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  1. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    I've heard the name of the user. It would be a big deal. But, I also know that loose lips sink ships. We'll just have to wait and see
  2. New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    They also did the federal courthouse on broad street.
  3. New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    Looks timeless and I dig the art deco nods. Should be a good addition to Broad Street corridor and Capitol Square
  4. Richmond off-topic postings

    My understanding is that there will not be a 21 story tower at that location going forward. Belvidere is probably a leverage play for a higher pay day from VCU, but I hope I'm wrong. A new arena seems wishful, but I hope I'm wrong there too. I feel like I'll be old and gray when the ballpark solution shows up, but hope I'm wrong... Someone told me City Center may be toast as well. Not to be a downer on these. There's still lots of other interesting stuff happening.
  5. Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Project "Echo" ? Sounds like Amazon Web Services to me. Curious to see who it ends up being
  6. Richmond off-topic postings

    I don't think we were ever actually under consideration.
  7. VCU Developments

    They reference several development scenarios in the article - a tower must have been one of them but perhaps they opted for a shorter height, larger footprint? Ambulatory = outpatient
  8. VCU Developments

    I believe this is the ambulatory care project, right?
  9. New Richmond Arena

    Kind of surprising given Hampton Roads MSA is 25% larger than Richmond's MSA.
  10. This is what the city zoning code says about height in B-4 district which encompasses virtually all of downtown: "Sec. 30-440.6. - Height. There shall be no maximum height limit in the B-4 Central Business District, provided that no portion of a building shall penetrate an inclined plane originating at the centerline of each abutting street and extending over the lot at an inclination of one foot horizontal for each four feet vertical and provided, further, that such inclined plane may be penetrated by a building wall adjacent to a street for a horizontal distance not exceeding 50 percent of the length of the property line along such street."
  11. Parking. Lots and lots of parking. Also, retail on Cary.
  12. Richmond Developments

    Just saying... https://chpn.net/2017/07/05/rumor-has-ellwoods-looking-at-spot-on-broad-street/
  13. Richmond Developments

    Ellwood Thompson is my bet.
  14. I misread your comment.