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  1. In your first picture, it’s hard to say without seeing the roadway beneath it. However, I would assume that there is no dedicated lane for that exit. In other words, you can continue on the mainline from the far right lane. Purple is explicitly for express lanes. Toll does not always equal express. In fact, the Turnpike now has express lanes on its toll road with higher rates.
  2. Agreed, but the construction time itself has taken a while. The main section with Environmental concerns was Section 6 over the river itself. As for SR 46, you are correct, but that smaller scale than I-4 MOT and not all of it is along SR 46.
  3. As I’ve stated before, to build I-4 Ultimate without the private finance component, you’d be looking at 30 years of construction. The state would have broken the project up into a dozen pieces with staggered begin and end of construction schedules. It’s taken about 10 years for Wekiva Parkway to be built without any maintenance of traffic, because it’s a brand new road. While it doesn’t seem ideal, it would have been a lot worse imo.
  4. I heard they got money from FDOT because the state had to purchase some of their land. That’s why they were able to build again. Let’s hope they finish before they run out of money. There will be no I-4 Ultimate to save them next time.
  5. Had FDOT gone the traditional route, the project would never have been built. It was too expensive and the interstate along this section would have taken 30 years to complete with “traditional” smaller contracts. It would take multiple projects over a span of decades.
  6. Simple, stop handing out drivers licenses to anyone with a pulse.
  7. It’s a lose-lose. People would have complained about the waste if designed to original plan, and others like yourself will hate a scaled down version because it looks “craptacular”. That said, I am disappointed too.
  8. EngineerNole


    Mass transit is unrealistic for Orlando. It was built around the automobile and is far too spread out. In order to implement a successful mass transit system, you would have to build billions of dollars worth of networks east/west and north/south. It’s an economic loser. The best bet is automated vehicles, which is a lot more realistic. In my head, I imagine a rental car system in the future with automated vehicles, similar to the movie Minority Report. However, this will be a long time from now. Raising taxes for more rail is a colossal waste imo.
  9. Interesting. I haven’t heard of this plan to use the express lanes for this purpose. I agree you’d have to start with a closed system.
  10. That’s because every building is designed by the same architectural firm. It’s almost embarrassing.
  11. Im pretty sure this is the vision of Brightline. This train is for tourists, not locals.
  12. EngineerNole


    I understand that most of that Semoran office moved to another existing field office in Orlando. The traffic people went to the new RTMC building in Sanford.
  13. I don’t think this is intentional. The problem is that the express lanes are needed to improve traffic flow. If they switch their use for automated vehicles only, you would have to replace the same volume of traffic with automated vehicles to prevent the entire system from failing. A traffic guy I know explained to me that it will be a huge challenge integrating automated vehicles with manually driven cars. The system would work great if all cars were autonomous, and one day we might get there, but the transition will likely lead to more traffic jams.
  14. Virgin Trains is coming. Already starting on Miami to Orlando. Orlando to Tampa is very likely imo. Outside of that and Sunrail, don’t expect a subway type system, it will never happen. Automated cars is the future of local travel.
  15. Projects are starting for the widening of I-4 from the northern end of I-4 Ultimate (EE Williamson Bridge) to Lake Mary Blvd. These are interim projects. I-4 Beyond the Ultimate could be a few years. The Wekiva Parkway project that ties into I-4 will build the I-4 beyond the Ultimate general use lanes (free/non tolled lanes) between SR 46A and SR 46. It is already starting in a sense, but will take some years for the final build out on each side of the current I-4 Ultimate project.
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