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  1. It’s probably a phased project. First phase is $200M. That’s still pretty great.
  2. Yep, extra elevators, staircases, building systems, etc. Looks like they have tried to break up the facade but agree if often looks too 2D of a difference.
  3. Big improvement for that intersection.
  4. I have to ask, what is Manchester going to look like with all of this prefab concrete construction going up? This would be the 4th and 5th prefab buildings popping up. How does the material age? How difficult is it to re purpose later?
  5. A block away, Douglas Dev still has the vacant former DEQ building at 7th and Main and the VEC is moving out of a building also at 7th and Main.
  6. You just hear things out there... It’s safe to say there’s a decent contingent of developers that view this as big competition that they don’t want. Kind of ironic to have nimby developers.
  7. I love your optimism, but unfortunately, the opposite is happening...
  8. The site they are looking at would be visible at a much lower height, so this will definitely be visible.
  9. Seems like no surprise. They don’t get recommendations till late December from their commission reviewing the deal.
  10. It’s primarily for kids sports events and graduations.
  11. Yep, I do think the architecture replacing it is supposed to be bland, although I appreciate the infill.
  12. Demo underway at the old inland games and fisheries property on broad just west of the new SpyRock project.
  13. I don’t think so.
  14. Here’s a photo from near VCU
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