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  1. That argument makes no sense. The judge will probably throw this out. The "high rises" ... 1. are actually mid-rise truth be told. 2. are facing the Broad Street corridor, as well the Hermitage Road corridor; there is no potential threat. 3. is a smoke screen excuse for landlords/realtors to keep their grip on the neighborhood by decrease the competition that would have existed if the zoning was changed for higher floors(one of you mentioned this on reddit/RVA forums). Guess who else was also in that industry talking that mess- Kim Gray.
  2. Yet people blame the mayor for the issues this city (and metro) dealt with LONG before he was even thought about. Therefore, issues won't get fixed and the right people to question gets off the hook, leaving the progress of Richmond's economic development in the wrong care Get the heck outta here (not you @I miss RVA, you're cool with me).
  3. I'm still praying for Manchester/Gateway District/ Southside to get a signature (25+) skyscraper that sets off a mid-high rise residential neighborhood in that area. Not a lot, but spread out and spacious along a corridor ( Formally J-D Highway, Commerce Rd- looking at yall).
  4. Ok, so management is the issue (not surprising). Does The Mayor oversee that department or someone else?
  5. Richmond Mayoral Forum- 9/15/2020 For those who missed it. I'm literally about to watch this. Therefore I have no cliff notes for you. Here are your candidates.
  6. It would be a good time to talk to city next door and what out some sort of , I don't know....regional collaboration . The Board of Supervisors GOT to know the city is growing faster than the counties by now.
  7. So the history and development we create today in the 21'st Century is based off of uplifting the ugliest, detrimental segment of Richmond/United States history in 1800's? Mind you, this lasted for 4. YEARS. and...THEY LOST. THE CONFEDERATES, THEY ARE LOSERS.. When will people realize that Richmond's history isn't solely based off the Civil War? If the people of this city wants to use historical tourism as an economic engine, put some damn effort to promote a full 360 overview of Richmond from then to now. Hell, Jackson Ward and Shockoe Bottom History doesn't get even HALF of the attention Civil War history receives (which is worthy and LONG overdue). What about Maggie L. Walker, Arthur Asher, etc. That right there let's me know how SOME of those NIMBY's operate. Honestly, if a group like them are Native Richmonders, then I pray MORE outsiders move in droves to this city and DRIVE these NIMBY's out; they care about their privilege, not the future of Richmond as a whole and the people in it who are NOT them. Sidenote: I pray for Mayor Levar Stoney a second term just to piss them off. As you can tell, I'm annoyed and fed the **** up.
  9. Yall mean this? Baskervill- National Slavery Museum (Alternative Concept)
  10. YES! For those that don't know... http://www.nicholasjeffway.work/shockoebottom Rendering Report- PDF
  11. Using history to justify their sense of entitlement and privilege. The "NIMBY" collective are the honestly the status quo who wants their way of how Richmond SHOULD look in THEIR benefit (while suppressing a burgeoning population of fresh faces, talents and viewpoints of how the city can progress as the years pass). Give it some thought, because its more than just skyscrapers.
  12. If they will SUPPORT it. They can build anything and council can approve it but until the community (plus RPS/Council/Mayor Administration) put their money where their mouth is, things will stay the same. On top of that, an EDUCATION REFORM with updated infrastructure is needed for progress.
  13. See. This - THIS- this photo is why we need to stop downplaying our image as city! We have the density DOWN PACT. Expansion and HEIGHT is next. (If what I said just sounded kinda showy and vain, it probably is (don't judge me)).
  14. Just when I thought the coronavirus pandemic sealed this conversation, lo and behold; NAVY HILL RISES! @I miss RVA you're wasting your time trying to prove your point. That font already made up it's mind stating that this section of downtown isn't considered "livable" or worth the redevlopment. If that was the case, neither is Scotts Addition or Manchaster. I knew from then on that discussion wasn't necessary.
  15. Also, I got this comment from the RichmondBizsense comment section for the latest article concerning the Navy Hill controversy. It resonated with me in a way.
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