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  1. None of those are the factor eandslee is referencing - it’s the gross receipts tax for professional services which is nearly triple in the city compared to the counties. It can make a big difference and definitely is a factor in location decisions.
  2. Think that one is underway.
  3. Must be a typo. I can't imagine it here with the immediately adjacent historic homes.
  4. The incentive is the low income tax credits that are part of the deal. I'm just saying it's a prominent corner in the neighborhood and we should be pushing for something that is attractive and anchors the corner, encouraging better pedestrian engagement, and helps to activate. With this, you arrive at the corner and are welcomed by blank brick walls. They aren't even trying. So, I hope the city pushes back and demands more from these guys.
  5. Disappointing project on Hull.
  6. Bay Area and Pacific Northwest would be more impactful from a business perspective.
  7. I would think the lack of direct flights to major west coast markets inhibits us a bit.
  8. The Belvidere seemed to be a design intended to increase the value prior to VCUREF's approach. I'm not sure that would have ever happened.
  9. Nice write up on a couple projects in Manchester from Style Weekly https://m.styleweekly.com/richmond/pleasing-to-the-eye/Content?oid=17824988
  10. The project directly across the street turned out great, by the way.
  11. Look at their market rents for existing vs new buildings, construction costs, population growth, and job growth (as well as job growth sectors). The answer is there.
  12. It will fill the iconic view from the Grace street overlook in Church Hill so I just hope it is worth looking at.
  13. Market dynamics limit Richmond in this respect. If developers could build high rise buildings like you describe and achieve a desired return, they would. The metrics are different in major cities. Also no one has ever said “geez I wanted to build a 30 story building but the 4:1 ratio held me back.” Dominion’s new tower crossed the plane and the city didn’t even think twice about providing the required variance.
  14. These types of projects are literally sprouting everywhere. Exciting to see!
  15. Yay height but I am just not digging their designs. All of the key classical elements are there but the dimensions always seem off to me.
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