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  1. Also noted this interesting line: Will be interesting, this'll be VCU Medical Center's next big project I'm assuming. Hope it's big and we see renderings eventually
  2. This and Tom's 'put us out of our misery' comment in BizSense yesterday has had me in splits. Developers are really entering the new year shell shocked and exhausted
  3. Christmas came early this year Christmas came early this year Christmas came early this year
  4. Not gonna lie, we look incredibly Napoleonic when we rant and rave about Raleigh and Charlotte and the like. I keep quiet but think it's not a good look. We're growing and doing well so why constantly compare and complain
  5. I was actually fiddling around with this for about a week recently, and I noticed if you press the historical imagery button (with the slider bar to view imagery from past captures), it actually jumps to July 28 2021 (at least for central Richmond), though the imagery is noticeably darker and duller than the bright March and April captures (which is what you see by default on Google Earth). My guess is they capture imagery more often but only update it for everyone once they touch it up and adjust for issues (like there are two image captures for July 2021, one where clouds obscure a lot of ground view, and then one without cloud obstruction). Interesting stuff, and Google Earth often has more up to date imagery than Google Maps as a result
  6. Godspeed to the developers. I can already hear the NIMBYs dusting off their gloves from the One Shiplock square off
  7. Third day in a row for project announcements by BizSense in Manchester This time it's actually two projects, the one I'm gonna highlight is 116 units at the SW corner of Hull + Commerce (812 Hull St). Income based apartments, so the design isn't particularly as eye candy as the two projects unveiled in the last two days are, but still respectable in that it adds density and gets rid of more surface lots. I guess I really only have an issue with the prison-like street interaction but hey. Better than a surface lot Once again, someone must've been keeping an eye on the permits because this project was already on the development map, now we have a rendering to go with it. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/09/17/southside-housing-projects-would-add-260-income-based-apartments/ The other project is 144 units (also income based) in six 3-story buildings at 700 W 44th St near Forest Hill, but that's more suburban in nature and is near Forest Hill anyway, so kind of off topic for Manchester anyway.
  8. Two days in a row, huh. Manchester is on a roll. Thalhimer has announced it's intention to put up an 8-story apartment building dubbed Overlook II, with 271 apartments + ground floor retail, as sort of a successor to the Overlook at City View right on the next lot. Someone must have had the scoop, because it's already on the development map too lol. Good stuff https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/09/16/thalhimer-plans-to-put-up-eight-story-apartment-building-in-manchester/
  9. Neat project at Summit & Norfolk (1616 Summit Ave, to be specific), project is dubbed 'Sixteen Sixteen'. Vacant 1 story building to be converted into commercial space, then have 4 levels of condos built on top of it, new construction. Only 4 units, but hey. Still good nonetheless. And condos are good to diversify the SA housing stock. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/08/25/condos-planned-for-scotts-addition/
  10. This "plan" is homicide on the urban core. Absolutely horrendous, they want to core the center of Richmond the way you'd core the center of an apple. Removing the good buildings that contribute to the architectural urban fabric like the SC and then chopping off the tallest building is the equivalent of shooting the chest and then sawing off an arm. In this economy we're not going to get replacements of that scale to undo the damage of losing Monroe. Hideous. This feels worse than Navy Hill. Because at least that never actually existed.
  11. Nice little cover story from Style summarizing all the major museum developments going on, not much in the way of tantalizing new information, but a good summary nonetheless: https://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/museum-makeovers/Content?oid=17667463
  12. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/06/23/developer-kleyman-targets-manchester-with-bainbridge-street-projects/ Two 3-story infill buildings on empty lots off Bainbridge, 20 units total: 15 units + retail at 1421 Bainbridge St (shown below); another 5 units at 1122 Bainbridge St
  13. Big exciting news incoming!! VMFA will unveil the design for their $190M expansion later this month! https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/06/15/virginia-museum-of-fine-arts-to-unveil-design-for-190m-expansion/ More specifically, 'by June 30th'. According to museum staff, It's been in the works for 11 years, and when they opened the McGlothlin wing in 2010, it had already outgrown it's space. "The VMFA expansion will include a new 100,000-square-foot wing off of the existing Mellon and Lewis Wing, a renovation of 45,000 square feet in three museum buildings; and a new annex building." :The largest piece of the expansion is a planned five-story addition of 100,000-125,000 square feet to be built onto the Mellon and Lewis Wing, which was constructed in 1985." All 3 phases will be constructed concurrently over 24 months after the planning stage is expected to finish by June 2023. -------------------- Just read the article. There's loads of exciting information there that I can't summarize. Very exciting times ahead.
  14. Thanks for this link bc I began browsing the portfolio and found another project - the Center for Adult Critical Care... would be on the site of the MCV Visitor parking garage and connected to the Critical Care Hospital. Says it's a collaboration with HKS Architects. Perhaps this is one of the next major projects in the books for VCU Medical Center? https://www.knizedesigns.com/en/projects/vcu-adult
  15. It used to be Opus and now it's this one for me too. Followed by the 12 story building at 200 E Marshall edit: actually no! The one I want to break ground the most is the big Public Safety Building site redevelopment: (followed by this one at Broad/Madison)
  16. I must have missed this one, which one is this? I don't think it's on the development map either
  17. “Twelve is a number that is daunting for many people" That's not a sentence you hear very often. And even with context provided.. Oh yeah, when counting I skip 12 sometimes, that number really unsettles me. It may be the fact that it's divisible by so many different numbers, I mean 1,2,3,4,6! Harrowing
  18. Welp, pack it up boys, we had a good run.
  19. And an official RTD article rehashing much of the above. https://richmond.com/news/local/new-buildings-coming-to-vcu-athletics-village-student-commons-high-rise-dorm-arts-lab/article_625834de-0f86-5a93-84b6-e9a272e72e59.html Great stuff. Over $1.2 billion in construction.
  20. Lol we really ended up with the worst case scenario didn't we. A hole in the skyline with an unforeseeable future and distant timeline for redevelopment. Im not blaming Dominion though, the office market is cratered with the pandemic and it was probably cheaper to just tear it down than to try and rehab the building
  21. Ngl, I hope Cordish wins, the Urban One location is so out of the way and does nothing for the non urban environment around it, just will bring people in their cars and then back onto the highway. At least a SA location would encourage people to use the bus and spend tax dollars at some of the restaurants in town if they come in. And the location is already fairly industrial that it's removed from any residential development, and tbh the Urban One proposal is just so underwhelming with its oodles of surface parking and maybe that's the root of my dislike for that one A SA casino would contribute to a critical mass of activity in that area and truly represent the mixed use ethos of that neighborhood, what with a ballpark, movie theater and museums all within a few blocks. Couple that with all the residential west of Arthur Ashe Blvd and the whole stretch of Broad/Leigh becomes denser and livelier
  22. Yes, me likey. I'm liking the critical mass of density these developments would bring. They're maximizing the use potential of these lots. Can't wait for renderings
  23. Neat. Two 3/4 story buildings w/ 122 units planned on an empty plot of land at Government Rd & Glenwood Avenue in Chimborazo. Decent infill, densifying the area. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/04/07/kleyman-planning-20m-apartment-complex-on-east-end-plot/
  24. 5-story, 173 unit building proposed by DC developer in Manchester! 15 W. 7th St. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/03/30/d-c-developer-plans-5-story-173-unit-apartment-building-in-manchester/ Good addition to all the proposed development in that cluster. According to BizSense: Good stuff. I notice someone had already added it to the development map before the article came out. UP ahead of the curve again lol
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