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  1. Didn’t they get more money from I-4 Ultimate?
  2. That’s an old concept. The parking lot won’t go back that far. The amtrack station will be preserved.
  3. That spur looks like it’s still in use. Plus, they’d have to take out part of a neighborhood and possibly “The Deland House”.
  4. Speaking of I-4 and Lee, anyone remember “The Boobytrap”?
  5. I don’t think express lanes will go past wekiva parkway. I think property has to be purchased and it’s not needed yet. Never mind. I just looked and DOTowns that SW corner as well.
  6. Supposedly they work really well, but part of me suspects it’s just the “cool new thing”.
  7. I think the RRFBs took a hit because of a recent pedestrian death. The problem with any pedestrian crossing is the lack of understanding of traffic laws. Many pedestrians think that if the light is flashing, they have a force field that protects them. The pedestrian does not have to technically hit the button to cross. It is simply an extra measure to warn drivers. The driver must stop if a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, period. There is also responsibility on the pedestrian to cross with caution and not immediately jump out into traffic.
  8. It’s money. I would expect more delays due to the huge decrease in the gas tax from the pandemic. The Volusia County section is questionably needed anyway. Not that much traffic to necessarily justify toll lanes. That’s just my opinion. The lanes will definitely be widened, whether tolled or not. The question is when. As I’ve stated before, they’ve already started on the interim projects. They will widen from EE Williamson to Lake Mary. They are resurfacing from Lake Mary to the bridge. On the south side, Daryl Carter and Sand Lake interchange with I-4 projects are coming. Those wil
  9. My understanding is that Universal is funding this. FDOT just finished the Sand Lake Rd project that widened those bridges too, so Universal will be making more changes to this. The article says Orange County and Universal are working together. I imagine the extension south of Sand Lake will not be a part of the state road system, but I don’t know for sure.
  10. In your first picture, it’s hard to say without seeing the roadway beneath it. However, I would assume that there is no dedicated lane for that exit. In other words, you can continue on the mainline from the far right lane. Purple is explicitly for express lanes. Toll does not always equal express. In fact, the Turnpike now has express lanes on its toll road with higher rates.
  11. Agreed, but the construction time itself has taken a while. The main section with Environmental concerns was Section 6 over the river itself. As for SR 46, you are correct, but that smaller scale than I-4 MOT and not all of it is along SR 46.
  12. As I’ve stated before, to build I-4 Ultimate without the private finance component, you’d be looking at 30 years of construction. The state would have broken the project up into a dozen pieces with staggered begin and end of construction schedules. It’s taken about 10 years for Wekiva Parkway to be built without any maintenance of traffic, because it’s a brand new road. While it doesn’t seem ideal, it would have been a lot worse imo.
  13. I heard they got money from FDOT because the state had to purchase some of their land. That’s why they were able to build again. Let’s hope they finish before they run out of money. There will be no I-4 Ultimate to save them next time.
  14. Had FDOT gone the traditional route, the project would never have been built. It was too expensive and the interstate along this section would have taken 30 years to complete with “traditional” smaller contracts. It would take multiple projects over a span of decades.
  15. Simple, stop handing out drivers licenses to anyone with a pulse.
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