word to use in this context. They probably meant 'overabundance'? Anyway, most of the current zoning will change to TOD-1 (same zoning as Scott's Addition along Broad/near Boulevard that was approved last year). Will allow for taller building heights and greater density. The article also acknowledges the Pulse and immense development activity in VCU and downtown as a driving force behind this change
  2. RVA-Is-The-Best

    VCU Developments

    I sort of get what he's saying though, it looks like a big wall on one side of Monroe Park. i wonder if the different facades were a way to try and break that up, but I still feel like it's kind of one big monotonous ensemble
  3. RVA-Is-The-Best

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    At the very least put ground floor retail on the deck for gods sake. such a prime location and such a dumb usage. Are we in 1985? a parking deck seriously
  4. RVA-Is-The-Best

    The Locks at 321

    I'll be honest it looks like a parking garage lmao
  5. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Manchester Development

    @Hike Where did you get information (or that rendering really) for 'The 550' it's marked on the development map as 'Port RVA Phase 2', but that was a while back and I actually assumed the project went stale/died
  6. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Imo if they can keep sustainably acquiring and expanding, I think they're our next Fortune 500 contender. We're far from that point though, but 'one of the largest banks in Virginia' is a good start.
  7. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Region Transportation

    and Midlothian
  8. RVA-Is-The-Best

    VCU Developments

    Did you mean "N"? Cause on the site of "D" doesn't seem like much of substantial existing structure. the "N" site however would be replacing that X-shaped tower where the Honors College currently is (which I'm not too happy about, would rather they put another tower on the empty lot next to it) anyway, I'm excited about "X" (the inpatient bed tower), and "S" (the additional new wrap-around building around the existing parking garage off Main near Monroe Park) edit: and in (slightly) related news, Monroe Park is going from purple to green (at last) on the development map. It appears the grand opening/ribbon cutting was today with the mayor and VCU president present.
  9. RVA-Is-The-Best

    VCU Developments

    Don't know if it's been posted here before already but VCU is redoing/updating its Master Site Plan for the two campuses, calling it ONE VCU, with some pretty interesting concepts being thrown around, including what looks like a complete demolishing of the Student Commons and Temple buildings for an 'iconic green', surrounded by bigger classroom buildings, among other things. Click the links on the left side to see some pretty aerial (not renderings really, but master plan conceptual images of future density of buildings) https://masterplan.vcu.edu/draft-plan/
  10. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/09/25/32m-project-bring-hundreds-apartments-near-vuu/ 224 units at 2009 Brook Rd, next to that newish looking Spectrum apartments right across from VUU. Looks like the development craze may be finally headed up to Northside (or at least near VUU) (photo from BizSense)
  11. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Lol up here in Loudoun data centers often feel like they outnumber people
  12. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Scott's Addition Development

    Henrico looking to rezone the big industrial stretch across 195 into 'Scott's Addition 2.0'. https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/09/21/scotts-addition-2-0-henrico-zeroes-westwood-avenue-corridor/
  13. RVA-Is-The-Best

    The Locks at 321

    If these are the beauts we'll be seeing I'm turning this convoy right on back to St Charles, Lewis
  14. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    Ye. So Main2525
  15. RVA-Is-The-Best

    Richmond Developments

    Where is that Tobacco Row development in the first picture? Is that Main2525?