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  1. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Sports

    Interesting - I suspect they are looking at the two markets as combined, and that the location of the franchise would be either in Richmond or HR but serving both markets?
  2. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    Richmond today is such a different place from 90s Richmond. The 6th Street marketplace comments are more of a statement on the people making them than the proposal at hand.
  3. https://richmondbizsense.com/2018/07/10/dominion-files-plans-second-downtown-tower/ Dominion has submitted plans for a 17 story tower dubbed 700 Canal Place which maybreplace the current Dominion tower.
  4. wrldcoupe4

    New Richmond Arena

    What is OBE?
  5. wrldcoupe4

    New Richmond Arena

    Hyatt Place along the canal - this would have to be one of their higher end brands, hopefully a Hyatt Regency which seems like it could be based upon the typical format.
  6. wrldcoupe4

    New Richmond Arena

    https://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/coliseum-redevelopment-group-led-by-dominion-energy-ceo-wants-city/article_c8e62505-2a29-538a-b7c2-0c1b1ca0d648.html here is a copy of the article without the pay wall. Including the towers in the TIf was a suggestion to secure more favorable bond terms and to speed up repayment. It is not prerequisite to making the deal work. Would we all agree that so long as this deal is at least revenue neutral for the city it would be a good deal?
  7. wrldcoupe4

    New Richmond Arena

    They are paying this amount regardless. I don’t understand how it is a break.
  8. wrldcoupe4

    New Richmond Arena

    Is Dominion looking for a tax break? I was under the impression the project would require a tax incremental financing district to offset the costs for the public facilities like the arena, and Dominion would be willing to place its new towers, several blocks away, into the district to help fund it. They may actually be suggesting they would pay a higher real estate tax rate. Looking forward to the details.
  9. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    Elegantly stated, Brent.
  10. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Over 30,000 riders for the first 4 days! More than double the projection. It will probably taper when the costs kick in and still kinks to sort out, but seems like an early success story!
  11. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Pulse Ridership projection was 3500 riders per day. The estimate for Monday was 8700.
  12. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Sports

    Building a new ball park on the boulevard has nothing to do with NIMBYs. Just the city sitting on some of the most valuable real estate in the region.
  13. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond International Airport

    RIC has its busiest month ever in May! http://www.richmond.com/business/local/richmond-airport-traffic-sets-record-for-any-month/article_812f76a1-d469-587e-9002-c36293a4ab29.html “The airport handled 357,435 passengers last month, the Capital Region Airport Commission reported. The previous record was 342,055 in October 2017. May's traffic marked a 13 percent increase compared with the same month in 2017.”