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  1. wrldcoupe4

    Scott's Addition Development

    Scott’s View! Now has two baby tower cranes.
  2. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Many of the things you all reference were disadvantages caused at the state level. We are in a Dillon Rule state with independent cities and a moratorium on annexation . It sets us back in many places all over the state.
  3. wrldcoupe4

    New Richmond Arena

    This guy has never done anything remotely close to this size. Total waste of time.
  4. wrldcoupe4

    Scott's Addition Development

    The one that had the other baby crane. I forget the name. Right by the off ramp.
  5. wrldcoupe4

    Scott's Addition Development

    Second “baby tower crane” is up.
  6. Yep I like this tower also. Some of you guys are too critical. It has a big city vibe and everything about it is high quality.
  7. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    If you read the post above yours, confirms that it was supposed to say inpatient not outpatient. Ambulatory care tower continues in full swing.
  8. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I don’t compare Richmond to Charlotte either. There are many other cities I’d aspire to instead. Just very different places, not an insult to Charlotte.
  9. Yup will be crazy to watch this come down in a few seconds. Somewhat surprised given it will be flanked by 2 all glass towers.
  10. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    When you say outpatient, do you mean the new tower that was supposed to go near/where the parking decks are located? That was inpatient right? I always thought ambulatory = outpatient and that is well on its way.
  11. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    Yep imagine if we move forward with the Navy Hill project.
  12. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    Looks like all told it will be equivalent to about 17 stories. And close in height to City Hall. Nice density especially with the new General Assembly Building!
  13. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Banks

    Ding ding ding !
  14. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    Yes, they had to build the new Virginia Treatment Center for Children at the Brook Rd campus on Northside and relocate it. Always the plan.
  15. wrldcoupe4

    VCU Developments

    On Marshall between 10th and 11th. It’s essentially a major expansion of the existing outpatient facility.