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  1. I could see Richmond with or without a ML sports team. Don't see why we can't have one if the citizens in region and surrounding areas of Tidewater and Appalachian parts would want one (if the support is really there). Might be a clash with those who provide counterarguments. If anything, we can be a great host. And yes, the paywall is annoying, but understandable.
  2. Have you told her why they should re-evaluate that? Did you propose your information to them? Did they snub you?
  3. This ties everything up.
  4. You see, I'm the one who thinks all opinions should be looked at or taken into consideration. But this, yeah......no.
  5. Another question, did any of the council members attended the meetings and workshops when NH Corp were drafting and revising the proposals? Were they supposed to wait till everything is completed so it can be presented and formed a decision?
  6. My sentiments exactly. I always believed that a stronger city-core benefits the city and region itself. The counties should pitch in. I believe it's only a subscribers' article.
  7. This is what I meant by the ball being the council's court. City Council believes the Navy Hill Master Plan might not be in the best interest for Richmond's citizens, but neither are they if they keep doing this habit of recurring studies with no action. What would be a better alternative to what's presented? One thing is for sure , accountability will be held from the administration to the developers for this project (whether this gets passed or not).
  8. Double post, my apologies.
  9. Looking at it now, they have every right to be concerned. However, what I'm uncomfortable with is that there are no alternatives to this master plan or financing options. I highly doubt developers would take a total chance on this if the project wouldn't have a good ROI. And I'm sure they are looking at this from the perspective of past failed projects (6th Street Marketplace, Redskins Training Center; etc.). If greediness does take place and leads to mismanagement, there should be some sort of clause that should hold those parties accountable. Either way, the area is draining the city of $1,000,000 or more now. Something has to be done. What I respect is that Stoney is taking the initiative to try and solve a problem with Richmond's most desolate areas, whether if it gets passed or not. I do believe the ball is in City Council's court now.
  10. Just so we can clear of the information being presented, Dominion is still paying for the arena?
  11. Nope, people just practicing the art of fear-mongering disguised as observations. Tis is all.
  12. See THAT is the same perception that I had to. I don't mind at all succeeding as an international, popular mid-sized city. However, I know that we are going to be bigger than where we are now (which is always a good).
  13. If the moderators feel that this is a subject that should be moved into the Richmond off-topic postings , please feel free to do so. I thought that this would be better to have as a thread of it's own to keep the conversation about this city going and hear other's views about Richmond. I found an article online from 2017 (3 years ago) about how Richmond is not only changing before our very eyes, but how the city is growing at a rate than what was ever imagined and needed to be taken into consideration in terms of business, employment, housing, and yes, the touchy subject of gentrification. The author stated that these are a same situations that most bigger and major cities a facing with everyday and that it's possible indicator that Richmond could be on the verge of becoming the Tier One City that we all dream of being and the potential to be as the years pass by. https://onesouthrealty.com/blog/richmond-a-big-city/ I've personally never looked at the city as small.... AT ALL (outsiders , of course, do). We are considered mid-sized, for sure However, I think, sooner or later, we might be growing out of mid-sized as well. We all have our perception of what SMALL, MED and LARGE are in various ways. In terms of city-size, we cover a lot of ground from Scott Addition to Rocket's Landing (as well as the potential acres for development downtown). However, what we can agree on, is that Richmond is FINALLY breaking out of it's shell of it's past and no longer getting overlooked. What do you guys think overall about Richmond?
  14. YES to this! I LOVE IT.
  15. What shocked me the most was when I was looking at the map, Tree Hill Farm is still on the table. I though that interest was dead YEARS ago.
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