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  1. Richmond Region Transportation

    So, while I still think the Main Street Station project is a bit of a missed opportunity, the interior of the train shed space is stunning. The roof structure is captivating. Once Franklin Street connection is finished and the Farmer’s market redone, the 1st level of Main Street Station should have commercial applications like restaurant space and perhaps a coworking space.
  2. New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    Demo on the old building is well underway. Will be exciting to watch this project come along. The restoration of the nearby Commonwealth Park Hotel seems like it is nearing completion as well.
  3. Virginia Beach Arena

    No embedded alert for me, I’m curious about development in other parts of Va as well, so I read about what’s going on in Hampton Roads. I want both regions prosper. I had just asked a question because, while I’m personally aware of the green space and green line in Va Beach, I didn’t understand what that had to do with Richmond. Not directed at you, but historically when someone from Richmond comments here, it’s generally not welcome, so I’ve decided just to stick to clarifying facts or asking for clarification on rare occasions.
  4. Virginia Beach Arena

    I have no problems with VA Beach, but I’m curious what the point is re: parks compared to the size of the city? Va Beach is nearly 8x larger by land area (essentially the same size as Richmond and Chesterfield County combined).
  5. New Richmond Arena

    Question for all - how does one build really tall, really dense affordable/low income housing without a subsidy? Building tall is expensive.
  6. New Richmond Arena

    I agree the site is somewhat tight, because it’s highly unlikely anything will happen at the federal Bldg block or the courts,/John Marshall House, and one would think the parking decks would remain ( and aren’t designed for a major vertical addition). After the arena, hotel, and blues armory restoration, that leaves you with 3 blocks max for everything else which assumes a new home is provided for what remains in the public safety building and social services building. Let’s not forget they also want a grtc transfer center in the mix despite this location integrating poorly into the BRT... that will take up another half block or so. The institutional/civic Bldgs surrounding the site (especially VCU Health, the convention center, etc) create some rather large barriers for integrating residential into a pedestrian friendly fabric.
  7. Richmond International Airport

    I think they'll be able to compete... Spirit has been ranked pretty low for customer experience while JetBlue has been ranked #1. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks to be treated better. http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2017/04/25/spirit-airlines-ranks-last-customer-satisfaction-survey-for-third-year.html
  8. Richmond International Airport

    My gut is saying it will be one of those seasonal airlines with direct flights to somewhere warm during the winter months, but I’m hoping for something bigger!
  9. Richmond Developments

    The federal historic tax credit program is set to be eliminated as part of the new tax reform. This could have pretty big implications on some of the emerging neighborhoods that are in the midst of a renaissance and could press the brakes in places like Manchester and Scott's Addition...
  10. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    http://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/government-politics/general-assembly/richmond-regional-economy-paces-state-as-jobs-loom-large-in/article_4409b059-2fd8-52a6-add1-2ce5c833fc38.html Interesting read about job growth in Richmond and the state in general. Richmond MSA basically matched Northern Virginia job growth with 10,500 and 10,700 jobs added respectively between September 2016 and 2017.
  11. Azalea Square

    Nope - I think the owner let those guys float it as a development opportunity but haven't heard anything. As a Northsider, I don't think we have the trade area for any real sustainable retail there. Just not enough density or depth of disposable income. I'm hoping at some point Westminster Canterbury wants to expand.
  12. Scott's Addition Development

    Lots of activity at the Salomonsky project in Scott's Addition today (old asphalt plant) at the corner of Roseneath and Clay.
  13. Not debating the merits of the deal. Just clarifying that it's a new building and not the reuse of an existing Bldg. https://richmondbizsense.com/2017/10/05/facebook-plans-1b-data-center-henrico/
  14. The Facebook facility in Richmond will be built near the existing QTS data center (which was converted from a semiconductor plant during the recession), but the Facebook facility is new construction.
  15. Proposed: The Belvidere

    Unless there's a property swap in the works I feel like there's a lot of bluffing going on.