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  1. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond International Airport

    Direct to Iceland from ric would be amazing.
  2. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I don’t think it makes sense for downtown to have lots of families. With the exception of major cities like NYC that would be an exception for most all small or mid size cities.
  3. So you're saying it's not quite red, more like a crimson. Got it.
  4. Of course not ALL kids in the City live in poverty, but I’m not making up that most kids attending RPS schools come from poverty... “High poverty schools are located all across the state, although they are most concentrated in the Greater Richmond and Hampton Roads regions — two areas of the state with high percentages of Virginia’s Black population. Richmond City has the most of any division with 29, and almost two-thirds (63%) of students in the division are enrolled in one of these high poverty schools” http://www.thecommonwealthinstitute.org/2017/10/26/unequal-opportunities-fewer-resources-worse-outcomes-for-students-in-schools-with-concentrated-poverty/ And, for perspective... we DO choose to live in the City, we aren’t in poverty, and our oldest WILL be attending Linwood Holton next year for Kindergarten. But it doesn’t change the reality for most kids attending city schools and the fact that many middle/upper class families still choose to move or go private.
  5. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Let’s give it a chance and see how it plays out. If it’s a disaster, it can always be undone. But, if it helps connect people to their jobs / services faster, encourages more choice riders, and acts as a catalyst to expand transit to other parts of the region thereby better connecting jobs to poverty (Richmond ranks horribly here), then it may be worth a little extra traffic on Broad Street.
  6. wrldcoupe4

    Shockoe Bottom Ballpark (Proposed)

    Big missed opportunity. The city tends to get paralyzed when the times call for bold action.
  7. Of course school performance is an issue when you have such a high concentration of poverty within the city limits, a regional issue that overburdens the city because of Virginia’s dubious independent city setup. Schools aren’t inherently bad in and of themselves, but they do reflect their communities.
  8. Umm, what? Not a single public high school performs well? Open High is ranked #4 in Virginia and #187 nationally by US News. Maggie Walker, while regional, is a great option for high achieving kids living in the City. Franklin and Richmond Community seem to perform fine, but they are a little different. Most of the high schools are sub par, but most of the high school students live in poverty. Fix the poverty if you want to fix the schools. Glen Allen is the closest one could live? You're kidding right? Tuckahoe is an unreasonable area to expect a family to live? Bon Air is unreasonable?
  9. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Aren’t they building on land the tribe purchased recently in New Kent?
  10. You Guys... Dominion builds 2nd tallest tower ever in Richmond and the tallest to be built in Richmond in 30 years, solidifying its position as a major downtown employers for decades to come “not tall enough” “looks fat” Construction slows for a transition in the structure ”too slow!” “Hurry up!” project gets finished “We need more towers now that Dominion is finished “ i get get the sense if someone proposed a mixed use 40 story tower with a renowned architect I’d be reading about how it should be 50 stories.
  11. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Developments

    Look at the developer’s portfolio. It’s almost exclusive all retail, particularly in markets the size of Richmond. I agree more mixed use density would’ve been great, but it won’t happen.
  12. wrldcoupe4

    Manchester Development

    I think they’ve had trouble landing a grocer. It would be a game changer if they can pull it off.
  13. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Developments

    It’s going to be a good project.
  14. wrldcoupe4

    Richmond Developments

    I’ve also seen another version very recently that was horribly bland. Hope the bland one is not the actual one.
  15. I really like this building. I was downtown today and it has quite a presence.