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  1. That is good news and follows Wegman’s regional corporate office going into their massive project in Hanover.
  2. Wonder if the changes at the top of Dominion will impact their go/no go decision on the new tower?
  3. You can see the elevator core of the new General Assembly Building. It will have a pretty prominent presence. Stumbled across this rendering. An angle from Broad Street I don't recall seeing before. https://silman.com/work/projects/view/va-gab/
  4. Lots of density going up!
  5. New ambulatory care tower will make a big impact on the skyline approach Coming west on 64.
  6. The sale hasn't closed, at least per the city records. Could be at risk...
  7. 70k, at the Current. Elsewhere, there’s 80k sf extra space in Kinsale’s brand new building in Henrico. I’m curious, how does she expect the private sector to get financing for let’s say, 150,000 sf or more of speculative office space. I know it’s the proverbial chicken and egg, but in the real world, build it and they will come is a risky proposition in an unknown post Covid environment. If it’s such a sure thing, is GRP providing a backstop? Philip Morris has given up 224,000 sf of nice space. BB&T / Suntrust merger will likely spill space onto the market. More space will be coming back to the market soon.
  8. There is 70,000 sf of Spec office being built in Manchester.
  9. Hopefully does not stall like this developer's Petersburg project referenced in the article.
  10. The state had Trane complete a MAJOR energy overhaul of that building 6 years ago. Can't imagine it going anywhere, but it does have a lot of surplus land that seems like a waste. https://www.trane.com/commercial/north-america/us/en/about-us/newsroom/press-releases/-virginia-dmv-wins-trane-energy-efficiency-leader-award.html
  11. I think this means you think a 17+/- story 700 Canal is better then nothing ? Which to me would be encouraging about the prospects for the new tower.
  12. Saw this on LinkedIn today
  13. Most of these precast concrete building are unattractive in person. Manchester is filling up with them. I agree that there are very modest design changes at street level that can make this more attractive at the pedestrian scale and don’t understand what’s so offensive about trying to improve them versus settling for utter mediocrity. Building mid rise precast concrete buildings won’t make Richmond “catch up” to other cities. Mid rise precast concrete buildings didn’t make banks move to Charlotte or bring tech jobs to Raleigh. Richmond has been held back by a lot of things - Dillon Rule state, annexation moratorium, independent city status, old racial divides, and trying to be other places. Despite all that, Richmond is a fun, quirky, and comfortable city to live in. It has an urban fabric most southern cities can’t compete with. It has a new sense of pride, identity, and direction, which seems difficult for old timers to understand who’ve spend decades dogging it all while under the guise of being a “booster.”
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