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  1. I'm almost fully convinced that the internet is the "new bar" anyways. No matter where you live.
  2. It seems as if malls, or shopping centers, have to reinvent themselves to ensure long-term success. If they become stagnant, then they start to slide. Some of the malls I used to go to growing up have either been torn down (Tower Mall in Portsmouth VA) or are in a serious state of neglect (Newmarket Square Mall, Newport News VA). However, there are a few that have stood the test of time (Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach). Of course, Southpark is a good example of a mall evolving and thriving.
  3. If i'm not mistaken, didn't Eastland do some renovations in the mid-90's? Hate to see the mall go downhill like it sounds like it has. I haven't been there in years.
  4. Didn't Express for Men used to be Structure?
  5. Thanks for the reply about Galyan's...personally, it doesn't bother me too much that Dick's is at the mall. I know the mall is supposed to have nicer stores, but I used to work there when Sears was one of the main stores. So I guess my viewpoint is a little different. It would be cool for the mall to get a Bloomingdale's. Big name stores like that draw even more people in.
  6. I've only shopped a Dick's one time, and while I was impressed by the size of the store, the overall merchandise wasn't that impressive. What made Gaylan's a better store? I had a chance to shop at Southpark a couple weeks ago (came back to Charlotte for my high school reunion) and was impressed. I was pretty lost walking around...it had seemed to change so much since I was in high school ten years ago. Heck, the shopping was pretty good, but the scenery was even better!
  7. Yeah, I think Sears conceded that they were eventually going to be "forced" out of the mall and let it go downhill. I seem to remember the last summer I worked there that the mall owners were already trying to buy the property. I no longer live in Charlotte, but did get the opportunity to visit Southpark last fall. Talk about a vast change (and improvement, in my opinion). I wish we had some of those stores where I live now. I always thought it was weird to have a drugstore in the mall....
  8. It was kinda sad for me to hear that they tore down the Sears. I used to work there and I always thought it was funny when people would say they spent all there money at the more expensive stores and only had enough money left to shop at Sears.... I thought that the Southpark Sears was supposed to be one of the best in NC, if not the best, when it cam to sales.
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