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    Maitland Developments

    These old people are extremely selfish. They don't want to deal with traffic at the expense of future generations. They'd rather the town waste away since it would have no impact on their short future. One councilwoman was concerned about permeability. Does she even know what she's talking about? Doubt it. Unless she went out there with a drill rig and ran a permeability test and saw that the rate was 0.0001 ft/day. Lol. Chances are they can figure out a drainage design for the property. I will agree on one concern...the bland architecture. However, I'll take that over the vacant lot and decrepit Traditions Plaza any day. If this wasn't happening, the lot would stay the same for decades. Also, would it be unfeasible to eventually move the sunrail station south of Horatio? Maybe the site of the old railroad station from a century ago that is now gone.
  2. EngineerNole

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What restoration? I know that they'll have to widen into the marsh. As far as I know, the floodplain is pretty much untouched outside the right of way.
  3. EngineerNole

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    There will be plans to expand beyond the limits of I-4 Ultimate to match the I-4 Ultimate sections. Construction for this is probably years away. However, they plan on keeping enough room in the median south of Orlando towards Tampa for a potential future high-speed rail or other transit corridor.
  4. EngineerNole


    A little late, but the billboard did get taken down a while ago. I was surprised it was there for so long.
  5. EngineerNole

    Should South Florida become its own state?

    This thread is ridiculous. It DOES NOT MATTER that the capital is in Tallahassee. Miami has REPRESENTATIVES IN TALLAHASSEE. It's not like a bunch of local Tallahasseeans sit around and decide what happens in South Florida. Some people here really need to take a US Government course. Also, the name calling here is very immature. North Florida and South Florida have "rednecks". However, this name "redneck" in itself is very inflammatory and unnecessary. Florida is very different from north to south. I see this as a good thing. It makes the state diverse. Some people here are very close minded. Yet, they call themselves "liberal". Yeah, I'm talkin to you Larry.
  6. EngineerNole

    The Plaza

    That theater was good in many ways, but also very poorly run at the same time. One time I got there for them to tell me the time listed online was wrong and that the movie I came for was no longer playing that evening.
  7. EngineerNole

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Homeless people (bums) have no one to thank except themselves. I have no respect for them.
  8. EngineerNole

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

    After looking at those latest pics of Orlando, my anticipation for what the city would eventually become is now a reality. I am very happy with what the city looks like, and I hope it only gets better.
  9. EngineerNole

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I guess, I should have checked the website first. It appears that the "Ultimate Plans" (who knows when the this will be completed) do include new ramps in all directions. It appears the current construction only includes an "Interim Plan", in which only some of the ramps will be complete.
  10. EngineerNole

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Ok, so now 408 W to I-4 E and 408 W to I-4 E are taken care of. I know that future plans will include a ramp for 408 W to I-4 W. As for 408 E to I-4 W, will they continue to use the old ramp or will they eventually build a new ramp? Also, this project does not appear to include any I-4 to 408 ramps. Does anyone know anything I don't?
  11. EngineerNole

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    Are you kidding me? The bottom is the ugliest part of that building. It's that ugly 60-70's looking white concrete with very large "pebbles" sticking out on the sides. For example, although not exactly the same, look at any old Albertson's store, and you will get an idea of what I mean, except this building, the rocks are all white. Let me go throw up now.
  12. EngineerNole

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    So I hear from a good source that much of the I-4/408 project should be done by next summer. At least the first phase.
  13. EngineerNole

    The VUE

    Yeah, but discolored white is a lot more noticeable than other colors. Would you rather spill spaghetti sauce on a white shirt or a red shirt?
  14. EngineerNole

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    I don't know with who. I don't think anyone knows yet. The Citrus Bowl games are scheduled in 2012 and 2013(???). Something like that. Still have a few years to go.
  15. EngineerNole

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    Two games for FSU at the Citrus Bowl