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  1. Can get your Ukrop’s chicken fix at their market hall too.
  2. Yes, still need to finalize the agreements with the developer and then will again go back to council for final approval hopefully later this year.
  3. All in all good news. In addition to a new baseball stadium: At full build-out, the new development will have 2,863 rental house units; 157 for-sale homes; 935,000-square-feet of office space; two hotels with a total of 330 rooms; 195,000-square-feet of retail space; 6,800 structured parking spaces and an 11-acre park.
  4. I think they’re both Amazon Fresh. We shall see….
  5. Amazon Fresh is the best bet.
  6. Looks like the BizSense folks are a big fan of Legend Brown Ale. 2 straight weekly guest commentators opposed to the Avery Hill project. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/09/23/guest-commentary-a-manchester-view-from-manchester/ this person avoids the fact that there is an approved development plan for this site already. The developer can just build that instead of what they are proposing. So, the density is coming regardless. Therefore it seems their gripes are primarily to do with the city’s failures to address basic infrastructure, green space, street trees traffic speed, etc. Welcome to the city of Richmond.
  7. Not gonna happen with historic tax credits.
  8. The mobile crane is on site here and very visible from 195. Exciting to see.
  9. I remember that name as someone that perhaps had a blog at one point covering things downtown, but maybe more Jackson Ward area focused. Real person, but maybe misinformed. Anything is possible but thinking this is dubious while also probably not intentionally malicious.
  10. Interesting. 801 E Main is next door. The Wytestone Bldg. This is a new development for UP.
  11. I haven’t heard the Richmond location is dead. Did I miss that?
  12. CLT just for the office portion I believe.
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