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  1. Was this their site for the taller 13-14 story building?
  2. Probably the worst timing imaginable
  3. We may lose 50% or more. Very sad.
  4. It's too late for gut and redo. It's coming down, question is really only whether or not they'll start right away with the new building?
  5. What is the next closest international airport to Salt Lake City? Richmond’s is 120 miles away.
  6. How does the current crisis impact route expansion for airlines?
  7. We also need higher rents (and companies / residents willing to pay the rents) to support the significantly higher construction costs for real high-rise development.
  8. Property values downtown aren’t cheap though. They are generally the highest in the region. Have you guys tried to buy a site downtown recently?
  9. Lenders don’t care about ego in a market like Richmond.
  10. Maybe. Perhaps something at that B of A ops center in Villa Park? Will find out soon.
  11. I can’t figure out what seems worse about this. The accusation of the administration delaying a supporter of Reva or Reva pursuing this for her top donor? what a cluster. Henrico here I come.
  12. Bumping this question. I would like to know about the data on this item since there are people who would be content without one.
  13. I understand, but am wondering if there is any precedent that could be provided that shows the benefits of not having one since that scenario is being floated above as an option for our city. I liked the concept where the state diverted tax revenue to the city which shrunk the TIF to essentially the project area, particularly since the state sits on land that can't be taxed and relies on city services, but habitually under-contributes to the costs and burden.
  14. Many of the single family homes in the Fan have off-street parking. I'm sorry, but this is a city. 1 for 1 parking is unacceptable along a TOD corridor.
  15. I was curious about the research on large MSA's that lack an arena. I wasn't able to find much detail on it. Can you provide some examples of US cities where the absence of one has allowed the city/region to thrive? What was the add-on benefit to employment, schools, etc?
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