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  1. That reminded me - when is Cordish going to complete Riverside on the James? They still own the empty hydro plant. 16 years on now.
  2. oh man I hope the real thing looks better than that. Did they find that in the 1980s?
  3. If only about a million, which seems a little low, it's a no brainer for them to have done that.
  4. You guys see the updated renderings for the Pamunkey casino in Norfolk?
  5. If they won, why would the fix be in and this all for show? That's quite an accusation to suggest a corrupt process. My preferred option wasn't selected but I am having trouble logically making such a leap.
  6. That’s too bad I liked the Bally’s concept.
  7. That area is super dull today.
  8. I think this is a shakman kind of question.
  9. That’s a good question.
  10. Curious if current steel and wood pricing will have an impact on size and type of construction. Will it make concrete more favorable? Will it help push heights ?
  11. Oh come on guys. Let’s cancel the pity party. Opposition voices are always the loudest, but doesn’t mean they are the majority. There will be a referendum and the voters will decide whether we have a casino or not. That’s always been the plan. It does seem like Bally’s is acknowledging their location is problematic, which doesn’t bode well for their chances. So looking likely to be Arthur Ashe Blvd and Leigh Vs Commerce and Walmsley.
  12. Appreciate this weekly roundup. It really highlights how much development is occurring across the city, not just in the typical hotspots.
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